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Т-62А SPORT (9.1)

Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko

Football - #1 sport!
Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko


To support the morale of the warriors the highest command of armored troops decided to start their own Football Tournament. The tank T-62A was used as a base. Its effective battle performance has been highly appreciated. After upgrading the track assembly and considerable reinforcement of the armor the tank obtained an index Т-62A SPORT.



Historic reference

Т-62А (Index GBTU — Object 165) — Soviet medium tank. Developed in design bureau of the Factory №183 under the supervision of
L. Kartcev. In 1957 the development of a new medium tank started. It was supposed to become a response to France and FRG for the creation of new medium tank for the NATO army. The design bureau OKB-520 initiated works on upgrading the medium tank Т-55. From January to March 1959 (under the code name “Uralets”) according to different sources two or three experimental samples of a new tank were developed. It obtained an index “Object 165”. From November 4, 1959 to April 14, 1960 the experimental samples passed the manufacturer’s tests, including 4000 km runoff and shooting test for the new cannon. Based on the results of tank hull shooting the design of the tank was changed. In December 1960 “Object 165” successfully passed the in-field tests. By the order of the USSR Minister of Defense №7 from January 9, 1962 “Object 165” was made operational by the Soviet army under the code name Т-62А.
Tank Т-62А is based on the design of medium tank Т-55. At the same time the experience of “Object 142” was taken into consideration. The main difference from Т-55 was: the design of hull and turret, more powerful weapons, new commander’s periscope and weapons stabilizer.




T-62A SPORT in the game

The Tank Т-62А SPORT is available for Himmelsdorf Tournament games in "Football Match" mode.
Т-62А SPORT design is identical to Т-62А, but its combat characteristics were changed on purpose, to suit the features of the game mode. Let’s review some features of our vehicle:


  • The vehicle has an all-round armor 999 mm!!! We can only have our tracks damaged;
  • Excellent dynamics;
  • Ammunition 1000 units;
  • Good precision, fast aiming and fire rate;
  • Quick track recovery


  • The tank has no cons.



Tank crew consists only of a commander who can explore perks. First of all we explore Repair. Other skills may not be explored, but in result we can get a commander of Soviet tanks with high level 1-2 perks (depending on how long you are going to play in this mode).


Equipment, consumables and ammunition

Installing the equipment is your personal choice. If you plan on playing often you should install:
  • Toolbox – to enhance truck repair speed
  • Vertical Stabilizer – for better gun precision
  • Gun Rammer – for higher fire rate 
The choice of consumables is obvious:
  • Removed Speed Governor – for better dynamics. As the margin of engine safety is huge, we turn it on when the battle begins and do not worry about it;
  • Large Repair Kit – it speeds the truck repair by another 10%.
  • If credits are important to you, leave the third slot empty. If you have plenty of them, you can choose between Extra Combat Rations (improves all commander’s skill by 10%) and Engine Oil (plus 5% to engine power). 
The ammunition contains 1000 HE shells, which are absolutely free.

On battlefield usability

Everything about the game and controls of the vehicle is pure fun! Our primary target is coordination of actions with the teammates and moving along the ground wisely. Because the vehicle is “immortal” you don’t have to be afraid of ram attacks and don’t need to avoid them. Don’t be afraid of anything! 




100 mm U-8TS SPORT
  • Level: I
  • Penetration: 50 мм.
  • Damage: 420 НР
  • Rate of fire: 7.5 r/min
  • Accuracy: 0.34 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2 s
  • Weight: 2 800 kg
  • Price: 0 


  • Level: I
  • Armor: 999/999/999 мм
  • Traverse Speed: 48 d/s
  • Viev Range: 400 m
  • Weight: 8 000 kg
  • Price: 0


  • Level: I
  • Power: 1 500 hp
  • Fire Chance: 10%
  • Weight: 700 kg
  • Price: 0  


  • Level: I
  • Load Limit: 39.8 t
  • Traverse Speed: 56 d/s
  • Weight: 7 800 kg
  • Price: 0  


  • Level: I
  • Range: 850 m
  • Weight: 80 kg.
  • Price: 0  


  • Commander


Characteristic Value
Price 0  
Hit Points 1 950 НР
Weigth\Weight Limit 37/39.8 t
Viev Range 400 m
Signal Range 850 m
Battle Level 1
Engine Power 1 500 h.p.
Power-weight Ratio 40.54 h.p./t
Max. speed 60 km/h
Traverse 56 deg/s
Hull armor 999/999/999 mm
Turret Armor 999/999/999 mm
Gun 100 мм U-8TS SPORT
Ammunition 1 000 pieces
Damage 420 НР
Penetration 50 mm.
Rate of fire 7.5 shots/min
Traverse aiming 33.25 deg/s
Elevation 48 deg/s
Traverse Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -5...+17°



Compatible equipment and consumables













Т-62А СПОРТ - Забей
Футбольные баталии - Кириллоид, Левша и Поверслайд!


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