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Turn Rate

Turn Rate (6.80)

Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Turn rate is very important in Dota 2. Hardly ever somebody pays attention on this characteristic althought it is able to save lives, improve blood circulation and remove kittens from the trees.
Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

Turn rate

Turn rate - is the speed at which a unit makes a U-turn. Every hero has a base turn rate, which can be lowered by some abilities. 

Most of the heroes have a turn rate between 0.4 and 0.6.


Turn rate is expressed in radians per 0.03 seconds. 

A 180 degrees turn is the same as π (3.14) radians.


time it takes to turn x degrees =  0.03 * a / ( Base turn rate * ( 1turn rate slow )  )


  • а - necessary angle of turn x
    For х = 180 degrees, а = π (3.14)
  • Turn rate slow is multiplication of ​​slowdowns.
    For example, turn rate slow of 70%, when your 0.5 base turn rate lowers your actual turn rate to 0.15.




  1. A hero with a turn rate of 0.6 takes roughly 0.157 seconds to turn 180 degrees (0.03π / 0.6);
  2. A hero with a turn rate of 0.4 and a turn rate slow of 70% takes roughly 0.785 seconds to turn 180 degrees. (0.03π / (0.4 * 0.3));
  3. A hero with a turn rate of 0.4 and turn rate slows of 70% and 50% takes roughly 1.571 seconds to turn 180 degrees. (0.03π / (0.4 * 0.15)). 



Abilities that affect turn rate

Heroes. Abilities that affect turn rate


Turn rate down Время действия
Batrider Batrider Sticky Napalm Sticky Napalm 70% 8 seconds
Medusa Medusa Stone Gaze Stone Gaze 50% 6 seconds



To attack the enemy hero or use ability in some direction you have to turn through certain angle. The faster you turn the sooner you commit the action.


Huskar turn too slow to attack the enemy



Base turn rate

Base heroes turn rate
HeroTurn rateTurn rate on 180 degrees (sec)Turn rate with 70% slow on 180 degrees (sec)
antimage Anti-Mage0.500.1880.627
axe Axe0.600.1570.523
bane Bane0.600.1570.523
bloodseeker Bloodseeker0.500.1880.627
crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden0.500.1880.627
drow_ranger Drow Ranger0.600.1570.523
earthshaker Earthshaker0.900.1050.35
juggernaut Juggernaut0.600.1570.523
mirana Mirana0.400.2360.787
morphling Morphling0.600.1570.523
nevermore Shadow Fiend1.000.0940.313
phantom_lancer Phantom Lancer0.600.1570.523
puck Puck0.400.2360.787
pudge Pudge0.700.1350.45
razor Razor0.400.2360.787
sand_king Sand King0.500.1880.627
storm_spirit Storm Spirit0.800.1180.393
sven Sven0.600.1570.523
tiny Tiny0.500.1880.627
vengefulspirit Vengeful Spirit0.600.1570.523
windrunner Windranger0.600.1570.523
zuus Zeus0.600.1570.523
kunkka Kunkka0.600.1570.523
lina Lina0.500.1880.627
lion Lion0.500.1880.627
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman0.400.2360.787
slardar Slardar0.500.1880.627
tidehunter Tidehunter0.400.2360.787
witch_doctor Witch Doctor0.400.2360.787
lich Lich0.500.1880.627
riki Riki0.600.1570.523
enigma Enigma0.500.1880.627
tinker Tinker0.600.1570.523
sniper Sniper0.600.1570.523
necrolyte Necrophos0.500.1880.627
warlock Warlock0.400.2360.787
beastmaster Beastmaster0.400.2360.787
queenofpain Queen of Pain0.500.1880.627
venomancer Venomancer0.400.2360.787
faceless_void Faceless Void1.000.0940.313
skeleton_king Wraith King0.400.2360.787
death_prophet Death Prophet0.500.1880.627
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin0.400.2360.787
pugna Pugna0.500.1880.627
templar_assassin Templar Assassin0.700.1350.45
viper Viper0.400.2360.787
luna Luna0.600.1570.523
dragon_knight Dragon Knight0.400.2360.787
dazzle Dazzle0.600.1570.523
rattletrap Clockwerk0.600.1570.523
leshrac Leshrac0.500.1880.627
furion Nature's Prophet0.600.1570.523
life_stealer Lifestealer1.000.0940.313
dark_seer Dark Seer0.600.1570.523
clinkz Clinkz0.400.2360.787
omniknight Omniknight0.600.1570.523
enchantress Enchantress0.400.2360.787
huskar Huskar0.500.1880.627
night_stalker Night Stalker0.500.1880.627
broodmother Broodmother0.500.1880.627
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter0.600.1570.523
weaver Weaver0.500.1880.627
jakiro Jakiro0.500.1880.627
batrider Batrider1.000.0940.313
chen Chen0.600.1570.523
spectre Spectre0.400.2360.787
ancient_apparition Ancient Apparition0.600.1570.523
doom_bringer Doom0.500.1880.627
ursa Ursa0.500.1880.627
spirit_breaker Spirit Breaker0.400.2360.787
gyrocopter Gyrocopter0.600.1570.523
alchemist Alchemist0.600.1570.523
invoker Invoker0.500.1880.627
silencer Silencer0.600.1570.523
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer0.500.1880.627
lycan Lycan0.500.1880.627
brewmaster Brewmaster0.600.1570.523
shadow_demon Shadow Demon0.600.1570.523
lone_druid Lone Druid0.500.1880.627
chaos_knight Chaos Knight0.500.1880.627
meepo Meepo0.650.1450.483
treant Treant Protector0.500.1880.627
ogre_magi Ogre Magi0.600.1570.523
undying Undying0.600.1570.523
rubick Rubick0.500.1880.627
disruptor Disruptor0.500.1880.627
nyx_assassin Nyx Assassin0.500.1880.627
naga_siren Naga Siren0.500.1880.627
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light0.500.1880.627
wisp Io0.700.1350.45
visage Visage0.500.1880.627
slark Slark0.500.1880.627
medusa Medusa0.500.1880.627
troll_warlord Troll Warlord0.500.1880.627
centaur Centaur Warrunner0.500.1880.627
magnataur Magnus0.800.1180.393
shredder Timbersaw0.500.1880.627
bristleback Bristleback1.000.0940.313
tusk Tusk0.500.1880.627
skywrath_mage Skywrath Mage0.500.1880.627
abaddon Abaddon0.600.1570.523
elder_titan Elder Titan0.400.2360.787
legion_commander Legion Commander0.600.1570.523
techies Techies0.500.1880.627
ember_spirit Ember Spirit0.600.1570.523
earth_spirit Earth Spirit0.600.1570.523
terrorblade Terrorblade0.500.1880.627
phoenix Phoenix1.000.0940.313
oracle Oracle0.400.2360.787
winter_wyvern Winter Wyvern0.400.2360.787
arc_warden Arc Warden0.400.2360.787


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It's really unstable...

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batrider and lifestealer also 1.00 0.094 0.313
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