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Battle Tutorial

Battle Tutorial (9.0)

Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein

One lives and learns!
Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein


Like in the most games the WoT has its learning mode. After the first run of the game such window is displayed:
You can start the learning mode immediately or wait for later, having learned the garage first. Click "Start" and find yourselves on a “Training Area”: 
Here we will be taught the basics of playing skills. The training is made in English, so it will not be difficult. So, after the loading we are at the map:

The 1st stage 

Following the prompts we implement everything we are told. First we have an explanation of how to operate the camera and the tank turret. We direct the camera via the mouse first to the machine  and then to the medical van:
Next we learn to control the movement of the tank. Using the keys "W", "A", "S", "D", we proceed to the first control point. Then we go to the second trying not to cling to objects around:
"Congratulations, you've learned how to drive a tank" (c). We have successfully completed the 1st stage of training.

The 2nd stage

Now we need to take a firing position (it will be noted on the minimap). We are also explained that the marsh affects the speed and dynamics of the tank, slowing it down. We get to the 1st firing position:
Here we are taught to shoot and destroy the vehicles. Shooting is done by pressing the LMB. We get information about the tools rollup. For the improvement of accuracy the tools must come down completely. After the shot the gun spread increases and accuracy decreases respectively. We destroy the opponent’s tank:
We are congratulated with the destruction of the first opponent. The 2nd phase of training is completed.

The 3rd stage

We go to the next firing point :
Here we will learn about penetration and auto-aiming. First we are suggested destroying the opponent’s tank, keeping a static position. We shoot for a few times and see that we do not cause any damage. This means that our gun has a weak penetration to pierce the enemy. As a rule, the frontal projection of the opponent’s  armor is the strongest while sides and stern are less armored. Next we are suggested  switching on the auto-aiming and destroying the enemy on the move. To switch it on you should  aim at your opponent and press the PK machine gun. If you hold down the PK machine gun, the equipment is fixed in the current position. We turn the auto-aiming and destroy the enemy in motion:
We are congratulated with the destruction of heavily armored opponent. We have completed the 3rd stage of training.

The 4th stage

After that we go to the position to detect the opponent:
We are told that the detection of the enemy happens if he gets in sight range of your tank. Now we offered to move into the bushes for camouflage and switch on the sniper mode. The sniper mode is activated by pressing "Shift" or scrolling "mouse wheel." The sniper mode is used primarily for aiming vulnerable points on enemy tanks or for shooting at long distances. Now we have to destroy the moving opponent. To do it we shoot proactively and destroy the last opponent:
We have completed the 4th stage of training and training in general. After that we leave the Training Area and go to the hangar. Here we get our first award like 6000 trusts and 300 experience points:
Here we can also watch the tutorial video made by  the developers on “effective conduct of the battle" by clicking the orange button "Watch.” That’s all for training. You can train as many times as you want though you wan’t be awarded for that any more.
Now we can start training for the first battle play.

In conclusion

This training is just a top of the iceberg, it's just the basics that every self-respecting tanker must know and understand. There are many things which are not described in the training as the modeling of all game situations take a huge amount of time. So read our guides, watch the instructional videos and learn the basics and details of the tank art in combat conditions.
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