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Be healthy

Be healthy

Clement «Puppey» Ivanov

Play guitar, play dog, all strictly on schedule!
Clement «Puppey» Ivanov

Let's talk about your daily routine. Of course, it is hard to live following the strict rules of your daily routine. And all your attempts to follow healthy way may be failed. For example in these cases: 


1) Undone homework or work that has been left untill the last moment. Your body mobilizes hidden reserves, the brain is looking for an excuse, but the brain's owner gets extra stress.


2) Another last game, one more web-page - it is much more late already than you expected.


3) Scurry and vanity makes to skip your breakfast, and after you fell into the arms of fat fast food instead of healthy food.


Unfortunately, the same trouble awaits the lovers of healthy regime in eSports. The game's schedule, sometimes at night, jet lags, sometimes several games in a row. But mere mortals has its contingencies as well: a call from work and you already have an urgent job, family affairs, all sorts of force majeure. Although let's be honest, how often does it happen in YOUR life personally? If not critical, it is quite possible to make a day mode, even with very unstable lifestyle. It is obvious that there is no universal scheme when talking about people of different ages, with different level of health and workload of the day . But at the same time there is no problem to isolate the general recommendations. Let's get started.




Someone needs only well-known eight hours to sleep, the others needs even less, and someone is still unhappy after spending half a day in a bed. It is important to understand your body. Finally, who if not you? Let's get started with it. The main not-a-secret is that only a few of people who can keep their bedtime. Only a few of people go to bed and get up at the same time, even if suddenly there is a weekend and there is an opportunity to stay in bed until twelve o'clock. When it's time to go back to the working weekdays, your body will thank you for your healthy sleep. At the same time someone likes taking a nap after lunch. It is important to understand what is the most effective for you personally.



Good sleep - one of the keys to happiness. You can waste a few extra hours in the Internet, or play a few games, and the next day you will be slow to grasp because of the lack of the sleep. But is it worth it? Of course, the situations are different, and sometimes you have to forget about the schedule because of important or urgent cases. But the main aim is to go back as soon as possible.




Is it good or not, the same principle here: try to eat always at the same time. As you can see, the body gets used to some schedule. The second important rule: it is better to eat less but more often. Preferably to eat four-five times a day by little portions, but do not overeat ones ot twice a day. Now, when we try to sleep well let's try to inscribe in our schedule the evening meal.
It has to be no later than three-four hours before sleep, so the body needs some rest but not to be labored as a slave, trying to digest proteins and carbohydrates at night. It is easier to do an important job every day in small portions than to cover everything in the last hours.
And digestion: when your digestive system is ready in advance for food (a rational amount of food), it works more effectively.
About fast food, I suppose, it is not worth even talking about. Especially people with sedentary lifestyle are at risk group. So the gamers as well.


Time distribution


For fun, you can spend a day with a notebook and write down the things on which you spend your time. At the end of the day just count how many hours did you waste on useless things, and you will seriously wonder. Or even cry about your worthless life. 
Unfortunately, it's happened due to the fact that we can not properly distribute our time. Or just throwing it, not even thinking about it. Look, what time of the day is the best for your brains. If it is possible, spend this time for important mental work. It doesn't matter if is studying or game trainings. Social networks should be in the most unproductive part of the day but it is better to minimize it.
Change of activity is also the rest. Sometimes there is a temptation to reward yourself for hard work by watching a movie or wasting time in browser game. But if you really almost do not have time to relax this stuff burns your time immideately. If you need to clear your head, it is better to go for a walk, do exercises, tidy your room. It is usefull and lets you to rest for some time.

Instead of Conclusion or No More Stress


Of course, history has some examples when the great things happened because of poverty, fear or hunger. Sometimes it is even called heroism. But let us still consider a positive example, if the refrigerator is stuffed with food, and enemy's muzzle does not poke in your head.
Remeber the well-known Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The point of it is that the more fully satisfied with "lower" needs, such as food, water, sleep, security - the more chances to operate effectively in other, more complex spheres. That's the psychology.



What does this knowledge give us? Let's remember about study and work. The more stress we have the harder to do different important things. When we don't care about our diet - overeat or do not eat at all - it is hard to focus on anything. The less we sleep the more tired we are. So when we reject basic needs of our body we oppress all other activities. We are wasting time that is assigned to more important and complicated staff.
Healthy lifestyle is not just a Piar. You can squeeze out maximum of your body, without making it stressed. At least you can try and compare. And may be after that you won't wish to come back to the games and Coca-Cola at night.
Take care and be healthy!
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#1 ee koduu 23 May 2014, 16:44
Wow, quite serious text for something i would have expected to be gaming related and not rally much of a matter of concern to me. Would want some more :)
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#2 ba stn-_- 24 May 2014, 00:19
"Of course, history has some examples when the great things happened because of poverty, fear or hunger."
ha,i dont know puppey personally but I imagine him as some one who would say something like this ;D
cool topic,keep it up (y)
Gold 18 Respect 14
#3 tr trixilon 20 June 2014, 11:03
Generally, there's no team captain/gamer talks about psychology. You are the a masterpiece arent you ? )

I loved your article, added to favorites. Thank you :*
TeeHee ツ
Gold 12 Respect 40
#4 hr TeeHee ツ 21 June 2014, 21:51
great article, awesome from you to write something like that to motivate all the gamers and remind them to have a healthy life instead of only eating fast food and playing games all the time not doing anything to stay healthy!!!

keep it up :D
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#5 ph Rakky_21 8 July 2014, 09:42
following the regimen already. =d
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#6 gb JaneDoe 25 July 2014, 09:34
i love puppey and his article and also i'm healthy too.. i'd rather go out for a run to keep fit than eat tons of fast food and just play and play.. i don't wanna get fat xD
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#7 hu hryniel 9 August 2014, 20:28
Thanks for this guide, helped a lot! I'm gonna live healthier from now.
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#8 ph edrilordz 11 September 2014, 11:58
nice nice nice ^_^
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#9 ph edrilordz 22 September 2014, 06:53
thanks NaVi!!!
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#10 ph edrilordz 22 September 2014, 06:55
more tutorials no more noobs anymore ^_^
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#11 it J4ckTh3R1pp3r 19 December 2014, 14:13
Nice guide for help people understand, why some people are the best in a moment of others, because have low stress and this people be really useful for a game!!!
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