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Himmelsdorf Cup

Himmelsdorf Cup (9.1)

Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko

Football - #1 sport!
Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko

Himmelsdorf Tournament

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The atmosphere of Turkish "Inönü", the perfect grass of British "Ashburton", the gracefulness and beauty of Chinese "Bird’s Nest", the capacity of Brazilian "Maracana" at its best… This is the exact description of the stadium at "Himmelsdorf" Square.
During the World Soccer Cup FIFA 2014 in Brazil World of Tanks has acquired its own ground for football battles. Admirers of the #1 sport may explore their skills in the “Football Game Mode”. Vigorous football slam won’t leave anyone’s feelings untouched and will become a perfect entertainment and recreation activity for all the football and World of Tanks fans.





This is a perfect chance to excel not only as a tank fighter but also as a master of football. You have a perfect opportunity to gather your team of friends or those willing to play tank football.


Rules of the game


  • The game is played in the “3 on 3” format. Both random players and troops can play. In the latter case troops play only against other troops. A troop is formed by three fellow soldiers.
  • The aim of the game is obvious — to score a goal sending the ball into an enemy’s gates. This can be achieved by pushing the ball by a tank or shooting at it. The goal counts when the ball crosses the line. Own goals are also counted. After this the ball teleports to the center of the field.
  • The game is played on special tank T-62A SPORT is available to all the players for the period of the event.
    Each tank’s ammunition includes 1000 free high-explosive shells.
  • Game time— 7 minutes or 3 points.
  • Tank Crew gains experience like in a standard mode.
  • Tank T-62А SPORT is invincible. It’s impossible to destroy it or injure a separate crew member. The only way to create a serious obstacle to your rival is to cause damage to his tank’s track with a missile or by ram attack. This will immobilize him for some time. If used wisely, this trick will let you take advantage of the fact that you outnumber your enemy.




It’s hard to define the exact optimal battle tactics, because in most cases games are just pure fun! But some advice may be given:
  • Keep one of your players close to the gates when enemy attacks and close to the field center when you attack. This will enforce your defense and prevent your enemy from scoring fast in response to your team’s scores;
  • Coordinate your actions. Timely hint may help save a shot or keep your rival longer with a damaged track and allow performing a successful attack;
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try various tactics of “ball-in-play” and different directions of the attack;
  • If you are interested in victory only, after scoring a goal, you can form a “shield” to protect the ball and block the enemy’s way;
  • And the most important is – have fun! Tank football is a good way to have a great time and take some rest from (sometimes boring) vehicle upgrading.



  • After the first victory you will be awarded with the “Football Player 2014” medal. The medal will then be shown in Achievements with recorded series of consecutive wins.
  • For participation in a game the player gets 500 ;
  • For the victory in a game the player gets additional 500 ;
  • For 50 wins you get a prize – “Enhanced Gun Laying Drive” once per each account.









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