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Intro (9.0)

Oleg «Straik» Romanenkov

Well, I fly to light on the Christmas tree. I see the borsch in the bushes and decided to go there. Just started approach ing in order to spin - the lamp has come into action. So in a few seconds later a suitcase from the fridge flight into me. Oneshot. Now I'm in the hangar. So you think this text in a complete nonsense, don’t you? Wait a moment! Let me explain you what The World of Tanks really is.
Oleg «Straik» Romanenkov
What can the Wikipedia tell us?
World of Tanks (in rus. "Mir Tankov") is a computer game, a multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historic setting of the Second World War, developed by the Belarusian studio Developers of the game consider it to be as a massively multiplayer online game in the genre of action with elements of role-playing, shooter and strategy. The concept of «World of Tanks» is based on tank team battles of PvP mode.
World of Tanks: Endless War
World of Tanks. Gamescom 2011 Teaser
World of Tanks - is a massive (more than 60 million registered users) multiplayer online game dedicated to armored vehicles of the middle of XX century. You have a great chance to fight shoulder to shoulder on the actually existing or engineered steel giants. We will tell more about this game.
The game has an advanced system of equipment pumping and the development of crews that will enable you to try every vehicle in the game.Do you like fast, exhausting the enemy raids on high-speed light tanks? Or would you prefer a universal steel fighter in the form of a medium tank? Or maybe you're a fan of the heavyweights and ready to literally incinerate your opponents? Or do like to beat huge land mines because behind the shelters? No matter which vehicle you have chosen, it can become a deadly weapon in the hands of every player.
At the same time, we acknowledge that even the strongest players can not succeed alone. In The World of Tanks the team means a lot. As the victory is often was gained due to the teamwork, where each player has his own tasks. This is fair for this game as well.

 What makes this game special?

  1. Lethal atmosphere of tank battles
    As a MMO action game, it doesn’t confine itself to just this genre. The World of Tanks hasn’t initially recognized the clichés and stamps since the beginning.


    The mobile camera can turn the game from a third-person action into a full-fledged "shooter" which makes it possible to destroy opponents both in normal and in sniper mode.


    Your vehicle is not just an armored box with a gun. This is a living, constantly evolving entity which needs to be trained and strengthened. Experience and currency earned in battles - playing silver - will give you the opportunity to explore and buy more advanced elements and structures for your steel ward. These improvements, of course, upgrade all basic characteristics.


    Operations on detection and destroying the tanks of your opponents, as well as the sudden collisions will certainly require your lightning fast response and quick, effective decisions.


    There’s a simple rule in the World of Tanks - do not be a hero without thinking! Competent work allocation and proper planning of joint actions can lead you  to the victory.
  2. Huge park of tanks
    Your arsenal is rather impressive - more than 250 steel vehicles, designed and produced in great military states from the 30th to 50th years of XX century. You will be able to run any combat unit - from the legendary World War II tanks (T-34, "Tiger" or "Pershing") to experimental models and prototypes that have never left the walls of design bureaus. All models of tanks recreated in the actual existing prototypes and balanced for the battles in the game that enables you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tank battles of WWII.
  3. Variety of combat maps
    Huge fields of Eastern Europe, the narrow streets of German cities or recreated legendary Prokhorovka - these are just a small part of what players can expect. Large number of maps with open terrain and dense urban areas will make you not only enjoy a variety of landscapes, but also apply tactical ploys using the particular conditions of combat conditions. More information about the maps you can read in the article "The First Sight"
  4. Immediately into battle
    Everyone will be able to download the client of World of Tanks for free and start playing immediately after installing the game. No tedious waiting: development of the crew, gaining access to new tanks and the discovery of more advanced modifications occur within the dynamic PvP-battles, where you can participate at any time. For more information about downloading, installing and registering, read the article "The Installation"
  5. The tank repartition of the world
    A global map, divided the provinces will make a great pleasure for lovers of clan wars. Conquers of enemy territories, alliances with other clans to destroy their opponent, beneficial trade and flexible diplomacy - you can see in not only the magnitude of the caliber, but also far-sighted policy in the "World of tanks."



