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Attributes (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

If you are brave, clever, skillful, jungle call your name! And if your intelligence is level up - welcome to the jungle of Dota 2.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin
Strength, agility, intelligence - the main attributes (statistics) of Dota 2 Heroes that determine several scaling statistics: damage, health, armor, mana, attack speed, mana regenerationhealth regeneration.
Attributes increase at each level up and depend on certain abilities and certain items in your inventory.

Primary attribute

Every Hero has a primary attribute. Every point in their primary attribute adds 1 point of damage to their attacks.

Strength - health and health regeneration .

  • Every point in strength increases maximum health by 19.
  • Every point in strength increases health regeneration by 0.03 HP per second.
  • If strength is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in strength increases his or her attack damage by 1.

Agility - armor and attack speed.

  • Every 7 points in agility increases a Hero's armor by 1.
  • Every point in agility increases a Hero's attack speed by 1.
  • If agility is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in agility increases his or her attack damage by 1.


Intelligence - mana and mana regeneration.

  • Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's maximum mana by 13.
  • Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's mana regeneration by 0.04 mana per second.
  • If intelligence is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in intelligence increases his or her attack damage by 1.



 Attribute Bonus (Stats

  • "Stats" - is a passive ability possessed by every hero except invoker Invoker (Quas, Wex, and Exort passively improve his attributes).
  • Each additional level of Attribute Bonus increases all attributes - Strength, Agility, and Intelligence - by 2. Each rank of Attribute Bonus has the following cumulative effects:  
    + 2 points of damage
    + 38 points of health
    + 0.06 points of health regeneration
    + 0.28 armor
    + 2 attack speed
    + 26 points of of mana
    + 0.08 points of points of mana regeneration
  • Just like regular abilities, Heroes can place a new skill point in Attribute Bonus at every odd level: 1/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19. Attribute Bonus can be leveled a maximum of 10 times.
  • Encreasing of Attribute Bonus in early game helps to compensate a Hero's early-game weakness without filling inventory space.



