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IS-7 (9.5)

Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein

There’s much to tell about this vehicle. “Grandpa” as it is called in the CIS region is the most recognizable tank in the game. The vehicle is most often upgraded in the first hand. Meet the pride of soviet tank industry – IS-7!
Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein


IS-7 is soviet heavy tank of 10th tier. It has a durable front armor, good mobility and powerful gun. It performs great both in infighting and prompt offenses.


Note from the translator: The naming “Grandpa” is used in the CIS WoT community. The term derives from the frequently used phrase “Grandfathers fought”, which implies that the ancestors of the person using this phrase (usually grandfather or great-grandfather) were the soldiers of Soviet Army during the World War II and participated in the war against The Axis powers (mostly against Nazi Germany). The term “Grandpa” is associated with the whole IS series, though only IS, IS-2 and IS-3 participated in the actual  military actions of WWII. Despite the development of IS-7 began after the actual war was over in Europe, “Grandpa” is mostly applied to this vehicle because it was the first top tier tank in the game. Thus, the pride and respect towards the “grandfathers”, who defeated Nazi regime was actually transferred to the most powerful tank, neglecting the historical truth. 




IS-7 (Object 260) is a soviet experimental heavy tank. The project was managed by the tank constructor Nikolay Shashmurin. The designing of the object, which obtained the index IS-7, began in summer 1945 in Leningrad (now St.-Petersburg). For the detailed projecting, a number of specialized groups was created. The groups were headed by the engineers, who had had substantial experience in designing heavy tanks. The series of 6 pre-production models was built along with a number of pre-series vehicles. Similar to the previous models, which were designed for the breakthrough of the powerful defese lines of the enemy, IS-7 had a good armor. It was the most powerful tank of the time and the heaviest one of all the soviet tanks. It was never used in soviet army, however, a number of technical solutions found during the development of this tank were subsequently used.


Though IS-7 was practically the continuation of heavy tank IS-3, its design included many know-hows, which were ahead of their time. The layout of the tank was classical. The control department was located in the frontal part of the hull close to the driver. The design of this department was rational and effective. Motor controllers operated by the gunner facilitated gun aiming. The crew consisted of driver, commander, gunner and 2 loaders. The second loader was engaged due to the substantial weight of the shells. To facilitate and speed up the work of the crew, the ammunition consisting of 25 shells was transferred by a special transporter. 



IS-7 in game


IS-7 grants the player a possibility to make mistakes due to its armor, which enables to risk while maneuvering and withstand the hit if necessary. The vehicle is capable of defending a particular line alone, hiding its lower frontal part and showing only its durable turret. Apart from this, the tank performs great in the first line of offense and while supporting rush of the MTs. However, it is not always reasonable for the tank to undertake offense alone. Light spotting tank with good dynamics or MT can destroy IS-7 using the tactics of riding around the enemy. Let’s point out advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle:



  • Solid front armor, screened sides and turret
  • Fair speed for a heavy tank
  • Low profile
  • Fair elevation angles ;



  • Poor dynamics
  • Small amount of HP
  • Long aiming time and poor accuracy
  • Small ammunition



The crew consists of Commander, Driver, Gunner and 2 Loaders. One of the Loaders additionally performs as Radio Operator. Train perks and skills as follows:


  • Sixth Sense, Repair, Jack of All Trades and Brothers in Arms for Commander
  • Repair, Snap Shot, Brothers in Arms and Deadeye for Gunner
  • Repair, Smooth Ride, Brothers in Arms and Off-Road Driving for Driver
  • Repair, Safe Storage, Brothers in Arms and Camouflage for the first Loader
  • Repair, Adrenaline Rush, Brothers in Arms and Situational Awareness for the second Loader


Afterward you can train personal skills (e.g. Recon will be good for Commander, Armorer for Gunner, and Clutch Braking for Driver) or Camouflage. As a result we have the build as follows: 


  1 2 3 4 5


Equipment, Consumables and Ammunition

“How should I equip the tank?” asks each driver of IS-7. In fact you can install any equipment and it will fit well in tank in its own way. However, the best choice is:


  • Rammer to increase the rate of fire;
  • Vertical Stabilizer to improve the accuracy of the tank;
  • Coated optics to improve view range.


