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CS:GO settings

CS:GO settings (6.80)


A lot of aspiring gamers pay too much attention to their game settings but I can tell you this: if you're not familiar with the basics of setting up CS:GO you may find yourself at disadvantage early on in the game. In this article, I will explain how to tweak CS:GO, which options to pay your attention to. Ok, let's go.


Help and Options


Launch Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and go to Help and Options. You will find the basic game settings there. You will also find the following submenu:



Controller – If you're crazy enough to play CS:GO with a joystick - go ahead and adjust your settings with this option.

Keyboard/mouse – Self-explanatory.

Game settings – Self-explanatory.

Video settings – Self-explanatory.

Audio settings – Self-explanatory.

How to play – simple and brief game tutorial

Credits – people who created CS:GO




Let's omit some sections that are useless for a professional player (excluding video settings as there will be a separate article dedicated specifically to adjusting video preferences in the game) and take a look at the remaining options.



Keyboard and mouse settings


Reverse Mouse – Inversion of the vertical axis for moving your mouse: what you see on your screen moves down as you move your mouse up and vice versa.

Duck Mode – This option decides whether you'll have to hold "duck"-key in the game to actually perform this action.

Walk Mode – Same for the walking.

Mouse sensitivity – Self-explanatory.

«Zoom Sensitivity» – Same as above but with zoom turned on.

Raw Input – Direct connection between mouse and computer.

Mouse Acceleration – Mouse acceleration parameter for adjusting its speed when you move it quickly.

Acceleration Amount – Self-explanatory.



Below you'll find the variety of key binds for certain actions in the game.



Note that you can bind only one action to a key with this menu meaning that you won't be able to assign jumping both to space and mouse wheel, for instance. In case you really need it you can always use console and the 'bind' comman. Simply put bind mwheeldown +jump. You will find all there is to know about the console commands in a dedicated article on our site.



Game preferences


Crosshair Style:

  • Classic - your usual crosshair from good old CS 1.6;
  • Default - crazy crosshair, more suited for some star wars;



  • Static - your crosshair won't enlarge nor shrink when you move;
  • Dynamic - the crosshair will react to your actions and will show the approximate dispersion range.

Crosshair Color – Self-explanatory.

Team Tag – Add your team/mix name to your own nickname. You can choose these names from your Steam groups.

Switch Weapon on Pick Up – Self-explanatory.

Close Buy Menu After Purchase – Try switching this option off. It will help you save 5-10 extra key pressings when you buy weapons in comparison to CS 1.6.

Always Show Inventory – Self-explanatory.

Viewmodel Position – A placeholder for your weapons on the screen.

Enable Game Instructor Messages – In-game helper. It tells you boring stuff and flashes in the center of your screen. Turn it off unless you launched CS:GO for the first time in your life.

Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping – Self-explanatory.

Enable Developer Console – Turn the console on/off.

You will find the information about tweaking your crosshair, weapon adjustments, and other cool stuff in a dedicated article about the console commands.



Audio settings





Master Volume – General volume of the game: environment and menu sounds.

Music Volume – Self-explanatory.

Speaker Configuration – Speaker type adjusting.

Enable Voice – Microphone setup.

Play Audio When Game in Background – Playing game sounds when ALT+TABing.


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Cannot find the dediacted article about the Console Commmands. Please Help!
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