How much is the game realistic?

There’s a balance between realism and comfortable gameplay in the game. The World of Tanks is not a hardcore simulator: you do not have to spend time learning a complex control system. On the contrary, the complexity of the game is based on the ability of players to use tactical thinking. The developers have made every effort to make the behavior of game models as reliable as it was possible. When shooting on the move the probability of hitting decreases, terrain and soil affect the dynamics of vehicles, various types of shells have different speed. After entering the new physics in the update 0.8.0 players can fall off a cliff or push the enemy, drown as well as fast tanks can over steer. The shell-hit not only causes damage to the equipment, but can bruise crewmember, burn the tank, damage or any module.

What are the rules of the game?

  1. The game involves two teams of seven (Team Fight) to 15 (Random Battle) people in each team.
  2. The team's task is to destroy all the equipment of the opposing team or capture the enemy or neutral (meeting engagement) flag (base) of the enemy.
  3. If there remained an equipment on both sides after the allotted time on the battlefield and no flag was captured a draw is declared.
  4. The maximal duration of the battle is 15 minutes, and for the Storm fight or the Team Fight - 10 minutes.
  5. You are prohibited to shoot the Allies.
  6. Each beneficial action which can help the team to gain the victory is rewarded with credits (silver) and experience after the battle.
  7. If your tank was destroyed during the battle, you can’t reappear though you can  but you can watch your allies and communicate with them in the game chat. You also have an opportunity to leave the battle, go to the hangar, and after that to the new one by choosing another vehicle.
  8. For meritorious service in combat there is provided an opportunity to get medals and badges, which will be displayed in your statistics.
  9. After each battle you get to the hangar, where you can view the post-battle statistics in details.



Where are the battles held?

The battles take place on different maps, which the balancer selects automatically. Each map is unique, ranging from relief, ending details inherent in a particular location. You can read more information about the maps in this article.



Which tanks are in the game?

There are such talks in the game as: the tanks of the USSR, Germany, USA, UK, France, China and Japan. All vehicles are similar to their historical prototypes, from TTX in the field, ending with bodywork used in wartime. All tanks are divided into:

  • Light tanks ( LT)
  • Medium tanks (MT)
  • Heavy Tanks (HT)
  • PT-ACS (PT)
  • ARTSPG (Artillery)

Each type of vehicle has its own tactics of warfare.




Are you bored to play alone? - Play with your friends!

You have the opportunity to play with your friends in the platoon, create the company and dial there anyone, or join a clan and participate with your clanmates in tank battles. Additionally, the game has a so-called global war on the Global Map. The Global Map is a huge territory, completely copying the earth's surface. It is divided into provinces, and it gives an opportunity to prove yourself in clan wars for land. Conquers of enemy territories, alliances with other clans to destroy the common enemy, the profitable trade and flexible diplomacy - so in the World of Tanks there is not only the size of the main gun and the power of the packet come to the fore, but also a vision, sconce and negotiating skills.



Where to start?

Each client game starts with the game client download. It's totally free, as the game uses a business model Free-to-play. For more information about downloading, installing and registering, read the article "Installation."



In conclusion

In short, the World of Tanks is worth to be paid attention to as there’s no more game like this. In the game world, mired in the orcs and elves a great game appeared. It combines elements of historicism, strategies and action rolled into one. Especially, using the strategy of «free-to-win», you do not need to invest real money in the game, as a paying player has no advantages in fight. In tanks skill and strategic thinking decide everything. We should also acknowledge that the game has received many positive evaluations from foreign and domestic authoritative publications. I am sure you will like the game, especially if you're a fan of steel vehicles and history. And you will become one more skillful fighter in the World of Tanks.

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