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Players cooperation

Players cooperation (6.80)


As you hopefully know, the gameplay in Counter-Strike can be divided into two parts: the attack and the defense. I’m not talking about “Terrorist” and “Counter-Terrorist” because the elements of attack and defense are present in the game from both sides. Because, for example, after installing a bomb the initiative passes to, it seems, the defensive side of CT and so forth, doesn’t it?
In this article we will try to understand how players can cooperate with each other.

Players’ cooperation in attack and defense


Variants of players’ cooperation


  • Exchange 
 Killing the opponent before he kills you does not always work, especially when you have to fight against someone who is expecting you. But you must never let your opponent get away unpunished, and you should try to square up with him on the principle of “an eye for an eye”.
 The major principle of exchange is distancing. You, at the same time, shouldn’t come under fire of an opponent and you should keep a fairly short distance for an immediate rectification of an injustice.
 For an additional orientation in space you will really benefit from the sound. Over time it will be perfectly clear for you where the enemy is just by the sound of his firing.
  • Help with grenades
 If you are the third or the fourth on the list of players coming to the bombspot, it does not mean that you are supposed to passively wait for the outcome of the firefight. You can cut some positions with Flash-, HE- or Smoke-grenades (pay special attention to the fact that your own grenades shouldn’t get in your teammates’ way).
 But it’s also not worth overdoing it with this aspect of the game because you can’t lose the moment of your entry into the fight. And it would be good to warn your teammates about your intentions in advance.
  • Cover
 One player can’t keep 3-4-5 spots under control at the same time, that’s why the task of people cooperating in a team is to be ready to cover a teammate. Communication plays a crucial role in teammates’ cooperation. You should always be aware of your teammates’ role and plan your actions accordingly.
Example of players’ cooperation in a professional team




 I would like to devote a separate section particularly to communication. Many players underestimate its importance in professional CS so they disregard it quite often. 
 Imagine a team with incredible aim, sharpened movements, excellent tactics, but playing in absolute silence. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Let us tell you how it will look. The captain somehow (through the chat during freeze-time) explains his prepared plan for the round. But how will the team act in some force-majeure? How will the teammates be able to understand which way they should watch and when to turn around if enemy is already behind them?
 Always try to communicate with your team about your plans as quick as possible and don’t waste the bandwidth with useless information. Do you think in a firefight it’s very important to know for your teammates to know that your death was a “shameless freebie, excellent timing he caught”? Exactly! It would only disorient your team. 
The same situation, but the examples of the correct and incorrect communication:
- Two behind three, one has a headshot. Bomb – default.
- Throwing a flash for five, only Starix has defuses.
- F*ck, what a freebie! Behind three one with a headshot, finish the f*cker!
- Where the hell do you think you’re going? I gave a flash, didn’t I?!
- - Starix, where did you go? We don’t have defuses!
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thanks Na'Vi!!!
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Thanks for this guide!!! People now know how much is important the coperation in a game. :)
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