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WZ-132 (9.1)

Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein

Light Chinese tank WZ-132 can be described by a couple of words: great dynamics and good armament, amazing view range, but solid size. This war vehicle can easily compete with AMX 130. I’d call it “the second spy” of the game and I am glad to share my knowledge about this incredible tank.
Maxim «Inspirer» Mazein


Light Chinese tank of the eighth level has powerful armament and fair mobility. Its disadvantages are big size and weak armor.

Hystorical Background


The development of a new tank WZ-132 was ordered in 1964. The developers took into account the experience of the tank WZ-131 usage. They focused on the increase of the firepower and the strengthening of the armor. By the termination of the project in late 60 -s, a couple of prototypes were constructed. They were demolished during the Chinese nuclear weapon testing. WZ-132 is also known and WZ-131 1.




WZ-132 in game


Being a light tank with good dynamics and armament, WZ- 132 is used both as a reconnaissance vehicle and as a supporting tank. Additionally it is a good demolisher of the enemies’ reconnaissance tanks. The palyer can choose between two good top guns and therefore a wide range of their usage, which will depend on the preferred playing style or tactics. Here are some features of our Chinese tank:



  • Great mobility (an inherent feature of light tanks)
  • Great view range (400 meters)
  • Possibility to choose between two interesting guns with average DPM equaling 2100
  • Good passing ability on weak grounds
  • Good stabilization in movement mode + possibility to install stabilization system


  • Weak armor
  • Frequent damages of stowage and ignition of the fuel tank
  • Small angle of the vertical aiming
  • Big silhouette



WZ-132 crew compounds 4 people: Commander, Gunner, Driver and Loader, who also acts as a Radio Operator. The choice of perks and skills is aimed to strengthen the features and characteristics of the tank. Camouflage is the first skill that should be learned for a reconnaissance tank. Repair skill is of minor importance, because a player can repair his tank with a Small repair kit for the first time. For the second time the tank is most likely to be destroyed. The following features should be learned by each member of the crew:


  • The commander should firs learn the Sixth Sense, than master Camouflage. He can learn Recon as the third skill.
  • The gunner masters Camouflage, Snap Shot and Deadeye.
  • The driver learns Camouflage, Smooth Ride and Off- Road Driving.
  • The loader studies Repair, Safe Stowage and Situational Awareness.


Furthermore, all members of the crew can learn Brothers in arms and Repair. Keep in mind that this tank often burns, therefore if you wish to ride without Extinguisher, think of learning Preventative Maintenance by the driver and Firefighting by all members of the crew.



.As a result we have the following build:


  1 2 3 4 5


Equipment, consumables and ammunition


Reconnaissance is the first tactics for our Chinese tank. We will consider the equipment for active reconnaissance . Therefore we need to install:
  • Coated Optics to improve a fair view range
  • The Rammer: the speed shooting can decide a one-on-one battle against enemy’s reconnaissance vehicle.
  • Vertical Stabilizer for a more accurate shooting while moving
You need to take into account the use of your tank while choosing consumables. If you want just to farm, then you need standard consumables: Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and Extinguisher. If you wish to use your tank to kill’em all, then you need to install Large First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit (or Improved Combat Rations) and Removed Speed Governor.
The ammunition consists of 47 shells for 85 mm gun and 43 shells for 100 mm gun. For random game or farming install 100 mm gun and load 5 High Explosive Shells, 10-15 APCR Shell and Armor Piercing Shells in the remaining space.


Therefore we have such build:


        28 105      


In order to kill’em all, install 85 mm gun and install 47 HEAT shells and Premium Consumables as described above. Therefore we have such build:


        0 470      


Use on the battlefield

As I said above, the tank’s main task is reconnaissance. The player tries to move carefully around the battlefield, detecting enemy tanks for the allies. The tank is also good for destroying enemy’s reconnaissance vehicles. Having a good weight, speed-shooting and accurate 85 mm gun, the player can easily kill them.


The most dangerous enemy tank for WZ-132 is AMX 13 90. While encountering this French tank, you need to stay at a long distance from it, as your advantage is accuracy. At a short distance from it, especially in a plain, WZ-132 has little chance to win. Try to impose a battle nearby the obstacles (e.g. the fountain in Himmelsdorf) and use a ramming. If you do not kill the French tank, it will have only 200-300 HP remained.