Starting, ultimate Hero's attributes in Dota 2

Table of heroes attributes
HeroStrengthAgilityIntelligenceStrength / levelAgility / levelIntelligence / levelStrength on 25 lvlAgility on 25 lvlIntelligence on 25 lvlTotal amount of statsTotal amount of stats per level
antimage Anti-Mage2222151.202.801.80529260595.8
axe Axe2520182.502.201.60887558636.3
bane Bane2222222.102.102.10757575666.3
bloodseeker Bloodseeker2324182.403.001.70839961657.1
crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden1616161.701.602.90595689486.2
drow_ranger Drow Ranger1726151.901.901.40657450585.2
earthshaker Earthshaker2212162.901.401.80954761506.1
juggernaut Juggernaut2026141.902.401.40688649605.7
mirana Mirana1720171.853.301.656310358546.8
morphling Morphling1924172.003.701.506911755607.2
nevermore Shadow Fiend1520182.002.902.00659368536.9
phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer2129211.702.602.00649471716.3
puck Puck1522251.701.702.40586585625.8
pudge Pudge2514143.201.501.501055252536.2
razor Razor2122192.302.001.80797264626.1
sand_king Sand King2219162.602.101.80877261576.5
storm_spirit Storm Spirit1922241.501.803.00576799656.3
sven Sven2321162.702.001.30917149606
tiny Tiny269173.000.901.601013257525.5
vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit1827132.603.301.508311051587.4
windrunner Windranger1517222.501.402.60785287546.5
zuus Zeus1911202.301.202.70774188506.2
kunkka Kunkka2414183.001.301.50994756565.8
lina Lina1816271.501.503.205654107616.2
lion Lion1615201.701.503.00595395516.2
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman2116211.801.603.00665696586.4
slardar Slardar2117152.802.401.50917753536.7
tidehunter Tidehunter2215163.001.501.70975359536.2
witch_doctor Witch Doctor1613241.801.402.90614897536.1
lich Lich1815181.552.003.25576599516.8
riki Riki1734141.602.201.30578947655.1
enigma Enigma1714202.101.003.407039105516.5
tinker Tinker1713302.001.202.20674385605.4
sniper Sniper1621151.702.502.60598480526.8
necrolyte Necrophos1615222.001.702.50665885536.2
warlock Warlock2210242.501.002.70853592566.2
beastmaster Beastmaster2318162.201.601.90785864575.7
queenofpain Queen of Pain1618241.702.002.50596887586.2
venomancer Venomancer1822171.852.601.80648762576.25
faceless_void Faceless Void2323151.802.651.50688953615.95
skeleton_king Wraith King2218182.901.701.60956158586.2
death_prophet Death Prophet1714231.901.403.00654998546.3
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin2023151.853.151.406610250586.4
pugna Pugna1716261.201.004.504741139596.7
templar_assassin Templar Assassin1823202.102.702.00719170616.8
viper Viper2021152.102.901.80739460566.8
luna Luna1518162.203.301.857010162497.35
dragon_knight Dragon Knight1919152.802.201.70897458536.7
dazzle Dazzle1621271.851.703.406264112646.95
rattletrap Clockwerk2413172.902.301.30977150546.5
leshrac Leshrac1623261.501.703.005466101656.2
furion Nature's Prophet1918251.801.902.90646698626.6
life_stealer Lifestealer2518153.001.901.751006659586.65
dark_seer Dark Seer2212252.301.202.70804293596.2
clinkz Clinkz1522161.603.301.555510555536.45
omniknight Omniknight2215172.801.751.80925962546.35
enchantress Enchantress1619161.001.802.80416486515.6
huskar Huskar2115182.401.401.50815056545.3
night_stalker Night Stalker2318162.802.251.60937456576.65
broodmother Broodmother1718182.502.202.00807368536.7
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter1721191.803.002.00629669576.8
weaver Weaver1514151.502.501.80537760445.8
jakiro Jakiro2510282.301.202.80834098636.3
batrider Batrider2315242.401.502.50835387626.4
chen Chen2315211.502.102.80616891596.4
spectre Spectre1923162.001.801.90696864585.7
ancient_apparition Ancient Apparition1820251.402.202.60537590636.2
doom_bringer Doom2611133.200.902.101063466506.2
ursa Ursa2318162.702.101.50917154576.3
spirit_breaker Spirit Breaker2917142.401.701.80896059605.9
gyrocopter Gyrocopter1824191.802.802.10639472616.7
alchemist Alchemist2511251.801.201.80704170614.8
invoker Invoker1714161.701.904.006062116477.6
silencer Silencer1722272.203.002.50729790667.7
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer1924262.302.002.70777494697
lycan Lycan2216173.001.901.55976456556.45
brewmaster Brewmaster2322142.901.951.25967145596.1
shadow_demon Shadow Demon1718231.902.202.70657391586.8
lone_druid Lone Druid1724132.102.701.40709248546.2
chaos_knight Chaos Knight2014162.902.101.20936746506.2
meepo Meepo2323201.602.201.60637860665.4
treant Treant Protector2515173.302.001.801086562577.1
ogre_magi Ogre Magi2314173.201.552.401035377547.15
undying Undying2210272.100.802.80753097595.7
rubick Rubick1914271.501.602.40575487605.5
disruptor Disruptor1915221.901.402.50675085565.8
nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin1819182.002.202.10687471556.3
naga_siren Naga Siren2121212.502.752.00849071637.25
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light1415251.801.602.80595595546.2
wisp Io1714231.901.601.70655466545.2
visage Visage2211242.401.302.50824487576.2
slark Slark2121161.801.501.90665964585.2
medusa Medusa1420191.652.502.10558372536.25
troll_warlord Troll Warlord2021132.202.751.00759038545.95
centaur Centaur Warrunner2315154.002.001.601236555537.6
magnataur Magnus2115192.902.501.65947860557.05
shredder Timbersaw2216211.801.302.40674981595.5
bristleback Bristleback2217142.201.802.80776284536.8
tusk Tusk2323182.302.101.70817661646.1
skywrath_mage Skywrath Mage1913271.500.803.605733117595.9
abaddon Abaddon2317212.701.502.00915571616.2
elder_titan Elder Titan2414232.301.501.60825263615.4
legion_commander Legion Commander2618202.601.702.20916175646.5
techies Techies1714222.001.302.90674795536.2
ember_spirit Ember Spirit1922202.001.801.80696765615.6
earth_spirit Earth Spirit2117182.901.502.10945571566.5
terrorblade Terrorblade1522191.403.201.755010263566.35
phoenix Phoenix1712182.901.301.80904563476
oracle Oracle1815231.901.702.90665896566.5
winter_wyvern Winter Wyvern2416252.101.903.107764103657.1
arc_warden Arc Warden2415242.301.802.60826089636.7


Simple items

Simple items that improve attributes
Item Strength Agility Intelligence
 Ironwood Branch 1 1 1
 Gauntless of Strengh 3 -


 Slippers of Agility - 3 -
 Mantle of Intelligence - - 3
 Circlet 2 2 2
 Belt of Strength 6 - -
 Band of Elvenskin - 6 -
 Robe of the Magi - - 6
 Ogre Club 10 - -
 Blade of Alacrity - 10 -
 Staff of Wizardry - - 10
 Reaver 25 - -
 Eaglesong - 25 -
 Mystic Staff - - 25
 Ghost Scepter 7 7 7
 Ultimate Orb 10 10 10


Simple items - are the starting items-components of the comolex attributes. They boost their associated attributes. 


