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Introduction in Dota 2

Introduction in Dota 2 (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Your friend tells you that yesterday supports were noobs and didn't set any wards for the entire game. You don't know what is going on here, but you really want to understand. We have an article that tells you what is Dota 2, and explains the key moments of the game.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

If you look at the wiki, you will find out that:

Dota 2 - is a multiplayer online battle arena video game and the stand-alone sequel to the Defense of the Ancients mod ("DotA" for “Warcraft III”). 

The main point of Dota is a team play that makes each battle unique and exciting.


Trailer Dota 2
IGN Review


The Rules

  1. Game involves two teams: "The Radiant" team and "The Dire" team. Both teams contain five players.
  2. Firstly player chooses one of more than a hundred heroes.
    The hero can gain experience, earn gold, buy and assemble items.
  3. Player gets gold and experience for killing the enemy, and the enemy's gold  is taken away.
  4. Dying, the hero respawn after a while on his fountain with full health and mana.
  5. Every 0.6 seconds, the player gets 1 point of gold. You can earn gold due to the killing of enemy and neutral creeps and, of course, heroes. More information in "Gold".
  6. Teams are dispersed on the lanes where is a struggle with enemy heroes and creeps. The creeps automatically go along the lanes by waves until they face the enemy.
  7. The main building of the Dire side in Warcraft III was called as a Frozen Throne. Since then, players have called both buildings in Dota 2 as a "throne".







1.  - Thrones, those which are the main structures. They are located in the centre of each base and you need to destroy them to win the game.  

2. Fountains - invulnerable buildings located   in the respawn areas of both bases. They provide healing and mana regeneration to all allied units near it. But the enemies have hard times - these buildings attack any enemy unit that comes within 800 range.

3. Shops:

  • Side lane shops - are the shops located in woods next to the 2 lanes. It allows to sell certain items away from base, allowing heroes to continue laning. Pay attention, these are modest Main shop's branches: they presents very poor assortment.
  • Main base shops - sell primary items. 
  • Secret shops - special shops which sell unique items. Most of these items you can buy only in these shops. 

* The item bought in the shops can be assembled in full artefacts.

4.   - Towers have fortified protection and True Sight around them (detect invisible heroes). Teir goal is to protect the lane and main structure against the enemies. The further away from the main building is the tower, the weaker it is. The towers can be destroyed sequentially, gradually moving from the weakest to the strongest ones on the base. Destroying the towers give gold (the whole team) and experience.To attack the towers next to the Ancient it is enough to destroy at least 1 tower on the base.

5.  - Barracks - special buildings which maintain balance between allied and enemy creeps. There are 2 types of barracks: Ranged barracks which are respomsible for ranged creeps, and Melee Barracks which are responsible for melee creeps. Barracks connot be attacked while the tower that defend them does not destroyed. If team destroys all the barracks so there appears Mega creeps with more health and damage, but bounty for them is lower.

6.  - runes spawns (check Glossary).

7. Roshan - is the strongest neutral creep. Every 5 minutes it becomes stronger and respawns in 8-11 minutes after death. Usually it is killed by the whole team or carry heroes when they are strong enough. Killing Roshan grants tactical advantage to the team. 

8.  - Ancient creeps, strong and dangerous neutral creeps. The bounty for them is higher than for usual ones but they are much more stronger and spell imunity.

9.  - neutral creeps spawns. These creatures appear in woods every minute since the 30th second of the game (if they are not in range of visibility).  They are alternative source of gold and experience gaining. 


Functions of Dota 2 Heroes


Pay attention that the specific function of the icon next to the hero image indicates only the potential to act in a particular role. Nobody makes you to follow these guidelines, but no one promises that the hero will be able to perform these functions. Mane things depends on the choice of items and skills at different stages of the game.


