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Diablo (Diablo)

Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov

Diablo is my favourite character
Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov


Everyone knows the name of fear and it is Diablo, Lord of Terror.
Diablo, like his brothers Mephisto and Baal, was born from one of the seven heads of the great dragon Tathamet at the beginning of time. He is the youngest of the three Prime Evils that rule over the Burning Hells but he is also the most cunning and farsighted of the Primes. Diablo relishes in the terror he inflicts upon his victims and knows that the key to victory is preying upon the fears of those who stand in his way. Unlike his kin however, Diablo doesn't conquest for the sake of power, he draws his satisfaction from the terror that runs rampant before the onslaught. Even his own realm within the Burning Hells is a testament to horror, few would dare go into the Realm of Terror where even demons are afraid to venture.
The story we know of Diablo starts a few hundred years ago when he was banished to the Mortal Realm of Sanctuary during the coup d'etat in Hell that would later be known as the Dark Exile. Diablo and his brothers immediately set about spreading terror, hatred and destruction across the lands of men until a group of mages known as the Horadrim managed to defeat them and lock their souls within sacred relics know as the Soulstones.
Diablo's Soulstone was locked away and forgotten for almost three hundred years under the town of Tristram, but during this time he sought ways to free himself from his prison. Eventually a new ruler named Leoric would make Tristram his capital and put his throne over the very ground where Diablo was buried. Leroic's advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, was actually an emissary sent by Diablo’s brother Mephisto who had escaped his own soulstone some time before. Lazarus freed Diablo and helped him try to possess King Leroic, but Diablo was too weak from his imprisonment to fully possess Leroic and instead drove the poor king insane. Lazarus' next victim would Leroic's youngest son Albrecht, who proved to be the perfect vessel for the return of the Lord of Terror.
Leoric's last remaining son, Aidan, would soon hear of his father's madness and his brother's disappearance and set off to defeat the evil growing in Tristram. Aidan was eventually able to defeat Diablo, but his victory would be short lived as he was tricked into jamming Diablo's Soulstone into his forehead and allowing the demon lord to possess him. Aidan was able to contain Diablo's essence at first, but was slowly losing a battle he could never win.
A witch and servant of Diablo named Adria was residing in Tristram during these dark times and sensed her master within the body of Aidan as he returned from defeating the demon lord. At Diablo’s behest, she seduced Aidan so that she may bear a child that contained the essence of her master.
Aidan soon faltered against Diablo's influence and would head East so that he may unite with his brothers in an attempt to conquer the Mortal Realm with the power of the Soulstones now under their control. Diablo's plans would soon be foiled by a band of heroes from all across Sanctuary... Or so it would seem.
Twenty years after his defeat by the mortal heroes, Adria would return and use her child, Leah, to revive Diablo yet again but now he would be infused with the power of all of the seven great demon lords of the Burning Hells. Diablo, now reborn as the Prime Evil, almost succeeded in his goal of conquering all of Creation if it wasn’t for the intervention of another mortal hero, the Nephalem.
But is Diablo truly dead? How does one kill Terror when all living things keep Fear within their hearts?

Feature character


Диабло очень хорош в роуминге в начале игры, а также имеет  великолепный ульт для тимфайтингов. Ко всему этому Диабло очень хороший инициатор, т.е. именно с него чаще всего начинается драка на карте. Но у него также есть минусы. Диабло уязвим к оглушению или замедлению, поэтому ему требуется напарник, способный помочь в трудную минуту. 


Main abilities:

Charge an enemy, dealing moderate damage and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. If the enemy hits an unpathable location, they are stunned for 1 second.
Unleashes fire waves in all directions that each deal moderate damage
     Grabs the target and slams it behind Diablo, dealing moderate damage and stunning for 0.25 seconds.


Heroic Abilities:

   Create a demonic rune under each enemy Hero on the battleground. After a short period the rune explodes dealing heavy damage and stunning for 2 seconds.
  Channel lightning that deals massive damage over 4 seconds. The direction of the Lightning changes with your mouse cursor position.












