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Useful tips

Useful tips (9.4)

Dmitry «SL1DE» Frishman

Easy tips which are useful for the beginners. I recommend to read them if you've just begun playing.
Dmitry «SL1DE» Frishman

See below the list of one-line tips of the game, which appear on the loading screen. They are divided into several groups for your convenience.



  •  Additional equipment improves crew efficiency or vehicle characteristics.
  •  Vehicles with all technical branches researched acquire Elite status.
  •  Combat Experience earned on Elite vehicles can be converted to Free Experience.
  •  Elite vehicle status does not depend on crew skills.
  •  In Tank Company and clan battles, 50% of the credits and experience earned in battle by the defeated team is transferred to the winning team.
  •  To repair a module, click on the Repair Kit. To heal a crew member, click on the First Aid Kit.
  •  Caliber is not the only gauge of gun performance. Rate of fire and accuracy are also important.
  •  Auto-Aim turns off if the tracked target is destroyed or lost.
  •  Premium vehicles are cheap to repair.
  •  In addition to experience and credits, a Premium Account also gets you a nice clean Garage.
  •  You can use Free Experience to research any vehicle or module.
  •  Combat Experience earned on Premium vehicles can be converted to Free Experience.
  •  When using chat, make your messages constructive, worthwhile, and to the point.
  •  Do not fire at your allies!
  •  In close combat, an SPG can destroy an enemy vehicle by direct fire.
  •  Auto-Aim does not guarantee 100% accuracy. Experienced players use manual aim.
  • Some vehicles are best at evasive maneuvering, while others excel at staying undetected.


  •  Destroyed vehicles are locked through the end of the battle. You can return to the Garage and join a new battle in another vehicle.
  •  To mount some modules, you will need to replace your vehicle's suspension.
  •  Some guns might require mounting another turret.
  • When researching modules and vehicles, Combat Experience is spent first, while Free Experience is spent last.
  •  A new module may be too heavy. To enhance load capacity, upgrade the suspension.
  • If you are running out of space in your Garage, consider selling an old vehicle or purchasing another slot.
  •  Use the Depot to sell vehicles, modules, or ammo you don't need.
  •  A destroyed vehicle is locked and remains in the Garage until the end of the battle.
  •  You can only enter a battle with a fully repaired vehicle and a full-strength crew.
  • Check "Resupply automatically" to reload ammunition to the vehicle's pre-battle quantities.
  •  The list of equipment available depends on the vehicle's type and nationality.
  • Some equipment can be demounted and transferred to another vehicle.


  •  Sharing an account violates the game rules and can result in loss of access to the account.
  •  The game rules forbid sharing accounts. Violators may lose both accounts forever.
  •  The more sophisticated your password is, the better.
  • Change your password from time to time.
  •  Game rules forbid purchasing and selling accounts. If you violate these rules, you could lose your account.
  •  Do not follow links to unfamiliar websites. You risk being scammed or hacked.
  •  You can purchase gold only on the official World of Tanks website. If you try to purchase gold on other websites, you will only lose your money.
  •  The option "Save password" is convenient but potentially insecure.
  •  On the portal you can find the instructions on how to keep your account secure. Read them carefully.
  • If anyone asks for your password, it's a scam. Administrators will never need your password for any reason. Always keep your password private.


  • Use bushes and foliage to make your tank destroyer harder to detect. Note that stationary vehicles are less visible.
  • Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. It's impolite!
  • Sometimes capturing a base is the easiest and safest option. Destroying all enemies will not earn you any extra bonuses.
  • Do not wait for the enemy on a friendly base. Pressing the attack may be more effective than base defense.
  • Light tanks are scouts. Use them to spot enemy vehicles for your teammates.
  • Light tanks and SPGs can be destroyed by ramming.
  • Aimed shots are more effective than uncontrolled firing.
  • Use High-Explosive shells to destroy modules and put enemy crew out of action.
  • Vehicles that are intended for close-range maneuvers are ineffective at long-range combat.
  • High-Explosive shells are most effective against light tanks and SPGs with open cabins.
  • To stop an enemy vehicle and make it an easy target, shoot it in the tracks.
  • The longer light tanks manage to survive among enemies, the more successful artillery performance will be, and the more targets will be knocked out.
  • Different vehicles of the same type may require different battle tactics.
  • Enemy artillery can guess your location when you knock down trees or destroy fences and structures.
  • Light tanks are good scouts. You can spot enemy vehicles using quick maneuvers or by remaining stationary behind bushes.
  • It always makes sense to concentrate fire.
  • A light tank without a good radio becomes a burden to the team.
  • Artillery is your team's primary firepower. Protect your SPGs, or they will be easy targets for the enemy.
  • To locate enemy vehicles, observe the trajectory of tracers.
  • A draw means that both teams lose, except for Assault mode, where the defending team wins when battle time expires.
  • Dodge enemy shells when capturing the base. Base capture is interrupted if your vehicle is damaged.
  • Suspension, radio, and engine are generally more important to a light tank than the gun and turret.
  • Vehicles of different types often require different tactics.
  • Make use of terrain irregularities, as they can provide refuge from direct fire and observation.
  • A well-coordinated team is a winning team.
  • The goal of a medium tank is to attack flanks and rear areas, and withdraw after delivering a thrust.
  • A wolf pack of medium tanks is capable of hounding even the strongest opponent to death.
  • Whenever you sense danger, relocate your SPG—you'll survive longer.
  • Protect your artillery. SPGs can destroy enemy heavy tanks before they capture a friendly base.
  • Even heavy tanks need backup.
  • Use AP Composite-Rigid shells when Armor Piercing shells are ineffective.
  • A well-armored target that cannot be defeated with Armor Piercing shells can be quite vulnerable to High-Explosive shells.
  • Zigzag maneuvers help light and medium tanks dodge enemy shells.