  • Support
    It is a hero, the main aim of which is supporting it's team with heal, buffs, patroling the map and detecting enemies. Also supports can sabotage enemies with disables, slowdowns or debuffs. 
  • Carry
    Carry "carries" it's team because his abilities are relevant the whole game/match. But unlike the support, carry is initially weak and becomes stronger in late game. The fact is that Carry needs a lot of items, so firstly he needs farmbecome stronger and, later, crush the enemies.
  • Disabler
    Disabler's aim is to take the enemy out of the battle for a while. He can do it with stuns, silence, disarms etc.
  • Initiator
    They start a team fight, deals AoE (mass) damage, divert enemies to himself. Usually he has strong disable.
  • Jungler
    Jungler is a hero who gains money and experience for neutral creeps in the beginning of the game. 
  • Pusher
    Pusher's feature is in ability to fast push enemy buldings. Pusher earns gold for teammates and takes enemies farm space away.
  • Roamer
    Roamer is a kind of support. Usually he moves around the map and helps to kill enemies on lanes. 
  • Tank
    Tank's goal is to absorb as much damage as it possible. Usually Tank has a lot of health points and survival abilities. 
  • Nuker 
    Nuker has spells that deal a lot of damage - nukes. 

  • Escape
    Escape heroes are heroes who are able to come off with a whole skin, to avoid unexpected attack, etc. Such mobility is achieved with the help of some skills: basically, it is jumping over large distances and invisibility.

  • LaneSupport
    Lane Support is a support who can  ensure a comfortable stay Carry hero on the line. Usually it is a range hero, who easily frighten the enemy away.




Game mods in Dota 2

Before the game starts you need to choose one of the game mods: 


  • All Pick
    You choose one of the available heroes.
  • Single Draft
    You choose one of three random heroes. The main attributes of all the heroes are different from each other.
  • Captains Mode
    Each team choose a captain who picks the heroes for the team and bans them for enemies.
  • Random Draft
    Players, one by one, choose the hero from the 20 heroes pool. 
  • Ability Draft
    You create a unique hero, choosing his abilities from the list.
  • Least Played
    Players can choose only those heroes who are least played.
  • All Random
    Each hero random the hero. 
  • Limites Heroes
    You play with heroes who are more appropriate for newbies. 
  • Captains Draft
    In each team, there is assigned the captain who picks and bans heroes from a limited list of random ones.


More information in the article (link on the article).



Event Game Mods in Dota 2

But that's not all! Every year, developers please their users by creating new modes as a sign of holidays. They are only available while there is the holiday that the mode is focused on, for example:

  • Diretide it was avalaible during the Halloween since the 13th of October (2012) and since the14th of November (2013).
  • The Greeviling since the12th of December (2012).
  • Wraith Night since the 13th of December (2013).
  • New bloom Festival since the 29th of January (2013) (Chinese New Year).



Diretide trailer
The Greeviling trailer


Installation of Dota 2

Now you know a bit more about Dota 2 World so you need to install the game. Here you will find out in details how to do that.


First steps in Dota 2

You know the theory. If you would like to know how to practive your knowledge, so the article First Steps In Dota 2 is for you.



  • Aegis of the Immortal
    It is an item that drops after Roshan's death. It can change motion of the battle brings its bearer to life with full health and mana 5 seconds after he dies. Aegis is in inventory within 6 minutes and then disappears, healing the hero to full health and mana over 5 seconds.

  • Afk (Away from keybord) 
    It is a message that player is away from computer.

  • Blink 
    It is an instant jump with special ability or an item Blink Dagger.

  • Wards

    Wards are items purchasable at the Main Shop. They are used for 
    map control. Wards can be placed almost anywhere on the map. There are 2 types of them: Observer wards and Sentry wards. Observers provide vision around the location for 7 minutes then dessapear (purchasable every 6 minutes). Sentries does not provide vision around the location, but show invisible units. Enemies does not see wards. They can be visible only with special abilities or items which show invisible units.
  • Wipe
    The act of an entire team dying at once. 

  • Gank
    Abbreviation for Gang Kill. Unexpected kill (at least an attempt of it).

