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Garage (9.0)

Dmitry «SL1DE» Frishman

There’s a saying that all dogs go to heaven after the death. Though tankers after they tragical death on the battlefield, or miraculously reaching the end of the fight (which happens rarely), go to the hangar. Oh, you're newcomer here, huh? Do not worry, this huge number of seemingly random and completely unknown numbers and letters contain a huge amount of diverse information, which seems totally unhelpful and unnecessary to you now as in the middle of the screen you can see a huge red button with the words "START THE FIGHT."
Dmitry «SL1DE» Frishman


Garage is a special room for parking, maintenance and repair of any large equipment (in this case for tanks). In the hangar we can explore new equipment, operate the techniques and crew,  change the layout, buy new units and equipment, communicate with other players via chat, create platoons, troops, recruit players for team battles and use other necessary tools. The main function of the hangar is to prepare the techniques for the battle.

The first acquaintance

So we checked in, downloaded the client, run the game and see this picture:
Base garage
At first glance this is a dark place with incomprehensible figures, inscriptions and buttons. Though after reading this guide you will eventually understand and know the meaning of each menu and the place you can find the information you need and where to click to make the operation you want. Let's get down to brass tacks

The Components the Garage

The Components the Garage
If you hover your mouse on an item you will see a brief description, but not for every one. I divided the hangar into several groups:
  1. Game menu
  2. Select Server
  3. Name, type and status of the machine
  4. Button "Battle!" and selecting the battlefield
  5. Finance panel
  6. Missions and Events and Battle Tutorial
  7. "Home" panel
  8. Panel of the current machine researches
  9. Crew
  10. Performance characteristics of the tank
  11. Machine Status
  12. Service
  13. Exterior
  14. Panel of modules and equipment
  15. Machine Filter
  16. "Carousel" of machines
  17. Search of players, contacts, chat, companies
  18. Notifications
  19. Premium hangar



Game menu

When you click on a menu you  can see following window:



  • Disconnect from server - the ability to disconnect from the server (change the user)
  • Settings - go to game settings
  • Exit Game - close the game client
  • Return to the game - back to the hangar (Esc)



Select Server

We can change the server with this small panel. Here is also information about the number of players online on the current server and on all servers simultaneously. To change the server, click on the button  and select a server from the list.


Name, type and status of the machine

Here we can see the name of selected  tank, its type and status ("Elite"). The status "Elite" gets the machine which was made all available studies. This technique is able to transfer combat experience in free mode and the inclusion of the accelerated training of the crew.

Button "Battle!" and selecting the battlefield

With this button we start the battle or confirm the status of preparedness to the fight while playing with a troop or in training or companies. Here’s also a small panel under the button. We can choose battle mode in which we want to play with this panel:
Combat modes

Finance panel

Financial panel shows the account type (basic or premium), the amount of gold or silver (credits) and free experience. Here we can also extend or buy a premium gold for real money, change gold for silver, change the military experience from the elite equipment for free experience.


Missions and Events and Battle Tutorial

Combat missions are shares from Wargaming, under which you can get a variety of "buns,” ranging from high- earning experience and credits up to receiving the premium or free equipment. The button of combat training will take you to a training battle. Here you will learn to drive a tank, shoot and tell you about the basic features of the game. After the training you will receive your first dollar of experience and credits.

Home Panel

We should also focus on the description of the "Home" panel.


This button is used to return to the hangar. This is necessary for example if you are in the training room and accidentally chose the wrong tank though the willingness has been already confirmed. You should click "hangar,” to change it  and choose the equipment that is needed.



Here  we can browse and sell such things as: the equipment from the hangar; modules that have been removed from the equipment, while replacing them; rockets which left after replacing guns, their number; equipment and its quantity.




In the shop we can buy equipment, modules, shells, equipment and munitions. Basically, the shop is used to purchase goods in bulk (excepting equipment). This is convenient when a particular product is with a discount. Basically you can buy everything without using the shop.

Service Record

Here we can look at our total and average statistics of fights experience, victories, awards, statistics on equipment etc. To get a description of a particular coin or the meaning of each number, you simply move the pointer over it and the tip appears automatically .

