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T69 (9.4)

Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko

This is the vehicle that destroys everything in its way and remains one of the best tanks of 8th tier. Meet the famous T69.
Dmitry «LeBwa» Palaschenko


АT69 is an American medium tank of 8th tier with oscillating turret and automatic loading.




90mm Gun Tank T69 was developed on the basis of the medium tank T42 in 1953-1955. The design of this tank had the oscillating turret. Equipped with 90 mm gun and the chassis of T42, the vehicle became the first American tank with oscillating turret based on the turret of the second pre-production model AMX-13. However it differed from the French tanks. The AMX-13 magazine being located in the front niche of the turret, only outer reload of the tank was possible thus disabling the tank from being reload in the battlefield. Unlike AMX-13, the magazine of the American tank T69 was located in the bottom of the oscillating turret, which provided a possibility for a fast reload of the tank inside the tank. 90 mm gun T178 was in fact 90 mm gun TJ39 with a number of changes, which were to solve the problem of the location of the recoil mechanism in the front of the turret. The loading mechanism bore 8 shells, which located in the bottom of the turret. The cyclic rate of fire of the gun is 18 shots per minute. After the shot the case of the shell was automatically thrown away via the slot located in the front of the turret. The loader located in the left part of the turret and was in charge of inserting ammunition to the loading mechanism. Meanwhile the gunner located in the right front of the turret, which increased the comfort of the periscope aim. This system facilitated the process of loading and its removal. The tank was actively tested from June 1955 till April 1956. The test showed the uneven operation of the automatic loading system. Unfortunately, the troubleshooting tries failed to stabilize the mechanism of the oscillating turret, thus the work of the automatic loading system’s performance remained poor. All the defects of this system were taken into account when developing the new model based on the AMX-13 turret.



Т69 in game


American T69 can perform both as a damage dealer in the top and the support tank in the bottom of the list. Let’s mark the advantages and disadvantages of the tank:



  • Good view range (400 m)
  • Good elevation angle
  • Fast reload (only 2 seconds)
  • Fair dynamics
  • Rational angles of the armor, which provide unpredictable ricochets



  • Poor penetration of the armor piercing shells
  • Slow aiming time and poor accuracy
  • Frequent crits of ammo storage



There are 4 members in T69: Commander (also performs as Radio Operator), Gunner, Driver and Loader. The necessary skills and perks are as follows:


  • Sixth Sense, Repair, Brothers in Arms and Situational Awareness for Commander
  • Repair, Snap Shot, Brothers in Arms and Deadeye for Gunner
  • Repair, Smooth Ride, Brothers in Arms and Off-Road Driving for Driver
  • Safe Storage, Repair, Brothers in Arms and Adrenaline Rush for Loader 


You can also train Camouflage for all the crewmembers, and Recon for Commander, Armorer for Gunner, Controlled Impact for Driver and Intuition for Loader. Depending on the game style, you might need Fire extinguishing, since the fire chance of the engine is rather high. The resulting build is as follows:

  1 2 3 4 5


Equipment, consumables and ammunition

For any game style, choose the equipment as follows:


  • Vertical Stabilizer to increase the initial gun accuracy
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to decrease the aiming time
  • Coated optics to increase the view range 


It is not necessary to install the Improved Ventilation. The reload is very fast and the increase of view range is not substantial. That is why Coated Optics is your best choice. Changing other modules is not worth trying, since the aiming time is really poor.


Installing standard consumables is enough: First Aid Kit, Repair Kit and Fire Extinguisher. The latter can be replaced with Cola to improve reload, aiming time, dynamics and view range, especially after training Fire extinguishing.


The ammunition of the tank consists of 40 shells. Since the penetration of Armor Piercing shells is not enough to encounter heavy armored enemies, you need to install High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Shells. Load 20 AP shells and 20 HEAT shells. This ammunition is enough for any battle. HE are not effective for T69 (as well as for any tank with cylinders). That is why they are not needed. As a result you have a following build-up:

        20 200      


Use in the battlefield

Depending on the situation in the battlefield, team setups and map type, T69 can perform almost any role in the game. At city maps the tank can perform both as damage dealer and support tank. In the beginning of the game, save your HP and shoot all the shells of the cylinder in the enemies. In the end of the battle you can draw the enemy’s fire upon yourself and shoot his tank.


