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Evasion (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Evasion is an important hero's ability. Good knowledge about this ability helps you to survive in the battle or to kill the enemy quickly.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin


Evasion - is a passive ability that gives a chance to evade an incoming physical attack.


Features of evasion

  • As the attack does not reach the target, it will not bring down the healing. The target will not take the effect of Attack Modifier as well.
  • Unlike armor,it evades only physical attacks and does not protect against abilities with physical and combine damage.
  • If you activate evasion (windrunner Windranger -  Windrun) after you have been shot by enemy units, you will not be able to avoid these attacks.
  • Multiple sources of evasion stack, but not directly.
  • It normally stacks with triggered heals



Opportunities to evade

  • Hero's range attacks have miss chance 25% if the hero attacks from lowground to highground. 
  • Abilities of evasion.
  • Abilities of blind.



Chance to hit an enemy unit or a hero

L * ( 1 - b1) * ( 1 - b2 )... ( 1 - bi ) * ( 1- e1 ) * ( 1-  e2 ) *  ... * ( 1 - ei ) = P*

  • L = 0.75, if range hero attacks from lowground. Otherwise L = 1.
  • b1 ... bi - miss chance (for example, if you are under effect of Incapacitating Bite Incapacitating Bite)
  • e1 ... ei - chance to evade by enemy unit


Total chance of evasion is equal to

1 - P*




  1. Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin with  Blur Blur of the 4th level (40%) purchased  Butterfly (35%)
    Chance to hit: ( 1 - 0.4 ) * ( 1 - 0.35) = 0.39 = 39%
    Chance to evade: 1 - 0.39 = 0.61 = 61%
  2. Brewmaster Brewmaster with  Drunken Brawler Drunken Brawler of the 4th level (25%) used Drunken Haze Drunken Haze of the 3rd level (65%)
    Chance to hit: ( 1 - 0.25 ) * ( 1 - 0.65) = 0.2625 = 26.25%
    Chance evade: 1 - 0.2625 = 0.7375 = 73.75%
  3. Mirana Mirana with two  Butterflies (35%)
    Chance to hit: ( 1 - 0.35 ) * ( 1 - 0.35) = 0.4225 = 42.25%
    Chance to evade: 1 - 0.4225 = 0.5775 = 57.75%
  4. Dazzle Dazzle tries to destroy enemy  Observer Ward from lowground.
    Chance to hit 0.75 = 75%



Abilities and items that grant evasion

heroes' abilities
Hero Ability


Brewmaster Brewmaster

Drunken Brawler Drunken Brawler 10/15/20/25

Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin

Blur Blur 20/25/30/40
windrunner Windranger  Windrun 100


 Talisman of Evasion 25
 Heaven's Halberd 25
 Butterfly 35














Blind - is an effect that gives the afflicted unit a chance to miss on attack. 


abilities with blind effect
Hero Ability

Miss chance %

Duration (sec)
brewmaster Brewmaster Drunken Haze Drunken Haze 45/55/65/75 8 (12 on creeps)
broodmother Broodmother Incapacitating Bite Incapacitating Bite 30/40/50/60 2
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light  Blinding Light Blinding Light 80 3/4/5
night_stalker Night Stalker Crippling Fear Crippling Fear



5/6/7/8 (night)

3 (day)

riki Riki Smoke Screen Smoke Screen 40/50/60/70 6, or until exiting the smoke
tinker Tinker Laser Laser 100 3 (6 on creeps)
 Troll Warlord Whirling Axes (Melee) Whirling Axes (Melee) 60 4/5/6/7




Stacking of evasions

Evasion of some uniits


With ability at max

Ability +


Ability + Butterfly

Ability + 2  Butterfly

Ability + 3  Butterfly

Ability + 4  Butterfly

Ability + 5  Butterfly
Standard hero 0% 25% 35% 57.75% 72.54% 83.15% 88.4%
Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin - Blur 40% 55% 61% 74.65% 83.53% 89.29% 93.04%
Brewmaster Brewmaster - Drunken Brawler 25% 43.75% 51.25% 68.32% 79.41% 86.62% 91.3%
Brewmaster Brewmaster - Drunken Brawler + Drunken Haze 82.25% 86.7% 88.56% 92.5% 95.23% 96.83% 97.95%
broodmother Broodmother - Incapacitating Bite 60% 70% 74% 83.1% 89.12% 92.3% 95.54%
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light  - Blinding Light 80% 85% 87% 91.55% 94.55% 96.43% 97.78%
night_stalker Night Stalker - Crippling Fear(night) 50% 62.5% 67.5% 79% 86.3% 91% 94.2%
night_stalker Night Stalker - Crippling Fear(day) 10% 32.5% 41.5% 62% 75,3% 84% 90%
riki Riki - Smoke Screen 70% 77.5% 81.5% 87.32% 91.18% 94.57% 96.5%

 Troll Warlord - Whirling Axes (Melee)

60% 70% 74% 83.1% 89.12% 92.3% 95.54%




True strike

True Strike - ability that prevents your attacks from missing.