Group of blue items

These items allow you to grow a bit stronger in early game, increase your stats and make it easier to stay on lane, lasthit the creeps.

Even if the game is difficult you can always buy and upgrade them to more useful ones.

Usually several   Ironwood Branches or  Circlets are bought for increasing primary attribute.

Then you can upgrade these items:

  •  +  +  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  +  = 
  •  +  + recipe = 
  •  +  +  + recipe = 


It is better if every hero has  Magic stick(  Magic wand), as they so much for little price.If you use themcorrectly, in some cases these items allow you to survive and get a quick burst of healing.

There are exceptions in some cases:

  • Enemy team doen't use a lot of spells
  • You purchase a lot of other support items and you have no place for Magic stick


It is better for newbies to buy 2-3 upgrade items for primary attribute (  ) and then buy something more expensive.

If early game is hard or you are not a good player yet, it is better to purchase 2-3 items for strength. For example  regardless of your primary attribute. The only exception is morphling Morphling, as it is better for him to buy  and convert your Strength points into Agility ones  is cheaper than ).


 Poor man shield is better for melee agility Heroes. It makes your stay on lane easier. It's effective enough for mid-game.


 Urn of Shadows is good for strength Heroes, as it increase the primary attribute and regenarate your mana. If nobody is going to but this item, support heroes can purchase it too. 


Team always need such items as ( + + recipe), (   +  + recipe, may be several of them in the team),  +  + recipe) or . So pay attention on items you are going to buy and discuss your choice with teammates. It would be not nice if you bought the 2nd  in the team.



 have the same price as , but don't boost any additional attributes. Buy them after previous stage or in case you need .



Green and yellow items

They are necessary for creating ultimates attributes. buy them after purchasing the medium items.


Purchasing system:

  • It is unprofitable to buy these items only for boosting your attributes: 
     Gauntless of Strengh gold 150 - the price for 1 attribute gold 50
     Belt of Strength gold 450 - the price for 1 attribute gold 75
     Ogre club gold 1000 - the price for 1 attribute gold 100
     Reaver gold 3200 - the price for 1 attributegold 128

     Ironwood Branch gold 50  - the price for 1 attribute gold 17
     Circlet  gold 185 -  the price for 1 attributegold 31
     Ultimate orb gold 2100 = the price for 1 attribute gold 70
  • After purchasing the item - continue upgrading it. The exception is  Ghost Scepter as it is often bought becase of the ability it has.
    Play more passive while you are upgrading the item from the yellow group
  • The items from every previous group are more effective and cheap.
      + >  
    Inventory has only 6 slots in it. You can't use this advantage for a long time. But the complex item is much more effective than usual one and it often has additional effect.
    Later you will be able to find the right balance. 

    In some cases there are exceptions:
  • Your team stragedy implies some strict actions and assembling certain items.
  • You have an opportunity to safe money for expesive item and not to die. For example, your team distracts the enemy team and nobody cares about you... until some time...
  • Let's remember an old game in IHCS. Kanga's Bloodseeker Bloodseeker had gold 3400 in early game. He decided to safe money for Sacred Relic gold 3800. Enemies started to gang him all the time so level of money increased and decreased the whole game.
    Finally, he had gold 3000 in 10 minutes and he bought  +  +  + 
  • You are quite experienced player and you know in what kind of situation you need something else.



