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Object 261

Object 261 (9.2)

Kirill «Kirilloid» Ponomarev

Object 261 is one of the exclusive SPGs in the game. It was most pleasant to play this vehicle before the nerf! A single thought of fighting against this very accurate artillery with a devastating penetration, forced heavy tanks to stay in their covers. However after the nerf and the introduction of the new Vehicle characteristics, everything changed. Though Object 261 has suffered less changes compared to others.
Kirill «Kirilloid» Ponomarev

Object 261

Object 261 is soviet self-propelled gun of the 10th tier. It has an accurate gun with a great velocity of the shell and good dynamics. However due to flat trajectory of the shell flight, it is hard to hit the aims behind the obstacles.




Object 261 is soviet project of heavy self-propelled artillery gun of the enhanced power. It was developed in Design Bureau of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and Leningrad Kirov Plant on the basis of heavy tank IS-7. The gun was constructed by the Design Bureau of Perm Plant No 172. The gun was mounted in the armored deck. The project of the vehicle was over in 1947. The gun M-31 passed the plant tests successfully in October 1948. However the further development of the Object 261 was terminated.


The long-range howitzer gun M-31 was to be used as the main gun of the Object 261. Ballistics solution of the 152-mm gun Br-2 was used for M-31 gun. The gun elements were unified with those of the tank gun M-51.


Powerful diesel engine M-50T, created on the basis of ship engine M-50, was to be used as a driving power of the tank. The maximal power of this engine was 1050 h.p. 



Object 261 in the game


Object 261 is surely one of the best artilleries in the game. It can change the course of the battle any moment. Let’s point out advantages and disadvantages of this tank:



  • Flat trajectory of the shell flight helps hitting the enemy located on the opposite hill;
  • The fastest reload compared to other SPGs on its tier (not including Bat.-Châtillon 155 58);
  • The highest accuracy of the artillery among all other SPGs;
  • High shell velocity;
  • Powerful armor piercing shells;
  • Good mobility.



  • Flat trajectory of the shell flight doesn’t enable to shoot over serious obstacles;
  • Damage is rather poor;
  • Small traverse angles;
  • Small area of the splash damage;
  • Small ammunition.



5 people sit in the deck of this SPG: the Commander, the Driver, the Gunner and 2 Loaders. Following skills and perks should be taught:

  • The Commander needs Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms and Camouflage.
  • The Driver needs Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Clutch Braking.
  • The Gunner should learn Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Snap Shot.
  • The Loaders need Camouflage, Brothers in Arms and Intuition.
  • The crew can master the fourth skill as follows: Commander – Situational Awareness, Driver – Off-Road Driving, Gunner – Deadeye, and Loaders – Adrenaline Rush and Safe Storage.


Repair can be learnt the last, because the vehicle has small HP, and the damaged suspension can be repaired with a Repair kit. Nevertheless, if your Object is shot, something goes wrong, or you’ve already lost. Therefore, you will have the build as follows:


  1 2 3 4 5


Equipment, consumables and ammunition

Install standard equipment for artillery:


  • Gun Rammer – to improve the rate of fire;
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive – to reduce aim time;
  • Coated Optics – to improve a view range.


Coated optics can be replaced by camouflage net, but it will be almost useless, since the size of the SPG is rather big.


Equip consumables as follows: Small Repair Kit, Removed Speed Governor and Extra Combat Rations.


Ammunition contains only 18 shells, which is not always enough. You can fully load ammunition with High Explosive Shells. Object 261 having high accuracy, you can add 2-3 Armor Piercing Shells. We will have the following build-up:


        15 03      


Use in the battlefield

The main task of artillery is to bring damage. The mobility of Object 261 enables the SPG to frequently move around the battlefield, searching for more advantageous positions for shooting. Try shooting the most armored tanks, because your allies often can’t defeat them. However if you have a choice between destroying a low-HP (400-500hp) tank by one shot and damaging full-HP heavy-armored tank, you’d better destroy the low-HP tank. Try shooting sedentary aims with Armor Piercing Shells: it’s so nice to watch the shell penetrating into a heavy tank as a hot knife in butter! There’s a point in shooting MT, since the velocity of the shell is rather big. If you got to the city map, don’t be sad: your SPG can be used as a Tank Destroyer since it is very mobile. However don’t be too eager in playing TD, remember you can be easily destroyed.


Watch a guide below to find out more about the vehicle.


Use in the tournament formats

This vehicle can be used in the formats that have no tier restrictions (e.g. 7/68, 14/140, etc.). Object 261 can be easily engaged in set-ups at the open maps (e.g. Prokhorovka). Being a dynamic SPG with a fast reload, Object 261 can permanently bring damage and move around the battlefield, damaging enemy tanks.


Equipment, consumables and ammunition is pretty similar to those used in random battles. Install standard equipment: Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, and Coated Optics. Fully load ammunition with Premium High Explosive Shells. You’ll need to bring damage for sure. Armor piercing shells might ricochet or fail to penetrate. Equip consumables as follows: Big Repair Kit, Removed Speed Governor and Extra Combat Rations. You will have the following build-up:






180 mm B-1-P
  • Tier: IX
  • Penetration: 102/360/102 mm.
  • Damage: 1700/1100/1700 HP
  • Rate of fire: 1.71 r/min
  • Accuracy: 0.66 m/100m
  • Aim time: 6.5 sec.
  • Weight: 17 225 kg
  • Price: 235 000 






  • Tier: X
  • Power: 1 050 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 15%
  • Weight: 700 kg
  • Price: 132 000 


Object 261

  • Tier: X
  • Load limit: 21 t: 62.2 t
  • Traverse speed: 24 d/sec
  • Weight: 22 000 kg
  • Price: 36 000 



  • Tier: X
  • Radio Range: 720 m
  • Weight: 160 kg.
  • Price: 51 600 




  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader
  • Loader


Parameter Details
Price 6 100 000 
Hit Points 510 HP
Weigt\Weight Limit 59.1/62.2 t
View Range 390 m
Signal Range 720 m
Battle tiers 10-11
Engine power 1 050 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 17.77 h.p./t
Max. speed 50/25 km/h
Traverse 24 d/sec
Hull armor 75/50/30 mm
Gun 180 mm B-1-P
Ammunition 18 p.
Damage 1 700/1 100/1 700 HP
Penetration 102/360/102 mm.
Rate of fire 1.71 r/min
Traverse aiming 12 d/sec
Elevation 20  d/sec
Traverse Ang -5...+5°
Elevation Ang -3...+45°







Object 261 guide by Na`Vi.Ec1ipse
Object 261 - Precipitation


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