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Economics (9.4)

Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein

The article provides profound study of economics of the World of Tanks
Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein


There are three basic resources:



  1. Credits (game silver)
  2. Game gold
  3. Experience

The article provides a study of each currency and gives several advices on how to use them and save. 


Credits (game silver)

Credits are one of the three types of the game’s currency. They depicted as follows: .

Earning credits

Earning credits is rather simple. Read below how they can be earned:

  1. Participation in battles
    You are paid for entering the battle and for your achievements in the battle. The earnings can consist of:
  • Payments for battle are the guaranteed payments, which doesn’t depend on the success of the tank in the battle. Payments are proportional to the tank tier (since tier is its “battle value”). Payments are calculated as follows. If the team loses or the game ends in draw, the payment for a tank = X* tank tier. If the team wins, the payment equals 1,85* X* tank tier.
  • Payments for bringing damage to enemy. For each enemy’s health point taken by the tank, the latter receives Y credits, the difference of tank tiers being taken into account. Health points caused by the fire are counted to the tank that caused the fire. In the event of the ammo rack explosion or the burst out fire all the health points are credited to the one that caused explosion.
    The hit points lost due to the friendly fire (shooting your allies) are not taken into account in the general statistics of the battle. However, the tank causing such loss undergoes money penalties. The kill of an ally is also subject to penalty, and the compensation being paid to the victim.
    When you shoot upon your ally’s spotting data, you gain 0,58Y credits for each hit point of damage. If the enemy is damaged by the other player upon your data, you gain 0,58Y credits for each hit point of damage (the more players spot one enemy, the less credits they get).
  • Spotting of an enemy. For each enemy tank that is spotted for the first time, the player gains Z credits. For each SPG, the player gains 2*Z credits.
  • Capture of the base is paid with a particular sum of credits. The payment doesn’t depend on the quantity of the capturing players and the extent of their participation. All the tanks gain equal sums of money. The interrupted capture or the interruption of capture aren’t paid.
  • Balancing coefficient is a tool of individual adjustment of tank profitability. The payments for all the cars are multiplied by W coefficient. The latter is higher for premium vehicles.
  • Premium account enables a player to get 50% more credits for the battle.
  1. Exchange of the gold into credits.
    The exchange rate is 1  : 400 .
  2. The sale of vehicles and modules which remain after the upgrade of the vehicles.


Items you can buy with credits

Being one of the main game currency, credits are used to buy:

  1. Vehicles
  2. Modules
  3. Equipment, consumables and ammunition
  4. Repair of vehicles
  5. Training and retraining of crews
  6. Temporary camouflage, emblems and inscriptions on vehicles 


Game gold

Game gold is a game currency. It is important to know that gold and related things don’t provide significant advantage in battle, but they foster the development process in game. The gold is depicted as follows: .

Earning gold

You need to be careful while acquiring game gold. There are a number of safe methods for acquiring game gold:

  1. Buying gold in official shop or terminals in your city.
    The easiest way to get gold is to buy it with real money. The exchange rate is:Самый простой способ получить золото — купить его за реальные деньги. Курс игровой валюты привязан к доллару США и составляет: 1 USD = 250 .
  2. Participating in different contests of Wargaming.
    Game developers conduct contests on a regular basis. The contests are conducted on the official portal, game forum and social network groups. They provide opportunity to earn gold..
  3. Bonus-codes.
    Some bonus-codes include various sums of game gold. Bonus-codes can be gained at various events of Wargaming. The sale of bonus-codes is prohibited by the rules of the game. Beware of the cheaters that try to deceive you.
  4. Participating in the world war on the global map
    Capturing the provinces the members of the clan earn gold. The Commander of the clan and his Treasurer can provide gold to the players.
  5. The war in the Global map as a mercenary.
    The player, who wishes to act as a mercenary, shouldn’t be clan member. Additionally, he needs to buy license (with gold).


Items you can buy with game gold

Spend game gold to buy:

  1. Premium vehicles;
  2. Premium account. It enables you to gain 50% more game experience, crew experiences and credits for each battle (“net” profit after spending money for repair and ammo is increased too);
  3. Premium shells and equipment:
  • Shells
    Depending on the type, the shells can have increased penetration, damage, radius of explosion and other advantages. The price depends on the type of the gun and can vary from 1 to 20 game gold. Additionally, premium shells can be bought with credits (the exchange rate is 1 game gold = 400 credits). Anyway, they are too expensive for using them on a regular basis, but taking 5-10 premium shells in a battle for a really powerful enemy is good. Apart from that premium shells are widely used in Clan wars.
  • Equipment
    Premium account acts more effectively, which makes it more useful in battle. The price of one item of equipment is 50  или 20 000 ;
  1. Additional slots for vehicles;
  2. Additional beds in barracks;
  3. Dismount of complex equipment and placing it in the depot. It costs 10 ;
  4. Actions with the crew:
  • Training and retraining. Spend 200  to train or retrain (if you put him in another tank) of any specialization of any crew member up to 100%;
  • Cancellation of skills and perks without the loss of experience. The price of the procedure is 200 ;
  • Change of name and portrait. The price of is 50 ;
  1. Buying credits at the exchange rate  1  : 400 ;
  2. Transfer of free experience. You can change 25  of experience of the “Elite” vehicles into free experience. The price is 1 ;
  3. Permanent camouflage, emblems and inscriptions on the vehicles:
  • Camouflage
    Camouflage price depends on vehicle tier and vary from 25  to 250 . You can buy only three types of camouflage (winter, summer and desert). Camouflage provides +5% to camouflage.
  • Emblems and inscriptions
    The price of the emblem or inscription varies between 15  and 150  depending on the vehicle tier. New emblem or inscription should be paid separately (previously bought emblems and inscriptions are retained).
  1. Creation of the clan. The price is 2500 . This provides an access to the clan management and the possibility to participate in clan wars or creation of the fortified zone; 
  2. The change of the name and/or tag of the clan. The price is 2000  paid by the commander;
  3. The change of the nick. The price is 2500 .