Due to the view range and great elevation angle of the gun the tank can take advantage of the relief peculiarities in the open countries. However, don’t try to undertake offense on your own or in the first line. The tactics No 1 for T69 is the support of allies or shooting enemy upon the reconnaissance data of your allies. Note that if you haven’t shot all the shells in the cylinder, you can still move away for reload (when there are no enemies within your view range).


Learn more about the tank’s features in the video in the end of the article.


T69 in Team Battles

After introduction of T69 in the game, the vehicle became one of the most popular tanks in Team Battles. Fast Reload, 300 mm penetration of the HEAT shell, good view range and fair dynamics made the killer vehicle. However, after the decrease of the penetration to 250 mm and the introduction of new penetration rules for HEAT, the use in team setups reduced substantially. It can be seldom found in Ruinberg, Cliff and Mines.


The tank is almost never used in competitive World of Tanks due to the change of the Team Battle format and the introduction of RU 251. However it doesn’t mean it is not used at all in the setups, since cylinder vehicles have always been of great value. For instance, T69 can be used in defense in the open maps to hold the offense of the enemies. The enemies can be easily destroyed with the support of the allies due to the high fire rate. Additionally, T69 can stand the fire better than allies’ light tanks.


Use the same equipment in team battles. Though you can replace Coated Optics with improved ventilation, if the tank isn’t expected to perform as spotting vehicle. Install Consumables as follows: Big Repair Kit, 100-octane Gasoline and Case of Cola. This will improve the characteristics of the tank. Take 40 HEAT shells. The build for the Team Battles is as follows:


        0  400      





76 mm Gun T185
  • Tier: VII
  • Penetration: 175/210/38 mm
  • Damage: 150/150/185 HP
  • Rate of Fire: 12.89 r/min.
  • Accuracy: 0.38 м/100 m
  • Aim time: 2.3 sec.
  • Weight: 646 kg
  • Price: 73 000 

90 mm Gun T178

  • Tier: VIII
  • Penetration: 173/250/45 mm
  • Damage: 240/240/320 HP
  • Rate of Fire: 7.27 r/min.
  • Accuracy: 0.38 м/100 m
  • Aim time: 2.9 sec.
  • Weight: 1 075 kg
  • Price: 121 000 




  • Tier: VIII
  • Armor: 152/76/114 mm
  • Traverse: 38 d/sec
  • View Range: 400 m
  • Weight: 7 000 kg
  • Price: 46 000 


Wright Continental R-975C4

  • Tier: V
  • Power: 460 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 20%
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Price: 13 900 

Continental AOS-895-3

  • Tier: VII
  • Power: 500 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 20%
  • Weight: 771 kg
  • Price: 31 000 

Continental AOS-895-5

  • Tier: VIII
  • Power: 550 h.p.
  • Fire Chance: 20%
  • Weight: 771 kg
  • Price: 43 000 



  • Tier: VII
  • Load limit: 34.54 t
  • Traverse speed: 38 d/sec
  • Weight: 8 000 kg
  • Price: 16 300 


  • Tier: VIII
  • Load limit: 36.56 t
  • Traverse speed: 42 d/sec
  • Weight: 8 000 kg
  • Price: 33 000 

SCR 610

  • Tier: VI
  • Radio Range: 420 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Price: 24 600 

SCR 619

  • Tier: X
  • Radio Range: 750 m
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Price: 54 000 



  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader
Parameter Details
Price 2 403 000  
Hit Points 1 350 HP
Weight\Weight Limit 34.53/36.56 t
View Range 400 m
Radio Range 750 m
Battle Tiers 8-10
Engine Power 550 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 15.93 h.p./t
Mах. speed 51.5/20 km/h
Traverse 42 d/sec
Hull armor 101/76/38 mm
Turret armor 152/76/114 mm
Gun 90 mm Gun T178
Ammunition 40 p.
Stripper clip (cylinder) 4 p.
Damage 240/240/320 HP
Penetration 173/250/45 mm
Rate of Fire 7.27 r/min.
Traverse aiming 38 d/sec
Elevation 35 d/sec
Traverse Ang -0...+0°
Elevation Ang








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