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Löwe (9.4)

Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko

Löwe is a German premium tank.
Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko


Löwe is a German premium heavy tank of 8th tier. It has high accuracy outstanding armament, however the armor is poor as well as its mobility. It is mostly used as a heavy supporting tanks to cover unprotected flanks.




PzKpfw VII Löwe (Germ. Löwe – Lion) is a project of German super heavy tank, developed by the company Krupp in 1941-1942. The project was lately denied due to the development of Maus tank. The pre-production model wasn’t build. There are incomplete drawings and a rough model made of wood. One of the schemes provided the turret location on the stern, which was deemed a new type of construction at the time.

It was anticipated that “Lion” tank used modified chassis of the tank PzKpfw VI “Tiger” with enhanced armor and the gun of increased power. The anticipated guns were 15 cm KwK L/40, 12,8 cm KwK L/60 or 10,5 cm KwK L/70. The advantages of this tank were powerful armor and armament. None of the soviet tanks of that period could stand against the penetration of this armament. Poor mobility (due to the low power-weight ratio) was a disadvantage of the tank. The mobility was lower compared to the serial heavy German tanks.

Option I

  • Tank mass - 76 t
  • Tank length - 11,65 m (with gun)
  • Armor - 100 mm
  • Petroleum engine - Maybach 700 h.p.
  • Gun - 10,5 cm KwK L/70
  • Speed on the road - 27 km/h

Option II

  • Tank mass - 52,55 t
  • Tank length - 7,74 m (without gun)
  • Tank width - 3,84 m
  • Armor (hull front) - 100-120 mm, turret front - 240 mm
  • Petroleum engine - Maybach 860 h.p.
  • Gun - 10,5 cm KwK 46 L/70
  • Crew - 5 members
  • Speed on the road - 23-30 km/h

Option III

  • Tank mass - 99,3 t
  • Armor (hull front) - 200-300 mm
  • Petroleum engine - Maybach 1750 h.p.
  • Gun - 21 cm Mrs 18 or 15 cm KwK 44 L/38
  • Speed on the road - 40-60 km/h



Löwe in game


Lion is a support tank. A platoon of 3 Löwe tanks can protect the defense breech. However, using these tanks for attack is a bad idea, which most likely result in loss.



  • Amazing gun with high accuracy, great penetration and shell speed
  • Great view range, enabling to spot the enemy in time
  • Substantial ammunition
  • Huge gun mantlet with good armor, enabling to expose the turret
  • Wide suspension and fair side armor, enabling to expose the sides
  • Good elevation angles



  • Weak armor of the hull front
  • Low speed and maneuverability
  • Before the patch 9.3 the crit of the engine was very frequent as well as chance of fire (due to the location of the transmission in the front part of tank)
  • Expensive shells



Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio operator and Loader. You need to train skills and perks which will increase the survival. That is why you need the perks and skills as follows:


  • Sixth sense, Repair, Brothers in arms and Recon for Commander
  • Repair, Snap Shot, Brothers in arms and Deadeye for Gunner
  • Repair, Off-Road Driving, Brothers in arms and Clutch Braking for Driver
  • Repair, Situational Awareness, Brothers in arms and Camouflage for Radio operator
  • Repair, Adrenaline Rush, Brothers in arms and Safe Storage for Loader


You can train Firefighting as the fifth skill for all the crew members due to the frequent fires in the vehicle.


The resulting build:

  1 2 3 4 5



Equipment, consumables and ammunition

The most useful equipment for the Lion is:


  • Gun Rammer improves the rate of fire
  • Vertical Stabilizer increases the initial accuracy of the gun
  • Coated optics improves the view range


Stabilizer can be replaced with Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, if you wish to act as the sniper in the battlefield. Installing improved ventilation is controversial. On the one hand it improves the battle characteristics of the tank, on the other hand, there are no modules to be replaced.


The choice of ammunition depends on the situation. If the crew is poorly trained, take First aid kit, Repair kit and Fire extinguisher. After training firefighting, the extinguisher can be replaced with Chocolate to improve the characteristics of the tank.


The vehicle has an enormous ammunition of 80 shells. Take mostly armor piercing shells (about 50). Since you can play against 10 tier vehicles, take about 20 Armor Piercing Composite Rigid shells. Take 10 High Explosive shells to complete the set. These are necessary to protect the base from the capture and fight against spotting vehicles or poorly armored tanks. Therefore, you have the build as follows:


         50 2010      


Use in the battlefield

Lion is mainly the tank of the position. Low speed and dynamics don’t enable the tank to move actively around the battlefield. That’s why the choice of the position will influence the course of the battle. Try taking position which will hide your hull. The enemy will see only turret or (better) only the gun mantlet. Good bushes are a possible decision, but you can’t rely on the assistance of your allies in such event.


Playing in the top, you can try to push one offence line supported by your allies, if there is no artillery or many TD in your enemy’s set-up. However, it is highly recommended not to do it alone. While playing in the end of the list, your tactics must base upon the interaction with your allies. Great gun will make a good sniper of the Lion.


If your tank remains almost unsupported by your allies in the end of the game, protection of the base will be the best choice. When you are in bushes, try to spot your enemy asap and prevent him from approaching you by destroying his vehicle. Don’t ride ahead and meet him face to face. Low speed won’t enable you to return fast and protect the base. Otherwise the enemy can ride around you fast and destroy you.



Löwe in the team battles

Due to the poor maneuverability, the Lion is rarely needed in team battles. It is mainly used in team battles to protect a breach in defense in city maps. Great penetration of standard shells and high accuracy of the gun are attractive (e.g. for farming in team battles). However the dynamics and speed prevent from choosing this vehicle. You can’t guarantee that you’ll get to the defense even in the city map. FCM 50t is better for farm in team battles.



10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70
  • Tier: IX
  • Penetration: 234/294/60 mm
  • Damage: 320/320/420 HP
  • Rate of fire: 5 r/min.
  • Accuracy: 0.33 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2.86 sec.
  • Weight: 3 600 kg
  • Price: 181 700 





  • Tier: VIII
  • Armor: 120/80/80 mm
  • Traverse: 23 deg/sec.
  • View Range: 400 m
  • Weight: 15 000 kg
  • Price: 30 000 


Maybach HL 230

  • Tier: VIII
  • Power: 800 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 20%
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Price: 45 000 





  • Tier: VIII
  • Load limit: 99.85 t
  • Traverse speed: 24 deg/sec.
  • Weight: 22 000 kg
  • Price: 30 000 


FuG 12 A

  • Tier: IX
  • Radio Range: 710 m
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Price: 7 200 




  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Radio Operator
  • Loader
Parameter Details
Price 12 500  
Hit Points 1 650 НР
Weight\Weight Limit 90/99.85 t
View Range 400 m
Radio Range 710 м
Battle tiers 8-10
Engine Power 800 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 8.89 h.p./t
Max. speed 35/15 km/h
Traverse 24 deg/sec.
Hull Armor 120/100/80 mm
Turret Armor 120/80/80 mm
Gun 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70
Ammunition 80 p.
Damage 320/320/420 НР
Penetration 234/294/60 mm
Rate of fire 5 r/min.
Traverse aiming 23 deg/sec.
Elevation 21.875 deg/sec.
Traverse Ang -0...+0°
Elevation Ang








How prem farms - Löwe


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