Tech Tree

By clicking here we will open the so-called "tree of tanks development"
China France Germany Great Britain
Here you can see which public available equipment is in the game , how much experience is required to study a particular machine, how much it costs to buy it or buy a premium equipment.  You can also watch the information about a particular tank separately.




In the barracks we can view information about tankmen: their nationality; specialty; equipment; the level of his skills and abilities; retrain him for other equipment.  You can also place the crew from the tanks there while changing the tank in future. First, have 16 beds available. Barracks can be expanded for the gold.
This is only a brief description of the menu. You can  consider it separately in details as it has lots of nuances.

Panel of the current machine researches

When the button is pressed, we move to the tree of the current machine studies
The tree tank T1 Cunningham Research
Here we can see: the modules and techniques that can be opened on the machine; experience that is required for the study; price needed to pay. Here you can also buy a tank or go to the general tree of equipment by clicking on the icon of the nation.


Here we see the crew of the tank, its level of skills and the "perks" its members possess. Separately, each tankman can be retrained or disembarked in the barracks. In patch 0.8.11 it is possible to retrain all tankers and take them back into the barracks or in the tank all together. If you get an "Elite" tank status you can enable "Accelerated crew training." In this case, the crew will grow faster as combat experience will focus on soldiers training.

Performance characteristics of the tank

Performance characteristics of the tank are shown for 100% trained crew and for the modules that are currently installed in the tank. After examining the data, you will have some idea about the properties of your tank, its opportunities and understand the tactics that are worse appliance in this equipment.

Machine Status

The tanks have following statuses: "Ready to fight" means that the tank is on full alert and ready to fight; "In battle" means that the tank is currently in battle, and to enter into new one,  you must choose another tank or wait until the fight ends; "Repair required" means that the tank was damaged or destroyed in battle; "Incomplete crew" means that one of the members or the entire crew had been landed in the hangar or demobilized.


In this menu, we repair the tank, replenish its ammunition and equipment. If you have a sufficient amount of silver, you can simply put a checkmark in each menu and the replenishment of ammunition and equipment as well as the repair will occur automatically.


This menu is used for applying a camouflage or inscriptions on the tank. You can select a few camouflages and inscriptions and switch between them depending on your preference. The type of camouflage is automatically selected the map.

Panel of modules and equipment

This panel is used for the purchase and installation of modules and equipment appropriate to the tank. You can also view information about the performance characteristics of each module separately. 

The Filter of Tanks

If you have too much tanks in your hangar and it takes you much time to look for each tank you can use a felted which can hep you in setting and choosing the tank due to criteria: the type of equipment, belonging to the nation, the main or spare tank.

"Carousel" of tanks

With the carousel of tanks we choose the equipment. Here we can also see the number of slots available, buy or sell the equipment, view information about the tank, go to the studies menu or statistics of the tank. We can get only the 1st level equipment for each nation + extra slot at the beginning of the game.

Player Search, contacts, chat, companies

These menus are used to communicate or to search for players. For example, you can communicate a certain group of people with the help of the channels. Public is a channel for communication between all the players on the server. Company commander is made to find or create company or for communication between wanting to join the company. Contacts menu is used to search for friends or people who are interesting for you. Once you have found the desired person, you can add him to the list of your contacts, and not look for it in a huge list next time.


The first button shows invitations from other players to join the platoon or a company. The second button displays information about: the last fight; purchase or sale of machinery, equipment or modules, their installation in the equipment; some information from the developers. You can also see the post-fighting statistics in the hangar. It shows how great you and your team or your opponents performed in the fight.

Premium garage

Premium hangar becomes available after buying a premium account. The only difference between the premium and standard accounts is only an outlook.
Premium hangar

To this end

Let’s summarize:
The main purposes of the garage:
  • Control the tanks and starting the battle
  • Communication and searching for friends
    Information about:
  • Public tanks in the game
  • Game currency and experience
  • Achievements obtained in battles
  • Sales that are currently available

In conclusion we can say that the hangar in the World of Tanks is a multifunctional and integral thing in the game. After reviewing all the functions you can try the combat training to earn your first experience and credits or to start preparation for your first battle!

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