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Settings (6.81)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Theatre begins at the cloakroom, and Dota 2 - in settings menu. Properly configured client makes your way to victory much more easier. In this article we will discuss all the details of the game settings menu.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Dota 2 settings

When you launch the game you are in Main menu. Now we need to press - , located in the upper left corner. We opened the ingame settings menu.



So now we see the main menu and three main sections in it.



  1.1. Game

      1.1.1. Hero Abilities

      1.1.2. Neutrals Abilities

      1.1.3. Courier Abilities

      1.1.4. Unit Actions

      1.1.5. Items

      1.1.6. Camera Actions

      1.1.7. Chat and Phrases

      1.1.8. Player Actions

      1.1.9. Control Groups

      1.1.10. Reset Hotkeys

  1.2. Spectator


   2.1. Game

   2.2. Minimap

   2.3. Camera

   2.4. Profile

   2.5. Network



Settings for slow computers


Main Menu Settings by Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin



"Hotkeys" - the 1st and the main section of the Settings menu. It consists of the following tabs: "Game" and "Spectator". It allows to control all the game processes connected with the actions of summoned units (hero, neutrals, courier), camera movements, chat phrases and options for watching the games.



Game - is the tab of the section "Hotkeys", here you you can set the parameters for ingame actions: control and use of hero, neutrals, courier abilities; unit actions, camera and player control; opening of the shop and purchasing items; configurations of controlled groups and chat phrases.



Hero abilities

Base abilities including ultimate that are used by a hero.

Legacy - are the hotkeys that are used in Warcraft 3 - Dota.



  • Autocast ability
    Autocast is available for abilities that have such function. For example: Enchantress Enchantress - Impetus Impetus Impetus
  • Quick cast ability
    Quick cast ability lets to you to click once when usually hero requires more clicks. For example, to Blink Blink by Anti-Mage Anti-Mage you need to press ability and indicate the wanted place. If you bind the command of quick cast and use it Anti-Mage Anti-Mage will instantly  blink in the area of the mouse cursor.
  • Ability learn and upgrade stats
    Stats - bonus attributes of a hero.




Neutrals Abilities



  • Neural creeps abilities
    Neutral creeps are the summoned creeps too.
    If you tick "Mirror bindings from hero panel" courier's abilities will be the same as hero's ones, and in the same order.


Example of neutrals and summoned units abilities (in the form of  Brewmaster's ability - Primal Split)



Courier Abilities



  • Courier abilities

If you tick "Mirror bindings from hero panel" courier's abilities will be the same as hero's ones, and in the same order. 
Speed burst (available only for flying courier - since the 3rd of the game) - boost courier's move speed. Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown: 40 sec.




Unit actions

Unit actions - is the point of the section "Hotkeys" - tab "Game". Here you can bind your hotkeys for any types of movements on the map: hero, controlled group and courier.




  • Hero actions
    Attack, move, stop or hold position.
  • Select Hero and conrolled units
    Select Hero - if the screen is on the other side of the map, this hotkey will let to focus camera on your hero instantly (double-click).
    Select all units - selects the hero and units under his controll (summoned units or neutral creeps).
    Select all other units - select units which are conrolled by your hero (summoned units or neutral creeps).
  • Courier
    Select courier: 1 click - selects the courier but does not focus camera on it; double-click - selects the courier and focuses camera on it. 
    Courier deliver items: delivers items that are not only in courier but in stash too. 
    Courier speed burst (available only for flying courier - since the 3th min of the game) - boost courier's move speed. Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown: 40 sec.



Items - is the point of the section "Hotkeys" - tab "Game". Here you can bind the hotkeys for items abilities and for items in the shop. 



These hotkeys let you to use active abilities of your items


Quick Cast Inventory

Like quick cast hero ability, this hotkey use the ability in the area of the mouse cursor.


  • Shop
    Shop opens the list of items tha you can buy.





"Shift" + "Mouse1" on the wanted item sets the whole item or its components in the window of Quick Buy above the inventory.
Hotkey for this command and "Courier: Deliver Items" - purchasing and delivering of the items to a hero without wasting time and attention. 

 - delete the item from Quick Buy.





Purchase stick item

There is an opportunity to stick the certain item in Quick Buy menu that lets you to purchase it instantly by pressing the suitable hotkey.

As a rule, there are the most useful items:  Town Portal Scroll,  Observer Wards,  Healing Salve and etc. You have to choose the item in the shop  and switch it in the suitable window by left mouse button.



Take Stash Items

"Take stash items" - puts purchased items into the hero (or courier, if there is no hero nearby).


                                            "Take stash items" into the hero                                                                                             "Take stash items" into the courier



Camera actions

Camera actions - is the point of the section "Hotkeys" - tab "Game". Hero you can bind the hotkeys to move ingame camera: left, right, up, down - for those who use the arrow keys; as well as a horizontal angle of the camera.



