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Boosting in CS:GO #2

Boosting in CS:GO #2 (6.80)

Denis «seized» Kostin

Matches are often won by smart use of the boosts. Practice this technique with your team and be ready to execute in your own matches!
Denis «seized» Kostin
This is the second part of our boosting tutorial. This time around we'll show you the most popular boost spots on three more maps from the classic map pool: de_nuke, de_train, and de_mirage.
1. de_nuke
When playing as terrorists you can often use the following boost to avoid being exposed if you'd preferred the stairs instead. Three players are necessary minimum to perform the boost. Here is how it's done step by step:




If your team took bombsite "A" you might want to boost someone up from the hut in order to save time and to make sure that your enemies will have hard time retaking the area.



Terrorists can also boost someone to cover the outside area using only two people. However, this will require the additional skill of rock jumping by only one player.



2. de_train
This map is quite poor in terms of boosting spots available. Above everything else, the most important spot to mention is the AWP boost and the ivy boost. These boosts are especially useful due to the fact that many of your opponents will not expect you to appear there so you will be able to shoot them before they realize what actually happened. Furthermore, the won't even see you at all while zooming.



If you're heading towards "B" site then you might want to use the following simple boost instead of just walking downstairs. This will prevent your enemies from aggressive pushes.



If you want to prevent your opponents from rushing this spot you can just use the following boost. This will minimize your chances of surviving versus multiple attackers though as there is nowhere to hide here.



3. de_mirage
As for mirage, there are lots of decent boosting spots. The number of spots is decreasing with almost every update but there are still plenty of them available. The first one, for instance, will allow you to spot the CT player on the catwalk before he spots you but make sure you frag him first as there will be nowhere to hide if you miss your shot.


The next spot is the window boost. It is usually performed by the terrorists to avoid that annoying sniper as well as to execute an effective split between the bombsites. Make sure you do this boost from this exact spot, otherwise you might suddenly get killed by your enemies from the other side.



The following boost is often used by counter-terrorists early in the round to get a hold of the catwalk. The only thing that can ruin this plan is the terrorists suddenly appearing on the middle as it will expose the boosting guy.



The next spot is more of a trick actually. Many teams used this trick against the terrorists rushing the middle. One of the players would buy SCAR-10 or M4, then he would get on his teammate's shoulders and finally he would start shooting enemies who couldn't realize who was killing them and where from.




Standing in the following spot at "B" site will allow you to kill two or three enemies even if your team is playing an eco-round. Terrorists rarely check this corner. Using a silencer will disguise your location even more, so your enemies will be unable to spot you even after you frag several of them. Finally, the possibility of a ninja-defuse is always a nice bonus to have.



Now, go out there and try practicing this stuff yourselves. Good luck!

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thank you navi!!!
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Nice tricks
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