If you play in a platoon, you can choose Enhanced Gun Laying Drive instead of coated optics. Otherwise you can install Improved Ventilation, if your vehicle battles in the first line, which requires to save time.


The consumables are standard: First Aid Kit, Repair Kit and Fire Extinguisher. You’d better choose Big Repair Kit, since the tank will require many shells and it will be receiving many critical damages. After training Fire Extinguishing, you can replace Fire Extinguisher with Extra Combat Rations to improve battle characteristics of the vehicle.


Ammunition consists of 30 shells, which might be insufficient for a long battle. The basis of ammunition is 20 Armor Piercing Shells. In order to penetrate the armor of well-armored enemies, load 8 Armor Piercing Composite Rigid Shells. 2 High Explosive Shells will be useful when you need to and stop the capture of the base and to fight against the spotting vehicles and poorly armored targets.


The build is as follows:


         20 2      


Use in the battlefield

IS-7 mainly performs 2 tasks: to hold the line or to break through the enemy’s defense. Depending on the map, rivals’ and allies’ set-ups, the battle tactics is chosen. If there’s no artillery, or the ally’s setup has too many MTs, IS-7 can undertake breakthrough or rush. Platoon of 3 tanks can creak through the defense and bring much damage to the enemy. Solid armor, alpha damage and high speed will facilitate the task.


Hide lower front part, showing only the turret. You can still hold the line successfully. Remember that bringing damage from substantial distance may be problematic due to the poor accuracy of the gun. However the tank performs great shooting at close and medium distance.


IS-7 in Team Battles

IS-7 is one of the most popular tanks in competitions at X tier. High speed, good armor and penetration enable the vehicle to be constantly used in open and semi-open maps. The tank performs great in both defense and offense. In the first lines of offense, IS-7 can “soak” many shells and bring much damage to the enemy. Defense strategy can base on the armor. The tank can save the HP and yet bring much trouble to the rivals.


Equipment, Consumables and Ammunition is almost identical to the random battles. Depending on the game style, choose Stabilizer, Rammer and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, when you perform as a sniper. When you ride to press the rival, choose Optics instead of the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. Consumables include: Big First Aid Kit, Big Repair Kit and Extra Combat Rations. The ammunition will consist of 25 APCR Shells and 5 HE shells. The latter is used to blind and to destroy the obstacles. The build-up is as follows:


        0 255      




130 mm C-70
  • Tier: X
  • Penetration: 250/303/68 mm
  • Damage: 490/490/640 НР
  • Rate of Fire: 4.38 r/min.
  • Accuracy: 0.4 m/100 m
  • Aim time: 3.4 sec.
  • Weight: 2 980 kg
  • Price: 297 000 





  • Tier: X
  • Armor: 240/185/94 mm
  • Traverse: 25 d/sec.
  • View Range: 400 m
  • Weight: 14 200 kg
  • Price: 66 000 



  • Tier: X
  • Power: 1050 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 15%
  • Weight: 700 kg
  • Price: 132 000 





  • Tier: X
  • Load limit: 70.95 t
  • Traverse speed: 28 d/sec.
  • Weight: 11 000 kg
  • Price: 82 500 



  • Tier: X
  • Radio Range: 720 m
  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Price: 51 600 




  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader
  • Loader (Radio Operator)
Parameter Details
Price 6 100 000 
Hit Points 2 150 НР
Weight\Weight Limit 68.19/70.95 т
View Range 400 m
Radio Range 720 m
Battle Tiers 10-11
Engine Power 1050 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 15.4 h.p./t
Speed Limit 59.6/15 km/h
Traverse 28 d/sec
Hull armor 150/150/100 mm
Turret armor 240/185/94 mm
Gun 130 mm C-70
Ammunition 30 p.
Damage 490/490/640 HP
Penetration 250/303/68 mm.
Rate of Fire 4.38 r/min
Traverse aiming 25 d/sec
Elevation 26.25 d/sec
Traverse Ang -0...+0°
Elevation Ang








Thoughts about IS-7
IS-7: preparations


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