  • Show recent event
    It will show the last place of death or the last event.
  • Showcase view




Chat and Phrases

Chat - is the point of the section "Hotkeys" - tab "Game". It allows to configure your ingame communication: voice and text.




  • Chat Control

Team chat


Chat All


Use the pointers to view the history of the chat.



That function lets you to communicate with your team by microphone. 




  • Chat Wheel

Chat Wheel - chat phrases offered by game developers.



By the hotkey and choose the direction by mouse.





List of commands

  • Positioning



  • Status



  • Lane



  • Neutrals


  • Misc



  • Flavor




  • Phrases

Phrases - chat commands that you can bind. 




Player Actions

Player Actions - is the point of the section "Hotkeys" - tab "Game" - use the following commands:




  • Glyph of Fortification
    Fortificate the buildings - one of the methods of defense. Each team has this opportunity - the buildings become invulnerable to any types of damage. Cooldown: 5 min.



  • Scoreboard



  1. Team.
  2. Picked hero.
  3. Player's nickname and level.
  4. Team's score.
  5. Kills, deaths, assists.
  6. Cooldown of ultimates (available only about your teamates).
  7. Amount of gold at that time (available only about your teamates).


  • Pause
    Pause is available for every player; to continue the game - the same hotkey.



  • Screenshot
    To make a screenshot.


  • Console
    Console - is additional ingame function which binds the commands for not only setting that are in menu. Console is available after input the suitable command in "Set launch options".
    More information about console and other commands of the "Launch options" you can find out here: Installing Dota 2 and Console commands.


Control Groups

Control Groups - on the right of the tab "Game". You can bind the hotkey the certain controlled group (from 1 to 6). It allows to use your controlled groups fast and comfortably.



Conrol groups

Let's suppose our hotkeys for controlled groups are the following: 1, 2, 3, etc.

  • Holding left button of the mouse, choose the required units group.
  • Hold "Ctrl" + figure that is the hotkey for your Control Group. For example, 1. 

The 1st control group is ready. Thus, when you click "1" next time, exactly this certain group will be chosen. The same with the other control groups. You need to choose it and to bind the hotkey. 


Example of Meepo control groups



Control your group

Many professional players bind the following hotkeys for their control groups:

  • 1 - Hero
  • 2 - Courier
  • 3,4 - Summoned units or neutral creeps

When you determine the order and types of controlled groups, bind the command that let you easily switch among the selected unit groups - "Control group tab" ("TAB" - default).

Chen's controlled group. Switch by "TAB"



In order to use in turn the abilities of the controlled units, perform the following steps:


"Hotkey of the controlled group" + "Q" + "TAB" + "Q" + "TAB" + "Q"

"Hotkey of the controlled group" + "W" + "TAB" + "C" + "TAB" + "T"  (Legacy hotkeys)


  • "Q" - is a standard command for the 1st ability in Dota 2 ("Q W E R" hotkeys)
  • "TAB" - switch among controlled units


Restore hotkeys

You can Reset your hotkeys in the tab of the section "Hotkeys".



When you press it, you will see the window with several options.





Spectator - the second tab of the section "Hotkeys" - for watching replays or games online.




Options - the second section of the main menu that consists of 5 points.




Game - the tab of the section "Options". You can choose the following options:



Auto attack - a hero attacks enemies automatically.

Autoattack after spell - a hero automatically attacks the unit after casting a spell.
Auto purchase items - if you have money you automatically but the item from the Quick Buy menu. 
Auto select summoned units - choose the units summoned by the ability.


Show HP bar number




Shop always uses hotkeys




Color blind mode




Minimap - the tab of the section "Options" - to configure minimap that is located on the left corner of the screen.



Minimap hide background




Names/Icons in Minimap - by pressing "ALT" it displays heroes icons on the minimap.

Names/Icons Always in Minimap - always displays heroes icons on the minimap.


Mini-map draws on right




Camera - the tab of the section "Options" , here ypu can set the following parameters for camera:




Profile - the tab of the section "Options". It allows to set the privacy: hide the profile or ahow it to your friends only; perameters for groups, guilds and trade invitations.




Network - the tab of the section "Options". Set the speed of your Internet connection.



Video & Audio

Video & Audio - the 2rd section of the main menu. It allows to configure video and audio options in game. 


Video - General



Display mode - "Bordless window" - lets to avoid the problems with switching windows by "ALT + TAB"; or to minimaze the game quickly by "Windows + D".


Video - Advanced




Settings for slow computers

Below is an example of video settings for slower computers.



Screen resolution does not significantly affect FPS, so we are interested in "Advanced" tab. Here you need to remove all the ticks. The main line "Game Screen Reader Quality" that in the future will have to be experimented with.


Main Menu Settings by Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin








Audio & Video (General)



Audio & Video (Advanced)



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