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Blink (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

It time to take off! We've already tought how to turn. It remains to choose the best variant and... disappear.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin


Teleportation - is a form of movement in game that instantly moves a target from one point to another.


There 2 types of teleportation:

  1. Blink
  2. Teleport




A blink is usually an ability which, when cast, instantly moves the controlled unit from one point to another (as a rule, at a short range). Blinks can be devided into 3 types::

  1. Fast Blink
  2. Wave blink
  3. Pseudo-Blink



Fast blink



  • Fast cooldown

  • Mobility

  • Evades some target spells and physical attacks
    (In the article about evasion there is a list of unnavoidable spells).

  • If you blink outside of the maximum range will cause it to blink 80% of the max distance. 
    In some cases blink's range can change battle's outcome.
    In dota test you can use console command dota_range_display to show blink's range around the hero.


Fast blink abilities

fast blink abilities


Range 4/5 of distance





Anti-Mage Anti-Mage Blink Blink 1000/1075/1150/1150 800/860/920/920 0.4 12/9/7/5
Puck Puck Ethereal Jaunt Ethereal Jaunt 1800 is not cut 0.1 12
Queen of Pain Queen of Pain Blink Blink 700/850/1000/1150 560/680/800/920 0.33  12/10/8/6

 Blink Dagger

 Blink 1200 960 0 12



 Blink Dagger

  • Price-  gold 2150
  • Radius - 1200/960
  • Taking damage from Roshan or player-controlled units will disable Blink for 3 seconds.
    HP Removal will not disable Blink. 
  • Double clicking will blink you in the direction of your Fountain.
  • Blink has no manacost.



Example of trying blink outside of the maximum range





Recommended heroes:

Must have:

  1. Batrider Batrider
  2. Brewmaster Brewmaster
  3. Dark Seer Dark Seer
  4. Earthshaker Earthshaker
  5. Enigma Enigma
  6. Lion Lion
  7. Magnus Magnus
  8. Meepo Meepo
  9. Puck Puck
  10. Rubick Rubick
  11. Sand King Sand King
  12. Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman
  13. Tidehunter Tidehunter
  14. Tinker Tinker


Situational: (if you have  Shadow Blade or  Force Staff, so most of the heroes do not need  Blink Dagger)

  1. Axe Axe
  2. Bane Bane
  3. Beastmaster Beastmaster
  4. Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner
  5. Doom Doom
  6. Invoker Invoker
  7. Legion Commander Legion Commander
  8. Leshrac Leshrac
  9. Lina Lina
  10. Nyx Assassin Nyx Assassin
  11. Pudge Pudge
  12. Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend
  13. Slardar Slardar
  14. Sven Sven
  15. Templar Assassin Templar Assassin
  16. Timbersaw Timbersaw
  17. Treant Protector Treant Protector
  18. Ursa Ursa
  19. Witch Doctor Witch Doctor
  20. Wraith King Wraith King
  21. Zeus Zeus


In general you can buy this item depending on situations and your attitude to it. 



Na'Vi Dendi Blink Pudge vs Empire
Dota 2 NaVi.Dendi Mirana Dagger Gameplay


Wave blink

  • Medium cooldown
  • Evades some target spells and physical attacks
  • Almost always turn the user invulnerable during his travel time, so most of the attacks or spells will deal no damage or effects.



Heroes with wave blink abilities

Heroes with wave blink abilities


Invulnerable during travel time Opportunity to evade usual attacks and spells Range





Ember Spirit Ember Spirit Activate Fire Remnant Activate Fire Remnant Global 0.4 35
Faceless Void Faceless Void Time Walk Time Walk 700/900/1100/1300 0.35  19/17/15/13
Huskar Huskar Life Break Life Break Jamp's range 0.3  45/30/15 (4)
Mirana Mirana Leap Leap 630/720/780/870 0 30/26/22/18
Morphling Morphling Waveform Waveform 1000 0.25 11
Slark Slark Pounce Pounce 700 0 20/16/12/8
Storm Spirit Storm Spirit Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Global 0.3 0
Tusk Tusk Snowball Snowball 1250 0.1 21




  • Medium cooldown
  • Needs a target
  • Does not evade target spells or physical attacks (only if the enemy miss himself).



Heroes with pseudo-blink abilities

Heroes with pseudo-blink abilities


Range Delay (sec) Cooldown (sec)
Chen Chen Test of Faith Test of Faith  Teleports a friendly unit back to the base 6/54/3 (0 for creeps) 24
Chaos Knight Chaos Knight Reality Rift Reality Rift Between 30% and 80% from 500/600/650/700. 0.4  24/18/12/6
Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light Recall Recall Self 5/4/3 15
Meepo Meepo Poof Poof Meepo or Meepo Illusion 1.5 12/10/8/6
Morphling Morphling Morph Replicate Morph Replicate Self to illusion 0.25 80
Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin Phantom Strike Phantom Strike 1000 0.3 14/11/8/5
Riki Riki Blink Strike Blink Strike 750 0.4 20/15/10/5
Sand King Sand King Burrowstrike Burrowstrike 350/450/550/650 0 11
Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit Nether Swap Nether Swap 650/925/1200 0.3 45( 10)
Spectre Spectre Reality Reality Self to illusion 0.3

0 for ability,

120 forHaunt Haunt


Chaos Knight  Chaos Knight - Reality Rift Reality Rift escape



Blink and Turn rate mechanics

Blink itself may have delay or not (e.g.   Blink Dagger), but it doesn't mean that your hero will move instantely or in certain time.

It depends on your turn rate when you are going to teleport.

The faster you turn the less time you spend for facing the required side.


The angle at which the hero does not need to turn equals to 1 radian ~ 57 degrees.



Puck can teleport into cone without spending time for turn


There are some situations when you need to teleport without turn otherwise your hero dies. Examples:

  1. You are Puck Puck in  Phase Shift Phase Shift and Clockwerk Clockwerk set Power Cogs Power Cogs - you won't touch them if you teleport without turn
  2. The same way when you are Jakiro Jakiro - Ice Path Ice Path
  3. You are resuscitated (  Aegis or Reincarnation Reincarnation ) and enemies are on the watch for you (especially bad if there are heroes with instant disables - Rubick Rubick )
  4. You are in  Cyclone and going to be stunned



Also you need to remember if you play with Blink and you have perfect mechanics in using Blink + Ability (timing of pressing buttons, e.g., Blink + ability in 0.1 sec. Like  Puck Puck -  Blink + Waning Rift Waning Rift), you need to do it a bit later - in case you need to turn at a large angle or your turn rate is slowed.

Surely everyone had the situations when the ability is triggered a then - blink (if the same mechanics of pressing the buttons on the keyboard).

It is because the hero did not have time to turn in the right direction.





Teleport - an ability that requires some time to move a target from one point to another.


  • Long cooldown and delay
  • Interruptable ability
  • Evades some target spells and physical attacks
  • If double clicked (in case it is on) it will automatically target your Fountain (except Relocate Relocate)
Heroes and items with teleport abilities


Target Destination





Cooldown if it is cancelled
Io Io Relocate Relocate

Hero himself and/or  Tether Tethered unit

Any point on the map 2.5/2.25/2 90/75/60
Natures Prophet Natures Prophet Teleportation Teleportation Self Any point on the map 3 50/40/30/20
 Boots of Travel Teleport Self Allied creep or allied building 3 60
 Town Portal Scroll Teleport Self Allied building 3/5/6/7/8 65



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