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Gold (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

One for blood and one for gold and one for . . . (с) George Raymond Richard Martin.

This article will tell you all about gold in Dota 2.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Gold - is the only one resource in the game. You can`t buy anything, instantly return to the game after the death and essentially affect the gameplay without money.

Usually power of the hero depends on his items and level.


How to earn gold in the game?

  • Periodic accrual of gold (guaranteed gold unit received by the hero every 0.6 seconds).
  • Farming the creeps on the lane (a fundamental part of the game - your task on the lane is to finish off an enemy creep).
  • Killing the enemies (in the battle).
  • Farming the neutral creeps in the forest (the Dire and Radiant forest includes five neutral creeps camps which, in case of killing them, spawn every minute and give the opportunity to earn additional gold and experience).
  • Additional gold earned from the abilities (there are several characters with abilities which allow you to earn regular additional gold).
  • Additional gold which is earned from killings of the summoned creatures (the abilities of some characters allow them to summon creatures for help).
  • Destroying the enemy buildings (the main goal of the game is to destroy the buildings, and every time you do this, your team earns extra gold; the hero who last hit the structure earns extra gold).
  • Earning gold with the Hand of Midas (it is an item which allows getting extra 190 gold every 100 seconds for usual, neutral creeps and summoned creatures).

Starting gold (initial money)

At the beginning of every game, after the hero is already selected, each player begins with 625 (if he choose his hero himself) or 825 (if he random his hero). The starting gold will be spent for choosing hero in following situations:

  • If you accidentally pick the wrong character, so after the re-pick, you will have only 525 units of gold;
  • If you selected the hero randomly and then decided to re-pick it, then you will have only 475 units of gold;
  • Swapping a hero that you randomed costs you 100 units of gold.


Types of gold

The earned gold is divided into reliable and unreliable.


Reliable gold – is gold which you don’t lose in case of the death of your hero, the other gold is unreliable.

When you buy items and consumables there is spent unreliably gold. If it is not enough, the rest is taken from the reliable one.

In case of the hero's death, the death penalty is charged only from unreliable gold. In this case reliable gold isn’t taken into account.

Reliable gold is spent when you buyback into the game after the death. If there is not enough of reliable gold, the rest of it is taken from unreliable one.

The main difference between gold types is the method of earning and spending it. For convenience, the total amount of the accumulated gold is displayed in the game. If you point the cursor to the gold indicator you can see two different values.

Reliable gold

Killing the enemy hero

You get the additional units of reliable gold for killing enemy heroes or for assists at killing them. The amount of the gold depends on the “hero status” – the more enemies are killed before your hero’s death, the more gold its killer gets.

For the first hero kill (“First Blood”) there is given 200 units of the reliable gold.


Formula for calculating the fee for the hero killing:

Current status of the killed hero + 200 units of gold + (Level of the killed hero * 9)

Hero coefficient for the status:

  • 125 – Killing Spree
  • 250 – Dominating
  • 375 – Mega Kill
  • 500 – Unstoppable
  • 625 – Wicked Sick
  • 750 – Monster Kill
  • 875 – Godlike
  • 1000 – Beyond Godlike



  • 625 + 200  + (12 * 9) = 933 – You killed the hero of the 12th level who had statusWicked Sick”
  • 0 + 200 + (1 * 9) = 209 – You killed the hero of the 1st level
  • 0 + 200 + (25 * 9) = 425 – You killed the hero of the 25th level


Joint killing of the enemy hero             

The heroes who participate in the killing of the enemy hero and who are within a radius of 1300 points at the moment of the hero’s death – they get the gold too. The amount of gold is calculated by the formula and depends on the total number of characters involved in the battle.

The gold for assists will be charged in case of allied creep (Dire or Radiant) last hit the enemy hero.


  • If 1 hero who assists is within the radius of 1300 points — 125 + 12 * Y
  • If 2 hero who assists is within the radius of 1300 points — 40 + 10 * Y
  • If 3 hero who assists is within the radius of 1300 points — 10 + 6 * Y
  • If 4 or 5 heroes who assist are within the radius of 1300 points — 6 * Y
    * Y – is the level of the dead enemy hero



  • 125 + (12 * 10) = 245 – The enemy hero of the 10th level died next to you
  • 125 + (12 * 25) = 425 - The enemy hero of the 25th level died next to you (the same fee as for solo-killing)
  • 10 +(6 * 3) = 28 – Three of you killed the enemy hero of the 3rd level
  • 40 +(10 * 3) = 70 - Two of you killed the enemy hero of the 3rd level
  • (6 * 6) = 36 – More than 3 heroes assisted the killing the hero of the 6th level


As we can see, it is more profitable to kill the enemy hero together than when there are 3 of you.