Complex items (Upgrades)

upgrades which modify attributes
Item Strength Agility Intelligence
 Abyssal Blade 10 - -
 Aghanim's Scepter 10 10 10
 Armlet of Mordiggian 25 - -
 Black King Bar 10 - -
 Blade Mail - - 10
 Bracer 6 3 3


2 2
 Butterfly - 30 -
 Dagon 3 3 16/18/20/22/24
 Diffusal Blade - 22/26 6/10
 Drum of Endurance 9 9 9
 Eul's Scepter of Divinity - - 10
 Ethereal Blade 10 40 10
 Eye of Skadi 25 25 25
 Force Staff - - 10
 Headdress 2 2 2
 Heart of Tarrasque 40 - -
 Heaven's Halberd 20 - -
 Magic wand 3 3 3
 Manta Style 10 26 10
 Mekansm 5 5 5
 Linken's Sphere 15 15 15
 Necronomicon 8/12/16 - 15/21/24
 Null talisman 3 3 6
 Oblivion Staff - - 6
 Orchid of Malevolence - - 25
 Power Treads 8 - -
 Power Treads - 8 -
 Power Treads - - 8
 Refresher Orb - - 6
 Ring of Aquila 3 9 3
 Rod of Atos - - 25
 Sange 16 - -
 Sange&Yasha 16 16 -
 Satanic 25 - -
 Scythe of Vyse 10 10 35
 Shiva's Guard - - 30
 Skull Basher 6 - -
 Urn of Shadows 6 - -
 Veil of Discord 6 6 6
 Wraith band 3 6 3
 Yasha - 16 -



Choosing complex items depends on your Hero, allied and enemy Heroes, strategies and different game situations. 

We can discuss it for infinitely long time. So let's consider the variants which affect Hero's abilities, spells, which depend on the attributes and some mechanics.


Hero abilities which modify attributes

abilities which modify attributes
Hero Ability Value Description
drow_ranger Drow Ranger   Marksmanship +40/60/80 agility points.  Bonus is removed if there is an enemy hero within a 400 radius.

invoker Invoker  




+2/4/6/8/10/12/14 intelligence.

+2/4/6/8/10/12/14 strength.

+2/4/6/8/10/12/14 agility.

Bonus is gained if the ability is learnt.
 morphling Morphling   Morph Agility Gain

Passive: +3/4/5/6 agility

Active: +2/4/6/10 agility, -2/4/6/10 strength per second. 


Bonus is gained from leveling the skill.
 morphling Morphling  Morph Strength Gain
Passive: +3/4/5/6 strength
Active: +2/4/6/10 strength, -2/4/6/10 agility per second. 
Bonus is gained from leveling the skill.
 obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer   Astral Imprisonment

± 4/6/8/10 intelligence. 

Duration: 60 seconds.
Intelligence is removed from the target and added to the Hero.
 pudge Pudge  Flesh Heap +1/1.5/2/2.5 strength per stack.
One stack is applied every time an enemy hero dies in a 450 AoE. 
silencer Silencer  Intelligence Steal +2 intelligence per stack.

Two stacks are permanently applied every time an enemy hero dies in a 900 AoE. Intelligence is added to Silencer and removed from dying heroes.

 Slark Slark   Essence Shift

+3 agility per stack.

-1 of every enemy's attribute  per hit

One stack is applied every time Slark attacks an enemy hero. Each stack reduces the attributes of enemies and adds Agility to Slark.
 Timbersaw Timbersaw   Whirling Death -15% enemy's primary attribute. Duration: 7 seconds. Does not stack.
 undying Undying  Decay Decay

±4 stregth per stack. Duration: 25/30/35/40 seconds.

Strength is added to Undying and reduced from enemy heroes.


Abilities that are Modified by Attributes

Abilities that are Modified by Attributes
Hero Ability Value Description
 Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner  Return

Damage: 16/18/20/22 +

26%/34%/42%/50% * strength

This ability damages anything that attacks Centaur Warrunner
 Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner  Stampede Урон: 1/2/3 * strength Centaur leads all allies into a vicious charge causing them to move through units at max speed and slow enemy units they tread upon. Each enemy can be trampled once and takes damage based on the Warrunner's strength.
 drow_ranger Drow Ranger  Precision Aura 14%/18%/22%/26% agility Adds bonus damage to the physical attack of allied Hero units on the map based on a percentage of Drow's agility. Affects creeps for 30 seconds when cast.
 morphling Morphling  Adaptive Strike

Damage: 20/40/60/80 + (0.25 до 0.5/1/1.5/2) * agility


Stun duration: 0.25 to 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 seconds


If Strength is 50% higher than Agility, does minimum damage but maximum stun. If Agility is 50% higher than Strength, does minimum stun and maximum damage.
Nyx AssassinNyx Assassin  Mana Burn 3.5/4/4.5/5 * enemy hero intelligence Destroys the target hero's mana equal to a multiplier of its Intelligence, and deals damage equal to the mana burned.
 obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer  Sanity's Eclipse

Damage: 8/9/10 (9/10/11 c Aghanim's Scepter) * Intelligence Difference.

