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FV4202 (9.4)

Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein

As per moment FV4202 is the only top medium tank of Great Britain. I used to be a great fan of this vehicle, and achieved astonishing results.
Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein


FV4202 is British medium tank of 10th tier. It has a great view range, god dynamics, accurate gun with a substantial elevation angle, low maximal speed and weak armor.




Pre-production model FV4202 also known as 40 ton Centurion, was developed on the basis of the tank “Centurion”. The tank was a highly competitive model with 105 mm gun. It has a decreased size of the hull, which resulted in smaller mass and greater dynamics. The tank provided a recumbent position for the driver. The production of FV402 was never launched, due to the active development of the universal tank concept. Additionally, the British refused to divide tanks into cruiser and infantry types.



FV4202 in game


You can’t tell from the first glance, what is FV4202. On the one hand this tank is a great sniper, which can shoot from afar preventing the enemy from approaching any closer. On the other hand, it can perform as a spotting tank, which spots the enemies, remaining in the safe place. However, it doesn’t often fits the game in the first line of offence. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle:



  • Great stabilization and accuracy of the gun;
  • Great elevation angle;
  • Good dynamics especially for riding up the hill;
  • High explosive shells with good penetration as premium shells;
  • Spaced armor on the sides;
  • Great view range;
  • Ricochet top armor plate with great slope angle



  • Low speed compared to other MT of its tier;
  • Weak armor of the turret, sides and frontal lower plate; lack of gun mantlet;
  • Lack of alternative premium shells with good penetration;
  • High fire chance of the engine.



There are 4 members in FV4202: Commander, Gunner, Driver and Loader, who also acts as Radio Operator. Choose skills and perks as follows: 


  • Sixth sense, Repair, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Recon for Commander;
  • Repair, Deadeye, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Snap Shot for Gunner;
  • Repair, Clutch Braking, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Smooth Ride for Driver;
  • Repair, Situational Awareness, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Adrenaline Rush for the Loader.


As a result we have a build as follows::

  1 2 3 4 5 6


Equipment, consumables and ammunitions


Choose the following Equipment for your tank:


  • Gun Rammer to increase damage per minute of the tank;
  • Vertical Stabilizer to increase the accuracy of the gun;
  • Coated optics to improve view range.


When you play in a platoon and you are sure there’s a spotting tank, you can replace Coated optics with Improved Ventilation. Therefore you can improve DPM and mobility of the tank.


Install standard consumables: First Aid Kit, Repair Kit, Fire Extinguisher. After upgrading Firefighting for the Crew, Fire Extinguisher can be replaced with Pudding and Tea. However, there’s a high chance of fire in the event of damage, so it will be hard without Fire Extinguisher. 


Ammunition of this tank consists of 72 items. This is fair enough. The ammunition consists of standard Armor Piercing Composite Rigid Shells, gold High Explosive Squash Head Shells, and standard High Explosive Shells. Without golden shells with good penetration, 52 APCR shells will be the basis of the ammunition, which is enough. 15 HESH shells will be enough in a battle against poorly armored enemies and interruption of the capture. You can also take 5 standard HE shells for shooting the LT, which are hard to hit. The buildup is as follows: 




Use in the battle field:

As it was mentioned before, the tank has a wide range of use. The gun enables to use the vehicle as a sniper to fight against well armored enemies. The accuracy of the gun enables to aim objects located at a substantial distance from the tank. However fighting against tanks like IS-7 will be hard, since it is not always enough to penetrate the target with APCR shell. You’d better hit its sides or rear. Good view range will enable to spot the enemy located far away from your vehicle and destroy it, while remain unspotted.


Due to the low speed, the tank doesn’t have enough time to take advantageous positions. If you can “read” correctly the course of the battle (the positions of the enemies and allies), the vehicle can act as a spotter, defender or offence supporter depending on the position and situation. Additionally, great dynamics enables to ride around slow enemies not being hit.


However the main task of the vehicle is support of the allies. Hiding behind the well armored tanks, you can bring substantial damage to the enemies due to one of the best DPM among the MT, while not loosing HP, which is important for MT at any stage of the battle. The support of the rush of medium tanks will be beneficial as well.


FV4202 in team battles

At the tenth tier of the battle, this British vehicle is capable of providing fair opposition to the poorly armored MT. HE shells of FV4202 will bring much trouble to Bat.-Chat 25t, Leopard 1, STB-1, etc. Using HESH shells might force your enemy to use Repair kits and first aid kits in the early stage of the battle, which might be decisive in the active stage of the battle. This is why, FV4202 can fit the set-up perfectly if playing in defense.


However, it is worth mentioning that top MT are very fast and mobile, HESH shells fly slower than APCR shells. That is why it is sometimes hard to penetrate the main armor, while hitting the suspense brings small damage. On the other hand, such hit will force the enemy to stop and use the Repair Kit.



105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1
  • Tier: X
  • Penetration: 268/210/105 mm
  • Damage: 390/480/480 HP
  • Rate of fire: 6.98 r/min.
  • Accuracy: 0.32 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2.1 sec.
  • Weight: 1 282 kg
  • Price: 290 000 





  • Tier: X
  • Armor: 196/196/35 mm
  • Traverse: 40 d/sec.
  • View Range: 410 m
  • Weight: 8 500 kg
  • Price: 66 000 


Rolls-Royce Meteor M120A

  • Tier: X
  • Power: 810 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 20%
  • Weight: 744 kg
  • Price: 50 000 





  • Tier: X
  • Load limit: 42.5 t
  • Traverse speed: 50 d/sec.
  • Weight: 8 500 kg
  • Price: 82 500 


SR C45

  • Tier: X
  • Radio Range: 750 m
  • Weight: 40 kg.
  • Price: 45 600 




  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader
Parameter Details
Price 6 100 000  
Hit Points 1 950 НР
Weight\Weight Limit 40/42.5 t
View Range 410 m
Radio Range 750 m
Battle tiers 10-11
Engine power 810 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 20.25 h.p./t
Mах. speed 40/20 km/h
Traverse 50 deg/sec.
Hull armor 121/51/32 mm
Turret armor 196/196/35 mm
Gun 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1
Ammunition 72 p.
Damage 390/480/480 HP
Penetration 268/210/105 mm.
Rate fire 6.98 r/min.
Traverse aiming 40 deg/sec.
Elevation 35 deg/sec.
Traverse Ang -0...+0°
Elevation Ang








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