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Competitive WOT

Competitive WOT (9.5)

Oleg «Straik» Romanenkov

“Good tank platoon can decide the battle”. But what if you have more then 3 players in your team? Team Battle mode of World of Tanks is designed for these situations. This game mode provides a possibility for 7 allies to play together and win. Not only players’ skills and experience, but also their united team actions are important to gain victory in Team Battle mode, each player knowing well what he should do to achieve the common result.
Oleg «Straik» Romanenkov


World of Tanks is e-sport!

Similar to other video games the desire to compete gave birth to the tank e-sports. It began with amateur tournaments and different rules. There were only 3 top tanks a couple of years ago, so it was decided to use the vehicles of the 8th tier during the competitions. It evolved into a format 7/42, which enabled teams consisting of 7 players to compete on a regular basis.



The history of tank e-sport. 7/42 format

The first international championship The Steel of Ural

“The steel of Ural” 2011 was the first large-scale international tournament of World of Tanks. This tournament is deemed to be the beginning of the tank e-sport. The teams of the tournament competed in company format: 3 divisions (junior, champion, absolute), the battles in 14x14 format. After this tournament it became obvious for Wargaming, that 14 players in a team are too much. As a result a 7x7 format, the 8th tier of MT, HT and TD, and the 5th tier of LT and SPGs were accepted. Only 3 tanks of 10th tier (IS-7, Maus and T30) were available then. 


This format was used for Euro-cluster at ESL tournaments for the first time. The use of gold ammo and consumables was forbidden, thus the personal skill was of great importance. The main tanks in the battlefield were VK4502A (“Alfa-Slipper” as it was called by the gamers of the CIS region), T32, Tiger II (King Tiger), Pershing and sometimes IS-3 during that period of time. Gamers mostly used artillery as follows: Hummel, SU-8 and Grille. Eventually, the players started cheating the “rule of gold” as it was hard to prove if a player shot with gold ammo or not.


World of Tanks — The French are coming!


The patch 0.7.1 initialized the next stage of the tank e-sport introducing French vehicles with automatic loading system to the game. These tanks were extremely imbalanced, thus only 1 tank with automatic loading system (АМХ 13 90 or АМХ 50 100) per team was permitted at the tournament. Eventually this rule was simplified, which resulted in a great popularity of set-ups that consisted of 5 АМХ 13 90 (they were of 7th tier at that time), 1 SPG and 1 T1. These set-ups were most often used in the open maps. Eventually the restriction for artillery was removed. Thus players began to use Object 261 or Lorraine 155 51 along with T-50-2 or VK2801. Teams started to use small Bizon and Sturmpanzer II in the open maps rather than big artillery. These vehicles could shoot the shells over the obstacles. A set-up often used at the time included: Bizon, Sturmpanzer, T-50-2 and 4 tanks of the 8th tier. It was used even in Ensk


World of Tanks. New physics of the patch 8.0!


A global patch 0.8.0 introduced new changes in the game. After the introduction of a new physical model of tank actions, the gameplay changed substantially in the semi-open maps, especially it concerned “Cliff”, “Mines” and “Abbey”. The provided possibility to ride down any part of a steep slope could drastically change the situation in the map. The next important update was brought into by the patch 0.8.2 with an introduction of American vehicles with automatic loading system. Players started using T69 in merely all set-ups and in any map as the penetration of this tank was 300 mm with a gold shell. However, after a global nerf of High Explosive Anti-Tank Shells and the patch 0.8.8, which decreased the penetration to 250 mm (compared to 300 mm), the American tank became less popular. As per moment it is used in Mines, and less frequently in Ruinberg and Cliff.


World of Tanks. Main features of 0.8.6 patch


The patch 0.8.6 became a new stage of updating tank e-sport. The nerf of High Explosive Anti-Tank Shells and the change of the accuracy of tanks influenced the shooting. This resulted in the decrease of personal skill impact on the game and the increase of the importance of tactics and teamplay. The rebalancing of the artillery caused its removal from the set-ups. The necessity of the scouting tanks decreased, many teams deciding not to use them in their set-ups. Eventually T-50-2 was removed from the game. The teams learnt well how to defend themselves effectively. It became almost impossible to breakthrough an effective defense without the artillery, thereby the matches with long-term tank standing became a routine. The games in the open maps like Steppes started to turn into a tag game. Teams would chase each other for the whole round and if necessary return to stealthily defending the base.


Next to nothing has changed ever since. A number of balancing amendments were introduced to the maps, slightly changing the tactics and team set-ups. However it became obvious that tanks require new e-sport format. The tankers are testing new formats now. One of tested format is 7/68 in the attack/defense mode, which has picks and bans of tanks and no vehicles restrictions. This format proved to be a great option to replace 7/42 format, as there is a great choice of vehicles constantly being rebalanced, no tank standing, additionally, all types of vehicles are used and tanks have armor (we are playing tanks after all!). On the whole, using the top vehicles at the competition seems to be more reasonable, and in addition to that it is more amazing. The tested formats include the format with 2 bases for each team, and the attack/defense 7/54 format with a limitation at 8th tier.