Destroying enemy towers

You earn reliable gold for destroying enemy towers.


Destroying enemy towers
Level of Tower You lasthit the tower An ally lasthit the tower Your creeps lasthit the tower The enemy lashit the tower
Level 1 502 - 520 200 264 100
Level 2 552 - 570 240 312 120
Level 3 602 - 630 280 358 140
Level 4 652 - 670 320 405 160



The Hand of Midas (HoM) use 


Hand of Midas (2050 gold)

Type of gold: reliable

Gold per creep: 190

Experience: *2.5

Cooldown: 100 seconds.

Kills a non-hero target for 190 gold and 2.5x experience. Cannot be used on Ancients. It always gives only 190 units of gold (regardless of the creep’s type).


How soon can you earn the amount of gold spent on the purchase?

There are two variants (in case of instant use after passing cooldown):

1.     Including transmuted creep (creep costs in average ~40 gold. Accordingly, 190-40=150 gold, which is 14 uses): ~23 minutes;

2.     Without transmuted creep (the full price is 190 gold per creep): ~18 minutes.


Cover the cost of the purchased item

“HoM” can be sold for  1050. So you need to use it 7 times to cover the cost of this item. Thus, you can recover your money -  2050 – in 11 minutes and 30 seconds.


Timing of purchasing HoM

  • Early! The sooner, the better! In the situations when you realize that it’s going to be standard or long game (after 30 minutes).
  • If you are left behind of the others in gold and experience and your hero needs expensive items.


Timing of not purchasing HoM

  • When your team considers a “push” strategy (fast destroying enemy buildings by means of your heroes’ special abilities).
  • When it is necessary to buy the required item (“Mekanism” or “Armlet of Mordiggian”) to fulfill a particular task in early game.


Which heroes should purchase “HoM”

Despite the plenty of heroes in the game, “HoM” is the item which is not effective for all. Nevertheless, there are game situations in which the amount of these heroes can vary.

Recommended heroes: life_stealer Lifestealer, furion Nature's Prophet, lone_druid Lone Druid.

As already mentioned above, the list of recommended heroes is small.

However, it is mostly purchased by “carry” heroes (heroes who can kill faster and more effectively because of their abilities) and by the heroes who left behind in level and gold.


The aim of purchasing “HoM”

Apart from appreciable growth of gold, “HoM” gives a significant boost to increase experience. That’s why it can be effectively used in woods where neutral creeps spawns are located.


Transmuted neutrals creeps

Let us suppose that you are on the lane and your priority task is to get maximum gold and experience in a short time.


You managed to purchase early “HoM” (5-10 minute of the game). When one creep pack is over but the second one haven’t approached yet, - go to the forest. There, you should sell neutral creep which is the hardest to kill and gives more experience (you get more experience for melee creeps than for range one), After that, come back on the lane with the next lane creeps pack.


Thus, after “HoM”’s cooldown you won’t be able to use it again in the ideal time. But losing several seconds, you will get more experience than you would get it from the lane creeps.


In late game, when the experience is not very important and getting gold is much more easier, pay attention on initial use this item in the forest. In the forest – use it on small neutral creeps.


Killing of big neutral Satyr gives you:

  • 139-161
  • ~250 - if you transmute it by HoM 
  • ~320if you transmute small Satyr by HoM 

Hero’s Abilities


Bounty Hunter – “Track”.

Type of gold: reliable.

Bonus Gold for Self150/200/250
Bonus Gold for Allies50/100/150

If the target dies, Bounty Hunter and nearby heroes collect a bounty in gold.

As we can see, the 1st level ability allows to get the same amount of gold as for assist in killing of 8-th leveled hero.

Killing of 1 enemy hero gives to your team (figures on the left – level of the ability):

1.     150 + 4*50 = 350

2.     200 + 4*100 = 600

3.     250 + 4*150 = 850



Alies earn 200 of reliable gold for killing Roshan.