There’s a tactics of passive reconnaissance. You can stand still in good bushes and damage your enemies without being detected. This tactics is effective in the open locations and sometimes in the semi-open locations. That is why you need to switch from active to passive reconnaissance depending on the map.


WZ-132 in team battles


Recently the players started to use “Wuzz” in 7/42 format to create a competition for AMX 13 90. WZ-132 has a better dynamics then AMX 13 90, therefore it is often use to occupy a key positions in a map. A great example is Mines map, where occupation of the hill decides the battle. Even in Gold Series the teams often use such move.


WZ-132 can also be used as a replacement to AMX 13 90, especially if you count your credits. If you install 100 mm gun on your Chinese tank, you needn’t worry about the damage. In the meantime, using French tank will force you to use Premium shells (which is expensive), because standard AP Shells are not effective.


“Wuzz” is good for open maps like Prokhorovka or Steppes. The tank with a speed-shooting and precise gun can bring much damage while acting as a reconnaissance vehicle. Summing up we have a very good alternative to AMX 13 90.  Use it properly, and it will be beneficial.




85 mm 64- 85T
  • Level: VIII
  • Penetration: 159/230/43 mm.
  • Damage: 200/200/320НР
  • Rate of fire: 10.91 shots/min
  • Accuracy: 0.36 m/100 m
  • Aim time: 2.3 sec.
  • Weight: 1700 kg
  • Price: 89 000 

85 mm 64-85TG

  • Level: VIII
  • Penetration: 172/230/43 mm.
  • Damage: 200/200/320НР
  • Rate of fire: 10.91 shots/min
  • Accuracy: 0.34 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2.3 sec.
  • Weight: 1750 kg
  • Price: 90 000 

100 mm 59-100T

  • Level: VIII
  • Penetration: 181/241/50 mm.
  • Damage: 250/250/330
  • Rate of fire: 6.74 shots/min
  • Accuracy: 0.39 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2.7 sec.
  • Weight: 2257 kg
  • Price: 102 000 

100 mm 60-100T

  • Level: IX
  • Penetration: 189/244/50 mm.
  • Damage: 250/250/330
  • Rate of fire:7.06 shots/min
  • Accuracy: 0.36 m/100m
  • Aim time: 2.3 sec.
  • Weight: 2257 kg
  • Price: 180 000 


  • Level: VII
  • Armor: 48/35/20 mm
  • Traverse Speed: 48 d/s
  • View range: 390 m
  • Weight: 5 250 kg
  • Price: 16 000 


  • Level: VIII
  • Armor: 55/35/20 mm
  • Traverse Speed: 48 d/s
  • View range: 400 m
  • Weight: 5 500 kg
  • Price: 32 000 


  • Level: VIII
  • Power: 520 hp
  • Fire Chance: 12%
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Price: 48 000 


  • Level: VIII
  • Power: 520 hp.
  • Fire Chance: 12%
  • Weight: 740 kg
  • Price: 49 000 


  • Level: VII
  • Load Limit: 24 t
  • Traverse Speed: 54 d/s
  • Weight: 5 500 kg
  • Price: 16 500 


  • Level: VIII
  • Load Limit: 26.5 t
  • Traverse Speed: 56 d/s
  • Weight: 5 500 kg
  • Price: 32 000 


  • Level: IX
  • Range: 600 м
  • Weight: 40 kg.
  • Price: 38 000 


  • Level: X
  • Range: 750 м
  • Weight: 40 kg.
  • Price: 54 000 



  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader


Parameter Details
Price 2 400 000  
Hit Points 1050 НР
Weigth\Weight Limit 24.31/26.5 t
View Range 400 m
Signal Range 750 m
Battle level 8-11
Engine power 520 h.p.
Power/Weight Ratio 21.39 h.p./t
Мах. speed 64/23 km/h
Traverse 56 d/s
Hull armor 50/25/20 mm
Turret Armor 55/35/20 mm
Gun 100 mm 60-100T
Ammunition 43 pieces
Damage 250/250/330 НР
Penetration 189/244/50 mm.
Rate of fire 7,06 shhots/min
Traverse aiming 48 d/s
Elevation 33,25 d/s
Traverse Ang - 0...+0°
Elevation Ang -5...+20°







WZ-132 - Sakura Light



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