Grand Final's best moments. The last day

Attack/Defense Format


Review of 9.4 patch


Patch 9.4 was issued on 4 November 2014. The old format 7/42 has been replaced by a new format, which is named Attack/Defense format. The rules are simple: 1 team defenses 2 bases, the other one must either destroy all rival tanks or capture one of the enemy's bases. The main vehicles are of 8th tier. However the spotting tanks T1 were replaced by the tanks of 7th tier (or 6 tanks of 8th tier + a tank of 6th tier). Apart from this, the patch introduced new tanks in the game, which fit very well new metagame.


The best moments of Grand Final. The last day.

As per moment the format Attack/Defense will be the main format in  WoT: all the grand tournaments and international competitions will be held in this format starting from this season on. The regulations will be similar to all the events, notwithstanding the region. League will remain the main competition for the team. This tournament engages the best tankers of the world. The first international grand final of the League was held in Warsaw in April 2014. The format of the competition was 7/42. However the boring tank tournaments are over now. The teams will have to attack making the competitions amazing and spectacular.


Team battles

7/42 format

Team battles are pretty similar to the competitive mode. Team battles were added to the patch 0.8.9.


World of Tanks. Team Battle. Trailer
Team battle. New game mode [World of Tanks]


This mode is designed to attract random players to the competitive World of Tanks and to increase the popularity of 7/42 format. This mode also provides a great opportunity to farm the credits, since the victories in Team Battles are often more awarded then random battles, while the battles are shorter unless the teams do not apply defense standing.

The format and the rules are simple:



  • The maximal quantity of players if 7, the minimal quantity of players is 5.
  • The tier of vehicles is limited with the 8th tier and 42 scores, 1 score of which being the tier of vehicle (e.g. the classical team is 5 tanks of 8th tier and 2 tanks of the 1st tier: 5*8+2*1=42).
  • If the team has 6 or 5 players the scores are limited to 41 and 40 respectively.



  • The maximal round time is 10 minutes.
  • The maps are chosen automatically.
  • The rivals are chosen basing on their rating.
  • The team must destroy all the vehicles of the rival team or take over the rival’s base in order to win.
  • If 2 tanks of both teams remain on the battlefield and no base has been taken over by the end of the round time or if both teams have taken over the rival’s base simultaneously, or the vehicles of both teams have been destroyed simultaneously, the round ends with a draw.


The following maps are provided for Team Battles: Abbey, Ensk, Himmelsdorf (Winter Himmelsdorf), Lakeville, Mines, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg, Steppes, Cliff. Battle type: Standard battle. The maps are automatically chosen in the Team Battle mode. The maps are determined by the regulations at the tournament. 



Attack/Defense Format

The 7/42 format was replaced by Attack/Defense format (7/54) in the patch 9.4.

Team battle. New format!

Since the format has changed significantly, the rules, maps and setups has changed respectively.



  • Team engages only 7 players.
  • The vehicles are limited by the 8th tier and 54 points of vehicle, 1 point = 1 vehicle tier. Now the team can consist either of 5 tanks of 8th tier and 2 tanks of 7th tier or 6 tanks of 8th tier and 1 tank of 6th tier.
  • Now the team cannot enter the battle without the full squad.



  • The round duration is 7 minutes.
  • The maps are chosen automatically.
  • The rivals are chosen basing on their battle rating.
  • In order to win, the attacking team must either destroy all the rival's vehicles or capture one of the enemy's bases (the capture of both bases can be done simultaneously). The task of the defending team is either to protect both bases or destroy all the vehicles of the enemy.

  • The time of the capture of one base by one tank is 120 seconds. The maximal speed of the capture is reached when 3 capturing tanks are located within the circle of the base.

  • If upon the termination of the round al least 1 tank of both parties remains in the field and no base was captured, the defense party wins. If all the vehicles of both teams were destroyed simultaneously, the round is even.


The maps for team battles are provided as follows:

  • «Himmelsdorf»;
  • «Winter Himmelsdorf»*;
  • «Prokhorovka»;
  • «Ruinberg»;
  • «Murovanka»;
  • «Линия Зигфрида»;
  • «Cliff»;
  • «Steppes»;
  • «Arctic Region»;
  • «Tundra»;
  • «Харьков».

Battle mode: «Attack/Defense». The maps are chosen automatically in the Team Battle mode while being determined by the regulations during the tournaments.




The tank eSports is developing now. It is one of the most perspective disciplines. The tank community is rather big, and the interest in the game and its competitions is permanently growing. In a couple of years the game can reach a new level, with more exciting tournaments awaiting for us. 



Team Battles' video

Team Battles - WG's set-up
Clash Series: NA'VI vs UNITY


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