Unreliable gold


Periodic accrual of gold

Periodic gold – is a constant increase of resources which stimulates gameplay.

  • Every 0.6 seconds player gets 1 unit of gold.
  • Every 3 seconds player gets  5 units of gold.
  • Every 1 minute player gets 100 units of gold.

Lane and neutral creeps

  • You can make 38-53 gold on killing enemy creeps. Siege Creep -  66-80


gold for lane creeps
Lane creep

 Lane melee creep


 Super melee creep 18-26
 Mega melee creep 18-26

Lane ranged creep


 Super ranged creep 18-26
 Mega ranged creep 18-26
 Siege Creep 66-80


  • You can make 65-346 gold on killing neutral creeps (everything depends on the neutral creeps spawn).


Large and Ancient creep camps
Neutral creeps
 Wildwing 91-127
Large Satyr 139-161
Hellbear 136-158
Dark Troll 106-128 (118-152)
Dragons 252-346
Large Golems 210-245
Thunderhide 247-271
Small and medium creep camps
Neutral creeps
Kobold 69-93
Hill Troll 65-77
Vhoul 75-89
Ghost 70-86
Harpy 81-91
Centaur 86-102
Wolf 81-97
Satyr 84-100
Ogre 89-155
Golem 108-124


You can earn more money for neutrals if there are several stacks in one spawn.


 Summoned units or items


Gold per summoned unit
lone_druid Lone Druid -  Spirit Bear 300
enigma Enigma -  Demonic Conversion 22-36
furion Nature's Prophet -  Treant 14-20
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman -  Serpent Ward 26-38
beastmaster Beastmaster -  Hawk 30/30/65/65
beastmaster Beastmaster -  Boar 26-38
brewmaster Brewmaster -  Earth 11-15/11-15/31-35
brewmaster Brewmaster -  Fire 11-15/11-15/31-35
brewmaster Brewmaster -  Storm 11-15/11-15/31-35
shadow_shaman Venomancer -  Plague Ward 14-17
visage Visage -  Familiar 100
lycan Lycanthrope -  Lycan Wolf 21/26/36/41
broodmother Broodmother -  Spiderling 11-13
broodmother Broodmother -  Spiderite 16-21
warlock Warlock -  Golem 100/150/200 (50/75/100 c Aghanim's Scepter)
undying Undying -  Tombstone 70/90/110/130
undying Undying -  Zombie 5-7
invoker Invoker -  Forged Spirit 32-46
 Necronomicon - Warrior 100/125/150
 Necronomicon - Archer 100/125/150
pugna Pugna -  Nether Ward 20/40/60/80
templar_assassin Templar Assassin -  Psionic Trap 1
weaver Weaver -  Swarm  32-34
 Tusk -  Frozen Sigil 90/100/110/120
 Курьер 150 (eachhero in the team)
 Flying courier 175 (each hero in the team)
 Observer Ward 50


Destroying the buildings

  • Gold for barrack: 352-370.
  • Gold for other buildings:  102-120.



The hero who lasthits Roshan, gets additional   105-600 of the reliable gold.


Hero’s abilities

 Alchemist – “Greevil's Greed”.

 Type of gold: unreliable

Bonus Gold: 4/6/8/10 + 1/2/3/4 bonus gold for every killed enemy hero (for the last 25 seconds)

Bonus gold has a maximum of 30 gold per kill.


 Doom – “Devour”.

Type of gold: unreliable.

Bonus Gold: 25/50/75/100

Bonus gold is rewarded after a wait period of 1 second per 20 HP the unit had. 



Sale items


You can resell the item immediately within 10 seconds for full price.

Let’s consider the variant when you are going to disassemble the item. For example it’s  “Orchid of Malevolence” which contains 2  “Oblivion Staffs” and the recipe. In case you bought one  “Oblivion Staff”, and then it was accidently purchased in whole   “Orchid of Malevolence”, you can disassemble it. The countdown starts after purchasing of the 1st   "Oblivion Staff" – the first component. Also it is true for the case if the item was purchased in whole, which includes several components. Every component including recipe can be disassembled and sold at cost during 10 seconds.


How to spend earned gold?

