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Playing with bots

Playing with bots (6.80)

Denis «seized» Kostin

You should know not only the basics (starting a server, joining a game) but also how to setup everything right. This article will help you explore the world of CS:GO with comfort and enjoy a well tweaked game server adjusted to your own needs.
Denis «seized» Kostin

How to start playing "Counter-Strike:Global Offensive" versus the bots


Go to single player offline mode with bots in the game menu. Choose your preferred scenario (death match, arms race, demolition, classic casual, or competitive match making). Click start.



Death match mode is where you resurrect right after being killed. The best way to improve your aim is to practice this mode consistently.
Arms race mode is where you have to kill an enemy with every weapon available first to win. A player who reaches 27 kills first wins. Every kill instantly awards you with a new weapon and resurrection.
Demolition mode has 20 rounds. Accumulating 10 victories wins the game. You need to kill the opposing team and defuse the bomb to win a round. You have to use a specific set of weapons. Every frag gives you a new weapon in the upcoming round. If you manage to score several enemies in a single round you will also receive grenades in addition to that weapon.
Classic casual mode is basically a 'pub'. The winner is determined by the final outcome of the 15 rounds. You have to buy the weapons with the money earned in the previous rounds.
Match Making is 30 rounds long. The objective is to kill all your enemies, rescue the hostage or defuse the bomb. You need win 16 rounds to win the whole match. The number of your victories affect your rank.
Choose your preferred map where you want to play the bots and click play.



Then you will be able to set the skill level for your bots.



After the map is loaded choose your side: Terrorist (T) or Counter-Terrorist (CT).



Open the console by pressing the key under ESC.



If you want to change the number of bots for any side you need to put in the following commands into your console:


  • mp_limitteams "0" / Set players limit for a team. 0 is the possible maximum.
  • mp_autoteambalance "0" / Turn off the auto-balance of the teams (the equal number of players in each team).
  • bot_add_ct | bot_add_t / Add a bot for CT or T side correspondingly.


Additional commands:


  • mp_startmoney / Set the starting amount of money for the match ($43,528 is the maximum, $800 is the default).
  • mp_maxmoney / Set the maximum limit for possible money earned ($43,528 is the maximum, $800 is the default).
  • mp_afterroundmoney / Set the amount of money to start every new round.
  • bot_kill / Kill all bots.
  • bot_kick / Kick all bots.
  • mp_roundtime / Adjust the duration of the round. The default is 2 minutes.
  • mp_buytime / Change the duration of the buy time period. The default is 45 seconds.
  • mp_freezetime / Adjust the 'freeze' time period in the beginning of each round. The default is 15 seconds.
  • mp_restartgame "1" / Restart the game in 1 second.
  • bot_difficulty "1-3" / Adjust the skill level of the bots.
  • mp_maxrounds / Adjust the number of rounds in a match.
  • mp_match_can_clinch "0" / The match will not stop after either team accumulates 16 wins. All 30 rounds will be played.
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