Level 1:
I prefer   Block on level 1 because I want Battle Momentum instead of   Soul Steal on level 7, so I dont really depend too much on my soul stacks, and   Block is very solid for your tankiness.
Level 4:
  Fire Devil is just way stronger than the other options on level 4. The other talents are too weak compared to this.
Level 7:
I choose 2 talents for Fire Stomp in total, which means I want to use it alot.Shadow Charge and Overpower dont really cost alot of mana either, which means i want to spam them even more. Lightning Breath has such a short cooldown, with Battle Momentum it has even lower cooldown. I really love this talent and really prefer it at all times. Soul Steal is viable if you want to go full tank build and depend on your souls.
Level 10:
When to take Apocalypse ?
I take   Apocalypse if i have Zagara or Zeratul to combo with their ults. And I take it everytime on Cursed Hollow simply because it is so strong in the tight spaces in the jungle.
When to take Lightning Breath ?
Every time you dont need the Apocalypse as read above. Lightning Breath is just really neccesary for Diablo now since you cant use Shadow Charge or Overpower to avoid getting ccd anymore, but you still can do it with Lightning Breath 
Level 13:
I tried Siphon The Dead many games, and it seemed okay. But in combination with Battle Momentum , the Firestorm talent is too good to pass up on.
Level 16:
If the enemy team has any sort of autoattack dependant hero, you should definitely go for Imposing Presence , If they dont have any autoattack dependant hero at all, Rampage is okay.
Level 20:
In my opinion Bolt of the Storm is really broken on diablo. Due to this Combo in late game. But if you dont think you have the potential to pick anyone off in the enemy team Hellstorm is reaaaaally strong aswell.

Game on the different stages

Early game:

Depending on your team and the enemy team Diablo can be extremely strong in the early game. If you are roaming with someone, for example Tyrande you can pick up very easy kills around the map. Look for the solo lanes where squishy targets/targets that lack escape abilities are, for example Tyrande,Jaina,Malfurion 
This is all you have to do repeatedly to get easy early kills to build advantage >Tyrande+Diablo ganks
You can do it on the enemies trilane aswell, as long as you have a strong sololaner to help you out in the 3v3 battle. Make sure to just kill 1 target and then back off if necessary.



If you are playing alone, you can either sololane: If vs mellee, try to E-Q them when they come close so your turrets shoot them. If vs ranged you have to play very cautious and just soak exp most of the times.
Or you can solo roam and get kills without a tyrande by your side.


Mid game:

If you are ahead in the mid game you should be very agressive as Diablo, and make sure your team is aswell.
Basically every time your Q is in range of one of their squishies you can go. If you are a talent ahead of your enemy it will be nearly impossible for them to take you down, especially if you go agressive on one of their damage dealers, so they lack even more damage.
If you are equal by the mid game you should dance around objectives. Try to stay as close to the enemy team as possible, without taking unneccesary damage. Once their mellees walk a bit too far up you simply E-Q him into your team. This is NOT a bad thing! Focusing tanks in this game is very good when they are split up from their team, the target will take lots of damage and when their team comes to help you either lightning breath or you apocalypse all of them. Apocalypse will either get them out of position, or stun them for 2 seconds, Lightning breath will deal basically half of their entire backlines hp since its really hard to interrupt. (Void Prison and Devouring Maw can interrupt)


If you are behind in the mid game you should play defensively and look for pickoffs. Tell your team to be ready whenever you engage, and simply engage if you see somebody out of position. (Only do this if you are sure they cant turn and kill you all!)
In teamfights you should only be peeling if you are behind. If somebody hard engages on you, the best thing you can do is to intercept the rest of their team when they try to go on your backline. If for example Valla is strafing your backline you can Q her to interrupt her. If Sylvanas is shooting her Wailing Arrow you can Q-E her before she pops it, so it flies past your team. In general apocalypse is the best at stopping their entire team when they try to engage.


Late game:

You will have Bolt of the Storm here, which means you can pull off some really good plays that the enemies wont expect most of the time. You can blink right in front of an enemy that you believe you can kill easily, E-Q him into your team and stay right there to stop his team from helping him. (Tell your team to be ready for this before you do it, because if they dont follow up it just puts yourself in a bad spot!)


The late game is the same as middle game most of the time. Try to get pickoffs whenever you can, they really mean alot in the late game. You can get lots of easy objectives if its 5v4.
If you have Apocalypse you can do some neat combos with it, this is especially good if you are facing an uther.
Use your Apocalypse>Q>E so you basically permastun your target for about 3 seconds, and if you use it on uther they wont have Cleanse or Divine Shield to stop it.



Hope my guide will help you! I made it for all my fans, who wants to play like i do. Wish you good luck!



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