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Windows 7 Optimization

Windows 7 Optimization (6.80)


This article is focused on Windows 7 optimization for better computer perfomance.

Windows 7 Optimization

For initial setup and Windows 7 optimization use the standard means.

1. Performance optimizing:


  • Right-click on shortcut «My computer» and choose «Properties»: 

  • Choose "Advanced system settings"  on the left whe open "Properties":  


  • Open tab «Perfomace» and choose «Settings»:
  • In «Perfomance Options» choose «Adjust for best perfomance», press «ОК»: 
  • In «System properties» choose the tab «System Protection»:
  • Choose the hard disk which is under protection (left-click), and press "Configure":
  • In the dialog box «ЗSystem protection for (С:) Local Disk» choose «Turn off system protection», then press «ОК»:
  • After you applied the changes, close all opened windows and go to the next section of optimization.

2. Disabling unnecessary services and visualization:


  • Open menu «Start», Choose «Control Panel»:
  • In the window «Control Panel» change «Category» for more comfortable navigation «Small or Large icons»:
  • Choose «Windows Firewall»: 
  • In the window  «Windows Firewall» choose «Turn Windows Firewall on or off»:
  • Turn off Firewall for every type of network and press «ОК»:
  • Come back to the window «Control Panel» and choose «Windows Update»:
  • Then, on the left, choose «Change Settings»:


  • Open «Important updates» in properties, choose «Never check for updates»: 
  • Then open again «Control Panel» and choose «Personalization»:
  • Choose «Windows Classic» as main theme (It is better to put a color instead of the background image for the better FPS):
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Comments (8)
Gold 15 Respect 4
#1 ca Chard 13 May 2014, 21:00
Very usefull for thoses who don't have the chance to have a nice gaming PC. But I think you should make a little introduction to explain what we are going to do in this guide.
Gold 0 Respect 1
#2 id hisbiy 5 June 2014, 18:16
Thanks for the tips!
Gold 18 Respect 14
#3 tr trixilon 20 June 2014, 11:14
Before all of these solutions, try a cleaner software like CCleaner or Advanced System Care. Defrag and clean your disk every weekend(You can found these tools in Start Menu> Accessories>System) and check the services.msc(Windows button+R>type services.msc) stop unneccessary services. You can check online for which one is neccessary which one is not.
Also keep updated about Windows.(Windows Update)

If you are lazy/sassy, check Razer Game Booster or Game Booster Free from IOBit.

Have a nice game !
TeeHee ツ
Gold 12 Respect 40
#4 hr TeeHee ツ 20 June 2014, 19:47
ty for the tips, helps a lot

but also the CCleaner helps (I need to clean my disk every day because I'm not the only user of the PC so it's loaded with so many shit (sorry for that) that slows it) :(
Gold 20 Respect 4
#5 hu hryniel 9 August 2014, 20:03
Thanks! I alredy used CCleaner, but thanks anyway
Gold 0 Respect 0
#6 cr zatanas0102 7 September 2014, 02:32
really helpful if u are new to gaming and need some performace boost :D ty
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#7 ph edrilordz 11 September 2014, 11:58
nice nice nice ^_^
Gold 0 Respect 1
#8 it J4ckTh3R1pp3r 19 December 2014, 14:01
Nice setting for improve performance of the own PC!!!
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