  • Gem of true sight
    It is purchased in the Main Shop. Gem gives the ability to see invisible units and wards. It drops after death and can be picked up by the enemy. It cannot be destroyed. It can be bought only once within 10 minutes.

  • Dust 
    The magic dust in this pouch will cling to units, preventing them from hiding through invisibility.Also it slows invisible Heroes in a nearby area for 15%.

  • DoT (Damage over Time) 
    It is inflicting some damage which will be applied at a regular interval for a limited duration.

  • Deny 
    killing enemy creep, building of allied hero not to let enemy hero to get any gold and experience.

  • Invisibility
    It is an ability to become invisible for enemies.

  • Cd (Cooldown) 
    A period of wait time before a spell, ability, or item power can be used again.

  • Clarity
    It is an item that restores mana over time. 

  • Creeps
    It a kind of Dota 2 creatures controled by computer. They are the main resource of gold and experience. Especially in early game. Creeps appear every 30 seconds since the 30th minute of the game. 

  • Cour(Animal Courier) 
    It is a small fast unit that can carry items to and from your base. It is purchased in the Main shop, usually one for all teammates. It can be upgraded to a Flying Courier. The Flying Courier is faster than Animal one. It can gain a speed burst for a while and pass through impassable terrain. Animal courier always passes through free terrain and it is slow. Animal Courier can be upgraded after 3 minutes of the game. Animal Courier must be activated in inventory when it is purchased. If you buy flying Courier it is changed automatically. Courier can be killed for 175 gold. The whole team get money for it. If Courier dies it respawns in 3 minutes. If at the time of the death Courier has any items, they are saved, but the owner can pick them up only after the respawn of the Courier.




  • Lane
    It is one of three paths connecting the two Ancients, along which the creeps are pushing.

  • Last hit
    It is when you get the "last hit" on a unit. When you last hit you get gold for kill.

  • Push
    In the wide sense - it is a strategy of fast destruction of enemy buildings. In the narrow sense - it is the process of moving towards the enemy buildings and destroy them.

  • Rapire (Divine Rapire) 
    This item gives maximum damage. In case of the bearer's death it is dropped. It can be picked up by any allied or enemy hero. Its effect doesn't spread on the allies but gives bonus damage to the enemy.

  • Runes
    Runes are special items that appear at one of two locations on the map. When the rune is picked, it dessapears and gives a powerful effect for a short time (regenration, double damage, illisons, haste, invisibility. Runes spawns at the beginning of the game and respawn every two minutes.

  • Silence 
    It is an abilitiy that bans using spells.

  • Smoke (Smoke of Deceit) 
     is an item purchasable at the Main Shop. It turns the user and nearby ally heroes invisible, letting them slip by wards and creeps undetected. It increases move speed. But if smoked hero comes too close to the enemy hero or enemy tower, he becomes visible. There are 3 smokes in the shop but they restores every 12 minutes.

  • Stun 
    It is an ability that immobilizes the enemy for short time.

  • Tango
    It allows the bearer to consume a tree in order to replenish some health. It has 3 charges.

  • TP (Teleport) 
    Teleportation around the map with TP scroll or Boots of Trevel (allow to teleport once a minute)

  • Ulti (Ultimate) 
    can be trained at 3 levels (the other - at 4 levels, the exception is Invoker). It is available since 6th level (the exceptions are Invoker and Meepo).

  • Farm (Farming) 
    purposeful killing creeps for earning gold.

  • Flask (Healing salve) 
    It is a salve that restores health points over time. If the user is attacked, the effect is lost.

  • HG (High ground) 
    It a rising ground that limits vision.

  • Def (Defence) 
    Defence of the buildings..   

  • GG WP (Good Game Well Played) 
    It a common expression used to thank the allies and enemies in the game. It is often used to give up, that means to say to the opponents that they played well and win them.

  • RE (Return) 
    It the message that a hero returns in zone of vision. 

  • SS (Miss) 
    It the message that the enemy dessapear from zone of vision.

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