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Shields (14.3)

Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov

Shields are the milestone of the gaming process from many heroes. The correct understanding of their work will provide you substantial advantage in the game. The notion of such nuances will enable to surprise your enemy at the pick stage.
Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov
The importance of shield in the game process of Heroes of the Storm is hard to overestimate. The shield protects the buildings of every party. Furthermore, some players, like Artanis fully depend on the shield. Many heroes have shields: Abathur, Anub'arak, Arthas, Brightwing, Chen, E.T.C., Gazlowe, Jaina, Johanna, Kerrigan, Rehgar, Sonya and Uther. This is just a short list of the heroes, who have shields.

The shields always absorb damage

Obviously, the shields always  absorb damage until they lose their powers or their duration time runs out. It is less obvious, that the shields absorb damage, brought with the abilities before the shield was cast. For example, if your ally is under Envenom, you can cast a shield on him to save him. 

The shields absorb damage after all the modifiers

This means that the amount of damage, brought to the shield, will be increased or decreased with the respective modifier. For example, Hunter's Mark of Tyrande will increase the damage, as well as it would increase damage to the hero without the shied. Otherwise, Hardened Shield will decrease all the damage acquired, notwithstanding whether such damage is brought to the hero or to the shield. Therefore, you are free to use your talents to destroy the enemy shields as soon as possible, as well as to strengthen your allies' shields. 

Plasma Shield (source)


The shields don't increase the quantity of health

Though they absorb any kind of damage, the shields aren't considered when the additional damage from the abilities like Seven-Sided Strike and Giant Killer is calculated. However, the damage brought by such abilities and talents will also be absorbed by the shield. Similarly they aren't considered in the calculations of the talents and abilities like Trauma Trigger (lt. Morales).

The damage absorbed by the shields is considered as taken 

Notwithstanding the shields don't increase the HP, the damage they brought is considered to be taken. This is an important aspect, of which a player should remember, when playing on heroes like Artanis, Morales, Stitch, Muradin. This factor will also impact many talents. Another important aspect is that the shield cast upon an ally will be considered as heal and shown in the respective game table. However, it won't be considered as heal, when applied on minions or buildings.

The damage is absorbed by the shields in the respective order: from the first to the last

This means that if Tassadar casts his shield upon Artanis, who has cast his own shield on himself, first Artanis' shield will be used, and only then - Tassadar's. Taking into account short duration time of most of the shields, they can be used more effectively if you adhere to the timing.
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