Purchasing items


At the beginning of the game, after hero pick, you spawn on base – next to the Fountain where the main shop is available. You need to use it to prepare for standing on the lane. 

Main shop



When you come on the lane you there are two shops located next to you: Side Shop and Secret Shop, each of which contains unique items.


Secret shop


Side shop




After the death hero loses 30 * Y gold (Y — is hero’s level). Resources are taken only from unreliable gold.

The death becomes less painful if you have  "Bloodstone" (8 charges after purchase):

  • One charge reduces gold lost from death by 25;
  • One charge reduces respawn time by 4 seconds
  • After you get 27 charges you respawn instantly.



  • 180  The cost of your hero’s death on the 6th level.
  • 750 – The cost of your hero’s death on the 25th level. 


The opportunity of buyback 

  • Buyback takes away from the reliable gold pool first; if it’s not enough – the rest of it is taken from unreliable gold.



  • Buyback prevents gaining unreliable gold (penalty is valid until your normal respawn time finishes; money for enemies’ kills and money for using abilities are charged). You will receive appropriate notification.


  • Buyback has a cooldown of 6 minutes.

  • When buying back, 25% of the remaining respawn time will be added to your next death.


When it’s time to buyback.

Only in situations when you can lose one of the sides, and during the important battle - to come back and to affect it.


Advice: before buyback – be sure that you get in time and your TP scroll is not in cooldown.


Formula for calculating the buyback price:

100 + ( Y² * 1,5 ) + (Game time in minutes * 15 ), Y – is hero’s level. The result is approximated.


  • The hero of the 16th level buy back at the 20th minute of the game. The price: 100 + (16² * 1.5) + (20 * 15) = 784 units of gold (~800);
  • The hero of the 20th level buy back at the 30th minute of the game: 1150;
  • The hero of the 25th level buy back at the 45th minute of the game: ~1700;
  • The hero of the 25th level buy back at the 60th minute of the game: ~1950.


Important!  necrolyte Necrophos -  Reaper's Scythe (with  Aghanim's Scepter) – the unique hero’s ability which doesn’t allow to buy back!


Abandoning the game 

After being disconnected from the game, the timer is launched. If the player doesn’t come back in 5 minutes so he will “leave” it. In that case all his gold (including periodic one - 1.67 gold / sec.) is shared between other allies. In case of reconnecting the player gets periodic gold but he can’t restore his lost gold. 


Spectator mode (during watching the match)

In the view of the game statistics it is important to understand which figures you need to pay attention to.


Gold per minute (GPM).

Wave of the lane creeps spawn every 30 seconds behind the Dire and Radiant barracks.

Their quantity doesn’t change till 17 minutes and 30 seconds – 4 (3 melee and 1 range creep), except a Siege Creep which spawns every 7th wave since the 3rd minute of the game.

At 17 minutes 30 seconds, 34 minutes 00 seconds, 50 minutes 30 seconds the extra melee creep is added.

At 45 minutes 30 seconds the extra range creep is added.

At 48 minutes 30 seconds the extra Siege Creep is added.


Thus, hero’s GPM, including lane creeps, is the following (when every creep is lasthit):

  • Before the 17th minute and 30th second - ~360 per minute;
  • Before the 17 th minute 30th second till 34 th minute -  ~ 450 per minute;

  • Before the 34 th minute till 45 th minute 30 th second - ~550 per minute;

  • Before the 45 th minute till 50 th minute 30 th second - ~650 per minute;

  • Before the 50 th minute 30 th second - ~720 per minute.


Net Worth

Total gold earned from the lane creeps is approximately the following:

  • at the 10th minute - ~3750;
  • at the 20th minute - ~7650;
  • at the 30th minute - ~12500;
  • at the 40th minute~17700;
  • at the 50th minute - ~24500;
  • at the 60th minute - ~32000.


After reading this article, you will have an idea about earning gold in the game: where to gain it, what types it can be, gaining without wasting time, learn about the heroes who gain gold effectively. But the most important thing is to understand that it is not easy to gain gold. Every time you go on the line or gain it in the woods, there is an opportunity to be killed by enemy heroes, so it is important to understand not only the basics of obtaining resources, but also their competent realization. The main aim of gold gaining – is investment, i.e. purchasing items which increase your competitiveness in the battle.

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