  • Boggy ground significantly reduces a vehicle's turning speed and mobility.
  • Shell types differ in penetration, damage, and burst radius.
  • A stationary vehicle is more difficult to detect than one in motion.
  • A low profile makes a vehicle harder to detect, especially in bushes.
  • The more vehicles inside the enemy base circle, the faster the base will be captured.
  • Maneuverability is determined by the type of suspension, engine power, and total weight of mounted modules.
  • The chance of fire depends on engine type. The chance of putting the fire out depends on the skills of the crew and Fire Extinguishers.
  • Buildings and destroyed vehicles can block enemy fire. Trees and bushes may conceal you, but they will not block incoming shells.
  • When damaged, a turret locks up. Click on Repair Kit to restore turret rotation speed.
  • When damaged, a gun locks up. Click on Repair Kit to make the gun function with full accuracy.
  • Damage to the ammo rack may result in reduced loading speed, or, in some cases, immediate detonation.
  • A damaged observation device considerably reduces view range.
  • Rate of fire is affected by the gun type, turret, and the skills of the crew.
  • Credits and experience are awarded for spotting, damaging, and destroying enemy vehicles.
  • An empty ammo rack does not explode. Detonation of the ammo rack does not depend on shell type.
  • Your shots can reduce the hit points of an enemy vehicle, damage or destroy modules, or injure crew members.
  • View range is the maximum distance at which you can locate the enemy.
  • The higher your vehicle's speed, the lower your accuracy.
  • Traversing your turret and hull reduces your firing accuracy, so after a maneuver is complete, wait for the aiming circle to snap onto the target.
  • Penetration parameters of High-Explosive and HEAT shells do not depend on firing range.
  • Top speed is determined by the suspension. Acceleration depends on engine power, vehicle weight, and the type of terrain.
  • The suspension's crossing capacity is affected by different terrain.
  • Effective ramming is determined by the ratio of weight, speed, and armor thickness of the vehicles.
  • The speed the sight snaps to the target is determined by the gun type and Gunner skills.
  • Sloped armor increases the chances of a ricochet.
  • It is always tougher to penetrate frontal armor. Aim at the sides and rear.
  • APCR and HEAT shells have the highest penetration.
  • Large High-Explosive shells have tremendous destructive power. It is possible to damage several vehicles with one shot.
  • Your radio's signal power determines your ability to exchange information about enemy positions.
  • Even the most heavily armored vehicle has its weak points: the sides and rear.


  • To select shells, use keys 1–3.
  • Hold CTRL to display the mouse cursor.
  • Use hotkeys (1-6 by default) to activate consumables. Hotkeys are indicated above the consumables icons.
  • To move the camera instantly in Artillery mode, right-click on the minimap.
  • To change team list appearance, press CTRL+TAB.
  • To add a player to the Friends list or Ignore list, or to register a complaint, right-click on the player's name in the team list.
  • To register a complaint, right-click the player's name in the team list and select "Complain".
  • The set of available commands in the Command Menu changes depending on whether your cursor is on an ally, an enemy, or a point of terrain.
  • To select a command in the Command Menu, hold Z and move your mouse to highlight the desired command.
  • Use the F2–F8 hotkeys to quickly select commands in the Command Menu.
  • Use right Shift + "+" and right Shift + "-" to change dynamic resolution of the screen in a battle.


  • The higher the skills of the Gunner, the faster the sight locks onto the target.
  • The higher the skills of the Commander, the better the whole crew will perform.
  • A skilled Driver makes more effective use of engine power.
  • A skilled Loader will load shells faster.
  • The Commander's training level influences the vehicle’s view range.
  • A skilled Radio Operator is able to communicate over longer distances.
  • Additional perks and skills become available after training your crew to 100% in their major qualification.
  • Injury to the Driver reduces the speed and maneuverability of a vehicle.
  •  Loading speed is reduced when the Loader sustains an injury.
  • Injury to the Commander decreases View Range.
  • Firing accuracy is reduced when the Gunner is injured.
  • You can enlarge your Barracks if needed.
  • You can transfer crew members to another vehicle or send them to the Barracks.
  • An injured crew member receives less experience in battle.
  • You cannot start a battle with an incomplete crew.
  • The Commander can boost major qualifications of the other crew members.
  • You cannot change the major qualification of a crew member, or transfer him to a vehicle of a different nation.
  • "Accelerate Crew Training" mode allows you to use experience to improve skills. The crew member with the lowest level gets more experience.
  • Training your crew to 100% in their major qualification unlocks additional skills and perks.
  • Crew members can master different skills and perks.
  • The speed of your crew's advancement depends on their success in battle.

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