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Blackheart's bay

Blackheart's bay (15.3)

Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov

Blackheart's Bay is a very interesting battleground, first of all, because one can't win it by chance. Only systematic upbuilding of advantage and battleground control will help you destroy enemy's core.
Aleksandar «ethernal» Milanov

The ghost pirate Blackheart has staked his claim upon the realm of Mistharbor. His raucous undead pirate crew has poured onto the streets, claiming the once thriving marketplace as their new den of vice and villainy.


Main objectives


Gain doubloons and bring them to Blackheart to activate the cannons, which will fire at the fort of your enemy

  • Collect doubloons
    • Break chests, capture camps and kill "rich" heroes to collect the doubloons.
  • Bring doubloons to Blackheart
    • Hand the gold to the old pirate as soon as possible, otherwise, you'll loose them when you're killed.
  • Fire the cannons at your enemies
    • Blackheart will fire at the forts of a team, as soon as he gets enough gold from its rival!


Battleground summary

Blackheart's Bay likens Cursed Hollow in terms of the size and layout. It is a medium map with lots of narrow paths. There are three lanes with most important sites located between the center and the bottom lanes. There are four key sites on the battleground: Watchtower near the top lane, Blackheart with his ship in the center of the map and 2 chests with doubloons near the bottom and central lane. There are 10 mercenary camps on the battleground, including 1 boss, 3 knight, 2 siege and 4 skeleton camps. The skeletons are interesting as they never join the team after the camp capture, but they give 2 doubloons and regeneration globe.





  • 4 neutral camps emerge at 2:00, they will respawn in 2,5 minutes;

  • The chests appear at 00:50;

  • New chests reappear in about 2,5-3,5 minutes after the last chest was destroyed;

  • You can bring doubloons to Blackheart at 01:10 and in about 8 seconds after the last volley;

  • The volley lasts for 40 seconds;

  • Handing doubloons lasts for about 7 seconds;

  • You need to attack the chest 18 times to fully destroy it, regardless the damage per attack; There are 5 doubloons in the chest, 1 doubloon is dropped after the 6th attack, followed by one doubloon dropped after 12th attack. The remaining doubloons will drop on the last hit.

  • The mercenary camps disappear during the volleys of the cannon (unless you began fighting the mercenaries before the beginning of the shooting). 


Useful tips

  • In most matches both teams prefer focusing on capture of the Watchtower, but it's not reasonable. It is better to split 4+1 players. In this case one player can earn experience in the bottom of the map, while his 4 allies will protect the tower.
  • The chests are the main source of the doubloons in early game. Try to collect them from at least one chest. If you aren't confident in your power, it's better to make sure your team assists you in it.

  • The control of the center of the map is the key to victory on this battleground. If you fall behind your rival, it is more reasonable to wait for your rivals near Blackheart.


  • There are many narrow paths on the map, which means that abilities that create obstacles like Zagara's Devouring Maw can easily split your enemy.
  • Keep in mind that a hero looses doubloons, when he dies, but they never disappear with time. This means you shouldn't walk around alone if you do not want to loose them.
  • Try to control the mercenaries camps. It is better to capture as soon as possible: after the capture, not only do the mercenaries join you, but they also give you additional coins.
  • Boss is uneasy to capture. The ideal moment for that - during Blackheart's cannons fire. The easiest way to do it is for one player to head to the boss in order to control the spot, while others are handing their doubloons to the pirate.
  • Blackheart will require 10 doubloons for the first time. He'll require two additional coins every next time.






Blackheart's bay is a very interesting map. You can win not fighting your enemies and not approaching your rivals' buildings. You need to have a very good team fight tactics, as the heroes walk around the map only together. Despite their quantity, the mercenaries, except for the boss, don't play key role on this map. The capture of the boss can change the course of the mage. Summing up, pushing specialists are not the best choice for Blackheart's Bay.

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