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Cliff (9.4)

Kirill «Kirilloid» Ponomarev

Let’s talk about the cliff
Kirill «Kirilloid» Ponomarev


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This is a rather old map most tankers know very well. It was introduced in the game in the update. The bases of the teams are separated by the cliffs and rocks. Numerous covers enables you to focus the forces on the necessary direction. The center of the map has an advantage, however if you neglect the flanks, you can loose. The name of the battle record file is “cliff”.

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Tactics of the standard battle

Note: this section will study the tactics for classical LTs, MTs, HTs and Tank Destroyers. All the tactics are not template due to the different setups.


“Cliff” is one of the most balanced maps in the game therefore every type of the vehicle can fit in the team tactics and contribute to the victory.


Light tanks

It is scouting vehicles that rule on this map. Many things depend on their movement and scouting.


Light tanks leaving the Northern Base should move standardly to the Lighthouse, to E6. Such move will enable them to detect the rivals moving to the Lighthouse and to the Hill. If the view range is good, you can watch the Southern Town and the Curve.


If you respawn closer to 1-2 vertical you can risk and take a route Lower Town – Lowland – Plateau. As a result you can provide an initial scouting of the 1-2 vertical, and afterwards you can hide beyond the Small Hill, and watch the way to the Hill. It may happen so that you are not detected while riding this route. In this case you can hide in the bushes in G3 and detect the rival’s artillery. Staying on the Plateau behind the Small Hill in E4, you can watch the Hill and the rivals that are approaching from the Southern Town.


Light tanks leaving the Southern Base should act pretty similar to those that move from the Northern Base. Go to E6 to watch the Upper Town and get to the Lighthouse. You also have an alternative option: there are bushes on the Hill you can hide in to watch the Southern Town not being detected. However the rival scouting vehicle will definitely find you there on a close range. If you’ve respawned advantageously, you can go to the Plateau through the Rocks and the Lowland. Therefore you will be able to detect the tanks approaching the Hill, the Lighthouse and the Small Hill. Additionally there are two good positions on the Field: the “nest” behind the stone in F2 and the pocket in G4. Hide in bushes to shoot the rivals riding to the Lighthouse and the Hill.


Medium tanks


Medium tanks play a support role on this map. The main battles of MTs are held in the Plateau and around the Hill or on the Hill. There are situations when MTs go to the Curve and assist HTs. In case there are no LTs in your team, fast MTs execute a scouting role, playing on the positions of the LTs, in this case they move similarly to the LTs as described above. There are a number of great positions for MTs playing as a support. These positions enable to bring substantial damage to your rivals.


There are a couple of good positions for those who start in the Northern Base. You can take over the pocket in D4 straight from the base. This position enables you to efficiently control the path to the Lighthouse and the Hill, especially if your tank has a strong turret. Additionally this position provides an opportunity to go up to the Plateau or go down while fighting. There is a great position in the Curve (F9). Stand on the rock, located in the lowland of this position, and shoot your enemies, approaching the Curve. You can also take the position in the Plateau behind the Small Hill. You can get there taking the route Lower Town – Lowland – Plateau or riding up the hill before the Upper Town and then going along the precipice, then pass the Hill and turn to the Small hill.


If you start your game in the Southern Base, you can follow the route of the LTs. Follow the 1-2 vertical, make a scouting at the Lighthouse or the Hill and take over the Plateau. There are great positions here. The nest in F2 enables you to shoot the Small Hill, the Hill and Upper Town not being detected. The pocket at G4 is a great position for shooting the Light House and the Hill. You can stand on the stone near the pitch at R9 and shoot the rivals at the Curve. You can play bolder by standing on the position D9-C8 and shooting the Small Hill, the Upper town, the Hill and partly the Plateau.


Heavy Tanks


Heavy Tanks are mostly used to push or hold the 1-2 vertical and the curve. They are rarely used to play in the Plateau, the Hill and the Lighthouse.


Slow HTs of the Northern Base would often ride to the Southern Village or break through to the Lowland to hold the 1-2 vertical. Faster vehicles would move towards the Curve to either push the direction or hold the forces of the rival drawing them out under the allies’ artillery. Many players like the position behind the rocks and the bushes at D5. It provides a great cover from the artillery and an opportunity to shoot the tanks in the Hill and Plateau.


The movement of the tanks leaving the Southern Base will be an almost mirror reflection. Slow vehicles stand in the Rocks or in the Lowland, the faster ones ride to the Curve. The southern team does not have a position similar to D5, however this is compensated by the positions for LTs and MTs. 


Tank Destroyers


The tactics for Tank Destroyers is somehow similar to the tactics of the STs: the protection of the 1-2 vertical and the holding of the Curve. Basically it will depend on the speed and the availability of the turret.

The northern team would hide in the bushes in the Southern Town or in the close territory. Hiding in the bushes at the Curve provides opportunity to control those who ride from the Lighthouse.


The Southern Base’s tanks can hide in the rocks and control the direction. These bushes on the Curve enable you to both attack and hide in the ambush. You can stand on the upland in J1 and shoot your enemies, riding from the Lower Town. You won’t be detected. 




Depending on the quantity of artillery, rivals’ and allies’ setups, artillery can take several positions.

The artillery of the Northern Base most frequently stand along the line A at 1-6 squares. Standing on A 1-2 SPGs can shoot easily along the 1-2 verticals, the path to the Lighthouse, the Plateau, and the exit of the Curve. A 3-4 SPGs is advantageous for shooting the Hill, the path to the Lighthouse, and the Curve. A5-6 provides great possibilities for shooting the Plateau, the way to the Small Hill and the Curve.


The positions of the artillery of the Southern Base are a mirror reflection of those from the Northern Base. Stand along the K line in 1-5 squares. Shooting is almost a mirror reflection too. Fast artillery can stand on the positions K6-7 in order to foster the tanks behind the rock in D5 to move.




  • First take over the Lighthouse. This will provide a confident game and enable you to achieve the results. The scouting from this position is of much importance. Beside the scouting you can shoot the scouting vehicles of your rival, not being detected by them.
  • It is undesirable to play through 1-2 verticals. Leave here 3 tanks and do your best to break through to the line of the curve, take over the Lighthouse and the Hill and Plateau. This will bring you to the victory!
  • If you are uncertain about your tank or the position you take, do not risk! Try to preserve your HP as long as you can. You’ll make yourself more useful for the team in this case.



Tactics of the tanks company battles

New "Team battle". Cliff. Basic tactiсs






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