  • Does not effect on Faceless Void Faceless Void - Backtrack Backtrack.
  • You do not miss even if you attack from lowground (except towers).


TRUE STRIKE abilities
Hero/Item Ability Description

 Monkey King Bar

True strike Prevents your attacks from missing.
Sniper Sniper Headshot Headshot 40% chance to deal 15/40/65/90 extra damage and chance to prevent the miss.


Purchasing  Monkey King Bar (MKB)

  • In general it is bought for DPS and True Strike, that effectively increase DPS on heroes with evasion..
  • It is perfect for situations when the enemy team has heroes with blind abilities ( Brewmaster Brewmaster).
  • You can fight 1 vs 1 without   Black King Bar against  broodmother Broodmother,  Troll Warlord and even against  riki Riki in his smoke.




Purchasing items for evasion

I consider the situations when purchasing evasion items would be a good decision and the situations when it would not be rational.


Who and when is better to purchase:

  • Obviously that  Butterfly is good for agility heroes as it gives a lot of agility, armor and damage.
  •  Heaven's Halberd is good for strength heroes. It increases HP pull, strength, gives evasion and an opportunity to disarm an enemy hero (some kind of disable).
    It is usefull in almost any stage of the game. It is usually assembled after 30 minutes of the game.
  • Whenever you buy the 1st   Butterfly or  Heaven's Halberd your survival rate against physical attacks increases by 35/25% (if eneme has no True Strike), especially against splash attacks, and attacks with different modifiers (Impetus Impetus). 
  •  Butterfly is one of the main items that increase DPS for agility heroes.
  • Your hero can create illusions.
  • If you already have abilities that depend on agility.
  • You have already won the game and so you want to run under enemy's fountain with several Talismans of Evasion.


When it is better NOT to purchase:

  • Do not buy it as the first item. It is very expensive ( gold 6000) and gives not many bonuses while assemling. 
  • If you have not a lot of damage (less than 80) and no HP.
    Evasion won't save you if you get a lot of magical damage. That evasion will give you maximum 100-200 EHP
  • If your evasion is already 60-70%( maximum 3  Butterflies), further growth of evasion is low.
    In serious game purchasing more than one item for evasion is not rational.
  • If enemies already purchased or on their way to purchase  Monkey King Bar.
  • Another disadvantage is that you practically deprive the enemy of choice of the next item (they will almost always try to buy  Monkey King Bar). Unless you play against illusionists, and for them, purchasing  Monkey King Bar is not rational. 
    If 2 or 3 of your allies have already bought   Butterfly or  Heaven's Halberd, think twice whether you need  Butterfly. There is a possibility that you will buy it after enemy buys MKB.
  • If you have  Assault Cuirass or  Shiva's Guard (except situations when enemies can greatly reduce your armor, but even then it is better to think about direct armor increase).


Evasion target spells and physical attacks with abilities

The list of abilities that helps to evade can be divided into the following groups:
  • Blink
    If you used an ability after the enemy has attacked you. 
  • Invisibility
    Only when nobody can see you.
  • Magic immunity
    You can activate the immunity at the time when the projectile is already flying at you. Effect the spell or not, it will depend on its type.
  • Invulnerability
    You can activate the invulnerability at the time when the projectile is already flying at you.
  • Esthereal
    You can hide yourself or yout ally at the time when the projectile is already flying at you.

List of unavoidable spells

 - unavoidable.

List of unavoidable spells


Blink Invisibily
Alchemist Alchemist Unstable Concoction Unstable Concoction
Brewmaster Brewmaster Drunken Haze Drunken Haze
Earthshaker Earthshaker Fissure Fissure
Ember Spirit Ember Spirit Sleight of Fist Sleight of Fist
Gyrocopter Gyrocopter Homing Missile Homing Missile
Huskar Huskar Life Break Life Break
Lich Lich Chain Frost Chain Frost
Medusa Medusa Mystic Snake Mystic Snake
Necrophos Necrophos Death Pulse Death Pulse
Queen of Pain Queen of Pain Scream Of Pain Scream Of Pain
Skywrath Mage Skywrath Mage Arcane Bolt Arcane Bolt
Skywrath Mage Skywrath Mage Concussive Shot Concussive Shot
Sniper Sniper Assassinate Assassinate
Spectre Spectre Spectral Dagger Spectral Dagger
Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness Charge of Darkness
Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker Nether Strike Nether Strike
Tiny Tiny Toss Toss
Tusk Tusk Snowball Snowball
Visage Visage Soul Assumption Soul Assumption
Windranger Windranger Shackleshot Shackleshot
Witch Doctor Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask Paralyzing Cask


  • Huskar Huskar - Life Break Life Break - follows the unit, but if you're far enough teleported, it will stop to follow.
  • Tiny Tiny - Toss Toss - follows the unit, but if you're far enough teleported, it will not reach the target.


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