Experience is the game “currency” that is earned in battles. The experience is divided into several types:

  • Vehicle experience is gained for studying new modules for the tank and new types of vehicles.
  • Free experience can be used to study any modules or vehicle types.
  • Crew member experience is used to upgrade main specialization, skills and perks.


Gaining experience

Experience is gained as follows:

  1. Battle experience:.
  • For bringing damage to enemy vehicles (the difference between tank tiers is taken into account);
  • For bringing critical damage to enemy vehicles (the difference between tank tiers is taken into account);
  • For spotting enemy tank for the first time (the experience is increased for spotting SPG);
  • For ally bringing damage to targets spotted by your tank;
  • Bonus experience for destroying enemy tank (this experience is gained only by the tank that destroyed enemy the difference between tank tiers is taken into account);
  • Bonus experience for successful capture of the enemy base (this experience is gained only by the tanks that actually made capture, it is proportional to the time tank spent in the base, only full capture is taken into account);
  • Bonus experience for interrupting the enemy from capturing your base (this experience is proportional to percentage of the capture);
  • Bonus experience for surviving till the end of the battle;
  • For “active combat operations”. This implies shooting within a certain distance from the enemy and the enemy’s shooting within a certain distance from you. The experience is small, yet it has its impact;
  • The more damage your team brings to enemy, the more experience each of its members gain. Only hit points of destroyed tanks are taken into account.
  • Bonus experience for the victory of your team (+50% of experience to each tank);
  • Gained experience is doubled for the first victory of the day. Tanks in the Garage that hasn’t gained doubled experience are marked by “X2” in the left upper corner. This coefficient can be increased to “X3” and “X5” during the special offers.
  • +50% of experience to the players with premium accounts;
  1. Free experience
  • 5% bonus of the gained experience per battle;
  • Experience gained with elite vehicles can be transferred to free experience for ;
  1. Crew experience
  • Each member of the crew gains as much experience per battle, as his tank.
  • If a member of the crew was injured, he gains 10% less experience.
  • The personal file provides data only on “battle” experience. Data on bonuses (first victory, accelerated training) isn’t depicted there. However the bonuses are retained. The level of the proficiency is calculated basing on the battle experience and bonuses.
  • The correlation of the proficiency level and gained experience is logarithmic: training 0-1% requires 1x experience, 50-99% requires 10x experience, 99-100% requires 100x.
  • If you send a tanker in another tank, he gains sever penalties, that decrease the proficiency level and gained experience. In order to avoid it, you need to retrain him for another tank.
  • If your tank became elite, you can apply the accelerated training of the crew. This implies, that all the experience, the tank gains in a battle is spent for crew training. Therefore, the crew member with the lowest proficiency (marked with “tank academy”) level will gain twice as much activity. Example: a tank gains average 1000 experience per battle:
    - The member with the lowest proficiency level will gain 2000 experience (1000+1000) per battle.
    - Other members will gain 1000 experience each.

Experience is not gained

  • For the damage or destruction of ally vehicles
  • For ricochets and non-penetrations
  • For gaining hero titles in the end of the battle (except for special offers)
  • There is no bonus experience for draw or loss
  • There is no special bonus for team for destruction of all enemy tanks.



Hints and advices

This part of the article covers the tips on how to save credits, gold and experience.

  • Follow special offers of the developers. They enable both earn additional credits and experience, and to save money when buying vehicles, equipment and ammunition
  • Additionally special offers of consumables often provide packages at a discount of 50%. Therefore you can buy a package of 100 repair kits, 100 first aid kits, 50 extinguishers and 150 extra rations.
  • Don’t sell your tank until the special offer on this tank is over, since you’ll sell it with discount.
  • When selling tank remove all the modules, which could be mounted on the other tanks of yours.
  • On low tier tanks mount the equipment which could be dismounted for free (Binocular Telescope, Toolbox and Camouflage net).
  • If you plan to put your crew in another tank, don’t study new skills and perks. After putting them in new vehicle you can use the collected experience to study specialization.
  • Upgrade the crews in premium vehicles.
  • If you have enough slots for vehicles you can save money on the expansion of the barracks. E.g. if you don’t have enough space in barracks, you can buy low tier vehicles that require many crew members (e.g. soviet medium tank T-28 requires 2 Radio Operators). 
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