Difference Threshold: 10/30/50. 

If the difference between Outworld Devourer's Intelligence and that of the target hero is under the threshold, the hero also loses 75% of their mana. If the target's Intelligence is greater than Outworld Devourer's, the spell has no effect.

pudge Pudge  Dismember Damage: 75/125/175 + strength*

*only with

 Aghanim's Scepter

Riki Riki  Backstab Damage: 0.5/0.75/1/1.25 * agility If Riki attacks from behind, bonus damage is applied based on his current agility.
silencer Silencer  Glaives of Wisdom Damage: 30%/45%/60%/75% intelligence  
Skywrath Mage Skywrath Mage  Arcane Bolt Damage: 60/80/100/120 + 1.6 * intelligence  


Heroes- attribute stealers

Heroes- attribute stealers
Hero Ability Description
silencer Silencer  Intelligence Steal Permanently steals 2 Intelligence from enemy heroes that die near him (in range of 900). Intelligence can be stolen outside of the 900 AOE if Silencer gets the last hit.  The quantity of stolen intelligence can not be decreased lower than 1 point.
 Slark  Essence Shift
Slark steals the life essence of enemy heroes with his attacks, draining each of their attributes and converting them to bonus Agility.
Duration: 0.4/0.35/0.3/0.25.
Attributes: strength, agility, intelligence. Amount: 1. Slark's agility: 3.
When an enemy hero dies under the effect of Essence Shift, the hero will revive with their stats restored but Slark will not immediately lose them.


Heroes abilities that modify damage

Heroes abilities that modify damage - primary attribute
Hero Ability Value description
bloodseeker Bloodseeker  Bloodrage Damage: 30%/60%/90%/120% Drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage, during which it has higher attack damage, but cannot cast spells.
drow_ranger Drow Ranger  Precision Aura Damage: 18%/24%/30%/36% Adds bonus damage to the physical attack of allied Hero units on the map based on a percentage of Drow's agility. Affects creeps but if they are in smaller range.
earthshaker Earthshaker  Enchant Totem Damage: 100%/200%/300%/400% Causing it to deal extra damage on the next attack.
magnataur Magnus  Empower Damage: 20%/30%/40%/50% Gives an allied unit bonus damage and cleave on attack.
nevermore Shadow Fiend  Requiem of Souls Damage Reduction: 50% The damage wave reduces attack damage of units in the range of it.
sven Sven  God's Strength Damage: 100%/150%/200% Only increases base damage and that given by the primary attribute of Sven. 
ursa Ursa Warrior  Enrage Damage: 5%/6%/7%

Percent of current life added to damage.

vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit  Vengeance Aura Damage: 12%/20%/28%/36% Increases nearby friendly units' physical damage.


Abilites that increase the damage

Abilites that increase the damage - primary attribute
Item/ Unit Passive Ability Damage Description
 Vladmir's Offering Vladmir's Aura  15% Grants Bonus Damage to nearby allies. Radius: 900.
 Alpha Wolf  Packleader's Aura 30% Alpha Wolf Grants Bonus Damage to nearby allies in the range of 900. 


Heroes abilities that share attributes with each other 

Summoned meepo Meepo gain 30%(100% имея  Aghanim's Scepter ) from hero's bonus attributes.



Pre-conditions for items that modify the attributes

You have effects and spells that give the percentage increase to the damage

This increase is not extended from your damage, but from damage which depends on your primary attribute + standard damage.
The more damage from attributes = the more damage increase



Some heroes activities depend on attribute and/or you have  or strong nuke 

  • silencer Silencer's and Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer's recommended items for intelligence -  Rod of Atos,  Scythe of Vyse,  Force Staff,  Power Treads.
    Bonus damage with  Glaives of Wisdom is in range of 100
  • Combination  Ethereal Blade +  Adaptive Strike morphling Morphling deals a lot of damage (if you convert your strength to agility)
  • Riki Riki deals primary damage from behind and he needs agility -  Diffusal Blade +  Butterfly +  Yasha



Your hero-illusionist +  Manta Style

Bonus damage, which is dealt by your illusions, is formed only by damage which depends on hero's attribute. 

  • Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer
  • Naga Siren Naga Siren
  • Terrorblade Terrorblade
  • Chaos Knight Chaos Knight - if toy turn on  Armlet of Mordiggian and make illusions, they get all bonuses but their HP isn't decreased.
  • Spectre Spectre
  • meepo Mepoo

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